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Census Conundrums and Other People Puzzles

Due to size limitations and privacy considerations, this web site has limited information on Bittick/Biddix descendants.  However, several researchers maintain large databases of Bittick/Biddix families.  We are always happy to share this information with those searching for their Bittick roots.  Although we can identify most of the Bitticks listed in the census and other records, there are some who are unknown to us.  However, if their parents were known or we had more information, we could probably identify their Bittick/Biddix lineage.  If you have any information on the people listed below, please contact Mary Bittick Gallano at the e-mail address listed on the home page of this web site.

Listed alphabetically by given name regardless of the spelling of Bittick/Biddix.

Bittick-Cox in Newburg & Rolla, Phelps Co, Missouri--Who are these Bittick's mentioned in the Rolla Newspaper?

The Rolla New Era Newspaper

June 23, 1894, p2:
Among Our Exchange
[Licking News]
Word reached here Thursday that a man by the name of Cox fired sixty buckshot into his son-in-law, one Mr. Bittick. The men spent the day in Houston and were returning home both intoxicated, coming to where the road forked Cox wished to go to Raymondville and wanted to ride Bittick’s mule, Bittick would not agree to this, and after considerable quarreling Cox went home got his shotgun, loaded both barrells, went to Bittick’s house, called him out and shot him twice, once through the legs and again through the body. Cox at once went to Houston and gave himself up to the authorities, Bittick only survived a few hours.


Biddicks Gray or Gray Biddicks - In the 1790 census for Surry Co, North Carolina, the Biddicks Gray family was enumerated.  There are Bittick families living in the same county at the same time.  Could the enumerator have reversed the order of the names?  Could he really be Gray Biddicks (Bittick)?  Or maybe a Bittick daughter married a Gray and named a son Biddick/Bittick?  If any one has any information about this family, please contact us at the e-mail address on the home page.

The 1790 Census was enumerated as of 02 August 1790, the 1st Monday. 9 months were allowed to complete.
1790 No Township Listed, Salisbury District?, Surry Co, North Carolina, p511, column 3, line 13:
Biddicks Gray - 1 / 3 / 1 / 0 / 0
1 free white male 16+ bef 1774 = Biddicks Gray [Gray Biddicks?]
3 free white males -16 c1774-1790 = unknown
1 free white female = wife?
0 Slaves

Dan/Don, Henry & Lois Bittick in Henry Co, Missouri 1930

1930 City & Township of Clinton, 4th Ward, Henry Co, Missouri 05 April 1930, ed42-9, p270b:
215 South 3rd
#109/111a Thomas Nadine head rents f w 25 single, beauty operator, barber shop Mo US US
Bittick Lois roomer f w 29 single, beauty operator, barber shop Mo Mo Mo
Henry roomer m w 23 single, packer, candy shop Ks Ks Ks
Dan/Don roomer m w 20 single, errand boy, barber shop Mo Mo Mo

Does anyone know Dan/Don Bittick born ca. 1910 in Missouri; Henry Bittick born ca. 1907 in Kansas, and Lois Bittick born ca. 1901 in Missouri?  All were boarders with Nadine Thomas in Henry Co, Missouri in 1930.

Eva Martha Bittick Ehlers--From 1970-1972, Belle Bittick Clark (Mrs. Reuben Marshall Clark) corresponded with the "heir-finding" company, Henry R. Ferris & Company, regarding the search for collateral heirs of Martha Eva (or Eva Martha) Bittick Ehlers. By 1970, the four children of Martha and her husband, Axel Ehlers, were deceased and none had children. This company was trying to establish Martha's parentage and determine whether she had siblings, whose descendants would be entitled to inherit personal property valued at approximately $200,000. Unfortunately, the company was unable to determine Martha's parents.  See Other Documents: Martha Eva Bittick Ehlers Correspondence and the Francis-Missouri Bitticks Database for more information.  Does anyone have information about Eva Martha Bittick or the Henry R. Ferris & Company's search for her heirs?

Henry Bitticks who married Barbara Ellen (White) Woodring in Central City, Lawrence Co, South Dakota in 1890.

Is Henry W. Bittick the Henry Bittick above?  Who is Frank Bittick?

Black Hills Daily Times, Deadwood, South Dakota Library:

Dec 1, 1889
Letters remaining in Central Post Office, Nov 30:
Bittick, Frank

April 20, 1890
Letters remaining in the Deadwood Post Office, April 19:
Bittick, Henry W.

April 27, 1890
Letters remaining in Lead Post Office, April 27:
Bittick, Henry
Bitticks, Frank

June 13, 1890
Passenger lists, Smith's hack, Arrivals and departures via Northwestern, Stagelines:
Bitticks, Henry
doesn't say if he's arriving or departing

Isaac Bittick [Tennessee database]:

The Carthage Gazette and Friend of the People, published by William Moore:
January 2, 1810, Vol. 1, No. 46:
The following is a list of letters remaining at the post office in Carthage on January 1, 1810, per Charles Hervey, a.p.m.:
Isaac Bittic
[Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers, 1803-1812, compiled by Sherida K. Eddleman, Heritage Books, 1989, p16. Courtesy of Dorothy L. Miller]

Who is Isaac Bittic? He is not a son of John Bittick/Biddix of North Carolina - his son Isaiah was born c1796. He is not a known son of John R. Bittick although he could be his son from his first wife. Could he be old Samuel Bittick who died in Arkansas?

James R. Bittick [Tennessee database]:

Williamson County, Tennessee Court Record, page 249:
Bond: 5 April 1815
James R. Biddick and John R. Biddick to the Chairman of Williamson Count Court for the support of Ruth Biddick, an object of charity.
[Note: in the original court record, James R. Biddick is written "& (?) John R. Biddick" inserted above the line.]

Who are Ruth, James R. & John R. Bittick?

Jerome Bittick [Tennessee database] married Mary Barlow and had three sons: 

Samuel Bittick born 16 Aug 1875 Giles Co, Tennessee, died 21 May 1917 Giles Co, Tennessee, married Alice Torrance

Robert Lee Bittick born 7 Mar 1879 in Tennessee, died 22 Sep 1959 in Morgan Co, Alabama, married Mary Etta Carpenter

Newton Bittick born 1 Jan 1882 Pulaski, Tennessee, died 11 July 1955 Nashville, Tennessee, married Bessie L. [--?--]

Who were Jerome Bittick's parents?

Margaret Bittick [Tennessee database]:

Thomas Holliday married Margaret Bittick on 11 Apr 1812 in Williamson Co, Tennessee.

Who were Margaret's parents?

Mary Bittick in Jefferson Co, Missouri--In Jefferson Co, Missouri on the same day that Mr. John [Julius] H. Bittick married Mss Susan F. Pruitt – a Miss Mary Bittick married Mr. W. or M. Prvitt. I think it’s probably Pruitt – hard to read. I can’t find anyone who fits this marriage. This was 03 March 1867. I know that Susan had some siblings but none with a name starting with W or M. But, perhaps a cousin. Her parents died and she was raised by grandparents.  Mary’s marriage is listed first in the record book then John [Hiram Julius]. So, I think this must have been a double wedding and the 2 Bittick’s and 2 Pruitt’s must be related somehow. I don’t find them in 1870.  Please contact us if you know this couple.

Mary F. (--?--) Biddix and children, Claud, Frank, Bell, Ernist & Judson/Hudson Biddix/Beddix

1900 Wallaceburg Township, Hempstead Co, Arkansas 21 June 1900, ed54, p348a:
#179/181 Biddix Mary F. head w f Jan 1866 43 widow 6 born/5 living Ar Tn Ms
Claud son w m Jan 1884 16 single Ar Ar Ar
Frank son w m Nov 1886 13 single Ar Ar Ar
Bell dau w f Feb 1889 10 single Ar Ar Ar
Ernist son w m Sep 1895 6 single Ar Ar Ar  [Ersie "Jake"]
Judson/Hudson son w m Feb 1898 2 single Ar Ar Ar

Wallaceburg, Hempstead Co is where the descendants of Robert Bittick lived. I (Mary Gallano) can't find a possible male for the husband of Mary F. Biddix. And, I can't find any of the above kids in 1910. I did find:

1920 Philadelphia Township, Neshoba Co, Mississippi 21 January 1920, ed78, p21a:
#399/457 Beddix Claud head m w 37 md sawyer, saw mill, Ar Ar Ar
Mattie wife f w 26 md Ar Ms Ar
Claud Jr son m w 3 single Ms Ar Ar

Who is Mary F. & who was her Biddix/Bittick husband?  Does anyone have information on her children?

Minerva A. Biddix--Does anyone know Minerva's parents or have any information on this family?

Jonathan P. Dillon was born about 1824 in Pasquotank Co, North Carolina. He married (1) Minerva A. Biddix 13 January 1846 in Rowan Co, North Carolina. She was born about 1826 in Burke Co, North Carolina. He married (2) Sarah Emily Ryan 11 August 1859 in Guilford Co, North Carolina. 

Notes for Jonathan P. Dillon:

Jonathan Dilloin and Sarah Emily Ryan, marriage bond 10 August 1859, married on 11 August 1859 in Guilford Co, North Carolina by William Kirkman, Justice of the Peace. Bondsman: Cornelius Stack
Witness: H. C. Willis
Bond No. 000054848
Record No. 01 118

Notes for Minerva A. Biddix:

Minerva A. Beddox and Jonathan P. Dillon were married on 13 January 1846 in Rowan Co, North Carolina.
Bondsman: Hezekiah Turner
Witness: J. M. Turner
[Marriages of Rowan Co, North Carolina, 1753-1868, p106 compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, Published by Clearfield]

1850 The Southern Division, Guilford Co, North Carolina 20 July 1850, p256a:
#22/23 Jonathan P. Delon 26 m farmer Pasquotank Co, NC
Minerva 24 f Burke Co, NC - can't read/write

Nancy Biddix: Who is this Nancy Biddix?  According to the BLM web site, Nancy Biddix of Fulton Co, Arkansas received 90.54 acres in Izard Co, Arkansas on 1 May 1860.  Looks like the land is in 2 sections.

Patentee: Nancy Biddix
Issue Date: 5/1/1860
Land Office: Batesville
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry
State: Arkansas
Acres: 90.54
Document No. 11377
Accession/Serial No. AR0700_435
BLM Serial No. AR NO S/N
Aliquot Parts: W 1/1 NW
Township: 18-N
Range: 8-W
Meridian: 5th PM
County: Izard
Aliquot Parts: 1/
Township: 18-N
Range: 9-W
Meridian: 5th PM
County: Izard

Nancy Williams who married Samuel Bittick died before 1850.  Is this Nancy Biddix from the Tennessee Bittick lines?  Is she a Bittick/Biddix widow?  Could she be the daughter of Francis Bittick & Mary Stanfield?  They had a daughter, Nancy, born c1804.  We've never found any information on her, but could she have gone to Arkansas with her sister, Eleanor Bittick Cheairs?  Or is she from the African-American Biddix families in Arkansas?  If you have any information on this Nancy, we'd love to hear from you.

Original Certificate located at Bureau of Land Management web site:

Ruth Bittick [Tennessee database]:

Williamson Co, Tennessee, Minutes of Pleas & Quarter Sessions,
Tuesday, January third 1815, p249:
Ordered that John J. Henry & Oliver Williams Esquire let out to the
lowest bidder the keeping of Ruth Biddix a pauper for the term of 12 months.

Williamson Co, Tennessee, Minutes of Pleas & Quarter Sessions,
Thursday, 6th April 1815: p249:
Bond: James R. Biddick & John R. Biddick, to the Chairman of Williamson County Court for the support of Ruth Biddicks, an object of charity.
[FHL Film #45331, have image scans]
Note: Who is James R. Biddick?

Williamson Co, Tennessee, Minute Book 3:
List of paupers - Ruth Bittick
Jan. & Feb. 1816
[Miscellaneous Records, Williamson Co, Tennessee, Vol 2, by Louise Gillaspie Lynch, pub 1972, p2]

Mrs. L. Cary Bittick said she found a bond record for Ruth which labeled her a "minor".

Who is Ruth Bittick?

Thomas H. B. or Thomas L. Bettick:

Probably enlisted at Effingham County, Georgia (near South Carolina border).
Private, Company I, 54th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
31 Aug 1864, captured at Jonesboro, GA
1 Nov 1864, appears on a roll of Prisoners of War received at Camp Douglas, IL, from Louisville, KY
19 Jan 1865, died at Camp Douglas, IL

There is no mention of his age, place of birth or race in any of the records.  We have not found him in census records for 1850 or 1860 Georgia or South Carolina.  We are unable to identify him or place him with a family.  Please let us know if you can identify this soldier.

Military Records

 Bittick, no name, Boonville, Missouri 1824

State Historical Society of Missouri, Newspaper Collection Index:
Bittick, no name
Missouri Intelligencer, Jan 15, 1824, p3 col 2: letter advertised in the Boonville PO

If anyone knows this Bittick in Boonville, Missouri in 1824 or before, please let us know.

Unknown Bittick living near Licking & Houston, Texas Co, Missouri 1894

MO State Genealogical Assoc. Journal, Winter 1989, pgs15-32, Extracts from the Rolla Herald, 1894, contributed by Barbara Pugh, Rt 3, Box 154, Rolla, MO 65401:

pg 28, June 21, 1894 - (Licking News) - Word reached here Thursday that a man by the name of COX fired sixty buckshot into his son in law, one Mr. BITTICK. The men spent the day in Houston and were returning home both intoxicated, coming to where the road forked COX wished to go to Raymondville and wanted to ride BITTICK's mule, BITTICK would not agree to this, and after considerable quarreling COX went home got his shotgun loaded both barrels, went to BITTICK's house, called him out and shot him twice, one through the legs and again through the body. COX at once went to Houston and gave himself up to the authorities. BITTICK survived only a few hours.

Can anyone help identify the above COX & BITTICK?

Unknown Bittick married Sue K. Hammel, daughter Jeanne Elizabeth Bittick

Sue K. Hammel was born 24 Mar 1895 in Wisconsin, and died 18 Dec 1967 in San Joaquin Co, California. She married (1) [--?--] Bittick about 1915 in California. She married (2) Stephen Magee Gaskill Aft. 11 Apr 1930. He was born 13 Aug 1890 in California, and died 23 Jan 1959 in San Joaquin Co, California.

Click here for more information on Sue K. Hammel's parents, siblings and daughter

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