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George Crittendon Bittick--Land Record, Surveyed 1854

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The State of Texas    } 

County of Burnet        } No. 43

                                                        I, John Barton,

County Judge of said County do hereby certify that W. J. Standifer & G. C. Bittick

under whom the said Standifer claims

is Bona Fide, settled upon land surveyed for Bittick by G. W. Hooper Depty Dist

Surveyor of Milam Land Dist on the 14 day of

November 1854; that he has resided upon and cultivated the same for the

space of three consecutive years, in compliance with the provisions of "An Act Donating to 

Actual Settlers upon Vacant Public Domain One Hundred and Sixty Acres of Land," ap-

proved February 13th, 1854, that he was a resident of the State of Texas at the date

of the passage of said Act, and has not heretofore secured or appropriated any 

land under said Act.    The above facts having been proved to me by the oaths of

Jacob Woolf and J. L. Woolf, two respectable

citizens of said County to me well known.

                            In Testimony Whereof, I hereunto sign my name, and affix

                                                                    the seal of the County Court of said

                                                                    County, this the 10th day of 

                                                                    August 1867.

                                                                    John Barton

                                                                    County Judge Burnet County


1.  Since George Crittenden Bittick was killed September 15, 1864, this record may relate to the sale of his land by his widow.  In Vol B, page 90 of Burnet County land records, there is a survey for G. C. Bittick by G. W. Hooper of 149 acres dated November 18, 1854 and resurveyed again on December 15, 1858.

2.  Jacob "Woolf" (Wolf) was the brother of Thomas Hopkins Wolf who married G. C.'s sister, Elizabeth.  Jacob and Thomas were the sons of Henry Wolf and Nancy [--?--].  J. L. Wolf was probably James Lafayette Wolf, son of Jacob Wolf and Adeline Faulkner.

3.  W. L. Standifer was a 2nd Lieutenant in G. C.'s company of Texas State Troops [see Other Documents, Military Records:  Muster Roll of Captain G. C. Bittick's Company of Texas State Troops].  W. J. Standifer was later promoted to Captain and had his own company.  Jonathan Albert, Jr., G. C.'s brother, was a private in Standifer's company.

4.  This may be the property that G. C. lived on until his death.  G. C.'s son, Elkanah Joseph, drew a picture of his parents' house in his day book.  [see Heirlooms:  George Crittenden Bittick's Journal, Item 3]

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