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January 3, 2005

additional tombstone photo for Ester Elizabeth (Finley) Biddix

January 8, 2005

Additional photo of Zachariah Sims

January 11, 2005

Zachariah Sims & Mary "Polly" Milburn Bible Record

Additional information about Zachariah Sims

January 12, 2005

Mary "Polly" (Milburn) Sims Pension Certificate

January 20, 2005

John Bittick/Biddix Revolutionary War Pension File

January 21, 2005

corrections & additions to:

Matilda, daughter of James A. Biddix & Elizabeth Hall

Matilda, daughter of John 'Buck' Biddix & Nancy Carver

January 23, 2005

Database for Jonathan Bittick & Jinsy Butler and descendants

Elkanah Joseph & Isabell (Forbis) Bittick tombstone photo

Jonathan Bittick (1796) tombstone photo

Jinsy (Butler) Bittick tombstone photo

January 24, 2005

Jonathan & Jinsy (Butler) Bittick photo

Mary Ann (Samford) Bittick photo

Jonathan Bittick  Character Certificate, August 18, 1835

January 26, 2005

Jonathan Bittick Estate Inventory

January 27, 2005

Jonathan Bittick Spanish Land Grant

Jonathan Bittick to Joseph Rowe, Deed, Shelby County, Texas, 1844

Jonathan Bittick to Puluski Gibbs, Deed,  DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, 1847

Obituary--Mary Ann (Samford) Bittick

George Crittenden Bittick Military Records:

Report of Captain G. C. Bittick, May 12, 1864, 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops

Consolidated Report of Troop Strength, 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops

February 2, 2005

Muster Roll for G. C. Bittick's company, 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops

George Crittenden Bittick--Land Record, Surveyed 1854

Elkanah Joseph Bittick's Journal, dated 1904

Elkanah Joseph Bittick's Family Bible

Elkanah Joseph Bittick Death Certificate

February 3, 2005

Deed, January 14, 1885, R. C. Hughes to E. J. Bittick, Shelby Co, Texas

Deed, April 20, 1886, E. J. Bittick & Isabella Bittick to G. M. Smith, Shelby Co, Texas

Joseph Butler Langley Bittick (b. 1828) Biographical Article; A Memorial and Biographical History of the Counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa, California, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1892

February 4, 2005

Jesse Wilburn & Sarah Galathia (McKinney) Biddix Photo

Tombstones:  Jesse Wilburn Biddix and Sarah Galathia (McKinney) Biddix

February 5, 2005

George Crittenden Bittick--Land Survey, Burnet Co, Texas

February 12, 2005

Information on Francis Bittick (b. 1809) land patents in Arkansas, additional information on Cert. 1947

Who are Mary F. (--?--) Biddix and children, Claud, Frank, Bell, Ernist & Judson/Hudson?

February 14, 2005

Links to images of land patents for Thomas Stanfield Bittick, John R. Bittick (1813), Milton Taylor Bittick, Thomas H. Bittick, Willis Henry Bittick

February 27, 2005

William Bittick born between 1825-1831, Jane W. Stephens & descendants 

Parents and siblings of Jane W. Stephens

March 1, 2005

Simeon Sylvester Bittick born Bet. 1829 - 1832,  Elizabeth Sarah Stephens and descendants

Additional information for Minnie Johnson, wife of James Thomas Bittick (born 1859)

March 2, 2005

Missouri Death Certificates: Missouri State Archives now holds Missouri death certificates from 1910-1954.  These death certificates may be ordered through the Archives for $1.  [If you order one for an individual on this web site, please consider sharing it with us.]

March 3, 2005

Joseph Butler Langley Bittick & Eliza (Summers) Bittick Hall grave marker photo

March 7, 2005

Corrections to Thomas W. Bittick, Hannah J. Bittick born about 1864, and Hannah J. Bittick born 1854

Additional information for Francis Bittick (b. 1827-1832), Sarah Davis and descendants

Additional information for Perry Bittick (b. 1820-1823), Malinda Peppers and descendants

Eliza Jane Bittick (b. about 1839), William Clark Davis and descendants

March 12, 2005

Photo:  Albert Alonzo, Louisa Cynthia (Taylor) & family

March 16, 2005

Additional information for Albert Alonzo Bittick, Louisa Cynthia Taylor, her parents (William L. & Sarah Taylor) & siblings

March 28, 2005

Photo of brothers: Albert Alonzo, Elkanah Joseph and George Crittenden Bittick, Jr.

March 31, 2005

Additional information for Joseph Butler Langley Bittick

Additional information for Dinah Bittick

John Bittick & Lydia Willis

Jarvis Willis family

April 13, 2005

Additional DNA results

April 19, 2005

Photo of new sign for Bittick Cemetery, Williamson Co, Texas

May 3, 2005

Additional information for Dinah Bittick

New information on Dinah's husband, Lewis Hornaday, and their children

Tax lists for John Bittick/Biddix & John Biddix, Jr.

May 4, 2005

Additional DNA results

May 6, 2005

Database for Samuel F. Bittick, born 1790, and descendants

May 8, 2005

Tombstone photo for Samuel F. Bittick

May 17, 2005

Additional information for Dinah Bittick

May 24, 2005

New information for : Simeon 'Stanley'/Stanfield Bittick & Permelia Hawkins

[--?--] Walker & Permelia Hawkins and children

George W. Cox & Permelia Hawkins and children

David Bowen & Dicy Jennings Bittick

John Bowen and family

Daniel Cox, Sr. and family

Alman Guinn Hawkins & Mary A. Cox and children

Thomas Bittick, born about 1837 in Missouri, married Martha V. Pepper

John Sylvester Bittick

Oliver Delore 'OD' Bittick

William Henry Harrison Bittick

Thomas H. Bittick

Who is Rebecca Bitticks, born about 1832, living in Buchanan Co, Missouri in 1880?

Who is Maud Bittick, born September 10, 1898, died in Ste. Genevieve Co, Missouri, November 17, 1918?

May 25, 2005

Unfortunately, we've had to eliminate the message board on this web site.  If you have previously posted a message, but we haven't contacted you, please e-mail us at the address on the home page.  Your message may have been lost due to technical problems. 

June 10, 2005

Additional photos of Jonathan & Jinsy (Butler) Bittick's tombstones

June 12, 2005

Short Cemetery, Shelby Co, Texas

Tombstone photos for:

Arnetta 'Belle' (Burleson) Ferguson Bittick

Henry William Conway Bittick

Jasper Newton & M. Alma E. (Ferguson) Bittick

Mary Ann (Samford) Bittick

Verner Ashton & Mary 'Bertie' (Bittick) Causey

William Henry Harvill

June 16, 2005

New information for Elvina Cheairs and Charles William Freudenrich

July 5, 2005

1837 Petition to Create Houston County, Texas signed by William, John, John F., Elijah and Frances Cheairs and Frances Bettict (Francis Bittick?)

July 6, 2005

Additional information on John Bittick (born 1781) and Simeon Bittick (born 1802)

July 12, 2005

New information for:  Francis Bittick born 1809 and Mary Ann Melson

James Gwinn Melson, Rosanna Balleu/Ballew and children

William Marshall Ewing. Viola Olivia Alexander and children

July 15, 2005

Will of Cyrus Samuel Bittick

July 17, 2005

link to Antiquus Morbus:  A Glossary of Archaic Medical Terms, Diseases and Causes of Death

September 7, 2005

Mary Bittick, born 1775 - 1784, married William Griffith 23 Nov 1797 Stokes Co, North Carolina

Anna Bittick, born 1775 - 1794, married David Jenkins 21 Oct 1819 Surry Co, North Carolina

September 12, 2005

New and corrected information for Margaret Bittick and husbands John Rowe and David Christopher Neely and family

Divorce record for John & Margaret (Bittick) Rowe

New information for David Christopher Neely and wives Mary [--?--] and Cynthia Ann Zumwalt and families

New information for David Neely (born 1792), wife Mary Ball and family

New information for Martha Ellen Neely and John M. McCourtney

September 26, 2005

Family Tree DNA repeated the test for F-1.  Marker 464b changed to 14 instead of 15.

October 5, 2005

link to Biddix Cemetery, North Cove, McDowell Co, North Carolina

New and additional information for John Francis Cheairs, Elizabeth Bugg, Eleanor Bittick and descendants

(Information on the Cheairs family has been on the web site since September 12, but was omitted from "What's New" page)

October 20, 2005

Additional information regarding the Francis & Mary Bittick record

Corrections to Hannah Bittick (b. 1790)

November 8, 2005

Tombstone photos: 

Virginia Roberta (Simmons) Bittick

John Goodrum Bittick, Sr.

November 9, 2005

John Goodrum Bittick, Sr. & Virginia Roberta Simmons marriage announcement

November 13, 2005

James Thomas Shannon & Cordelia E. Bittick Bible Marriage Record

Photos of Virginia Roberta (Simmons) Bittick and family

November 16, 2005

Numerous additions to descendants of David Hildebrand & Hannah Bittick

Hannah (Bittick) Hildebrand (b. 1790) Probate

Jefferson County, Missouri courthouse sign -- mentions Hildebrands

Funeral card for Salinda America (Hill) Wright

December 17, 2005

Tombstone photo for Waitsel 'Waitz/s' Marion & Alice Jane (Biddix) McKinney

December 18, 2005

Tombstone photos:

N. S. McKinney (probably Nancy Virginia Biddix McKinney)

Additional photo: Elmira (Willis) Biddix

December 22, 2005

Genealogy Atlas--Historic Maps of North America--Atlases 1795-1856 online:

My County Maps--Links to animated state maps showing county formation:

December 29, 2005

Bureau of Land Management (Eastern), General Land Office (GLO) Records web site is back on-line; historic land title records from the 30 Public Land States:

Some of these land patents are listed on our Other Documents page


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