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January 7, 2008

The Frisco (Saint Louis-San Fransico Railway) Employee Cards: Images of employee cards, dating from 1940 forward, include the employee's name, address, birth date, race, gender, parents' names, location of assignment and job title--

The Frisco Digital Collection at the Springfield-Greene County (Missouri) Library web site [] also includes employee magazines, postcards and other information about the railroad--

February 13, 2006

Information about 2008 Bittick Reunion

February 21, 2008

Mystery Bitticks:

Dan/Don Bittick born ca. 1910 in Missouri; Henry Bittick born ca. 1907 in Kansas, and Lois Bittick born ca. 1901 in Missouri

March 4, 2008

New information for: 

Michael Null, Sr., Margaret/Marguerite House & family

Simeon Bittick & Catherine 'Kate' Null

Moses Ramey & Milly/Molly Null

Barnes Smith Goff & Miranda Emiline Bittick

Malen H. Spyres & Hannah Jane Bittick

Mahlon Spyres, Rachael Capps & family

Rosanna (Balleu/Ballew) Melson

William R. Bittick & Lizzie [--?--] Coon

Pathenia Thomas (married Walker Burton Rodman, Jr.)

Laura Holoway (married Walker Burton Rodman, Jr.)

Jane/June [--?--]/Roadie (Rhoda?) Beesley/Beasley, wife of Francis C. W. 'Frank' Bittick

Thomas M. Holt & Indiana Frances Beesley/Beasley

Joseph Stoker,  Nancy Stubblefield & family

Allen Burgess & Almeda Bittick

Corrections for Julius Bittick (b. abt. 1825)

Corrections & additional information for Thomas Simon? Bittick & Martha Stoker (previously thought to be Martha V. Pepper)

Tombstone photo for Walker Burton Rodman, Jr.

Articles and entries about Dr. Walker Burton Rodman, Jr. in Rolla and Phelps Co, Missouri newspapers from 30 March 1878 to 23 January 1897

Death Certificate information for:

John Aurelius Fields

Ara Belle (Lee) Bittick--death certificate image

Perry Bittick, b. 1860--death certificate image

Francis 'Frank' Stephens Bittick--death certificate image

Razzie Elizabeth (Stallings) Bittick--death certificate image

Thomas Michael Bittick--death certificate image

Bertha (Skinner) Bittick--death certificate image

John Martin Smith & Martha M. Wallace

John B. Shindler & additional census information

Margaret 'Angeline' (Lee) Crull

Almeda (Bittick) Burgess

Andrew Jackson Cromwell

Rachel Elizabeth (Crain) Beesley/Beasley

Josephine (Cromwell) Burgess

March 15, 2008

death certificate information for:

John S. Crain

John Houston Hawkins

April 1, 2008

Change in Bittick Reunion meeting place

Sallie S. (Biddix) Poteet tombstone photo

May 2, 2008

Charles K. Smith & Laura Ann Bittick marriage record


Laura Ann Bittick Smith & Mary E. Davis Hardy

Laura Ann Bittick Smith, Lena Edna Rutledge Smith, & Gertie Lee Smith Vann

Laura Ann (Bittick) Smith tombstone photo

May 13, 2008

correction to Laura Ann (Bittick) Smith tombstone photo

Charles K. Smith Civil War Pension File

Laura Ann Bittick Smith Civil War Widow's Pension File

Two Laura Smiths in Arkansas (Laura A. Bittick Smith & Laura A. Clark Smith)

May 14, 2008

Interesting web site about World War II rationing, images of ration books & coupons, Farmers: Soldiers without uniforms, etc.--

Scan of James Bittick Biographical Sketch, 1876 from An Illustrated Historical Atlas Map Carefully Compiled from Personal Examinations and Surveys , Pub. by Brink, McDonough & CO.

Margaret Biddix (b. 1854) Bastardy Bond 1874

Updates & additional information for:

Charles K. Smith, Laura Ann Bittick and family

George Smith, Ceila Boyett and family

John A. O'Steen, Ceila Boyett and family

Francis M. Hildebrand, Sirena Williams and family

Francis M. Hildebrand & Manerva Clark

July 8, 2008

new information and correction for William Ramey and Jane 'Annis' Bittick

November 11, 2008

Additional information for George Washington Fairchild & Sarah Elizabeth Cox

Death Records: a list of on-line searchable death indexes and records--

December 3, 2008

Photos of:

Francis Willard Biddix

George Edwin Biddix

James Bulow Biddix

John Lucious/Lucius Biddix

John William Biddix

Joseph Calton 'Kelton' Biddix, Sr.

Sallie S. Biddix, Luther Arlington Poteet & family


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