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Jonathan Bittick to Puluski Gibbs, Deed, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, 1847

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DeSoto Parish                    Deed Book F

Louisiana                            pg 352

28 Dec 1847

to Gibbs


3 Sept 1853

20 acres


State of Texas         }        Know all men by these presents that Jonathan

County of Pannola   }   Bittick of the County and State aforesaid for the 

consideration of the sum of Seven hundred and fifty Dollars paid

 to me in hand by Puluski F. Gibbs of said County and State, do grant

bargain, sell and confirm unto him his heirs and assigns forever a certain

piece of land containing twenty acres more or less.  it being the tract

upon which my Gin stands situated and described as follows.  In the

State of Louisiana and Parish of DeSoto.  The fractional part of the west

half of the south East quarter of Section Six township thirteen and range

Sixteen _______ at the land office at Natchitoches Louisiana.  To have and to

hold the above described piece of land unto him the said Gibbs his heirs and

assigns forever to his and their own proper use thereof.  And also I the said

Bittick do for myself, my heirs representors & administrators covenant with

the said Gibbs, his heirs and assigns that at and until the unsealing of these

presents.  I am well ______ of the premises as a good _____  ______

in fee simple and have good right to bargain & sell the same in manner &

form as above written and that the same is free from all incumbrances whatso

ever.  And furthermore I the said Bittick do by these presents bind 

myself & my heirs forever to warrant & defend the above granted & bargained

promise to him the said Gibbs his heirs & assigns against all claims & demands

whatsoever.  In testimony whereof I here unto set my hand and seal this the 28th

of December Anodomini One thousand Eight Hundred & forty seven

J Bittick {seal}.  Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of

D ThompsonT N Wolf --- State of Louisiana Parish of DeSoto

Before me William R. Jackson Recorder in and foresaid Parish

and State, duly commissioned and sworn, personally came and

appeared Dixon Thompson one of the subscribing witnesses to the

within and foregoing act where upon oath deposeth and sign

that he saw the party to the same sign the same for the purposes

therein contained, and that he signed the same as a witness

and that he also recognizes the signature of the other subscribing witness

_____ of D. Thompson, sworn to and subscribed to before me on this

the 3rd day of September A D 1853  Wm R. Jackson Recorder

filed & Recorded Sept 6th A. D. 1853   Wm R. Jackson Recorder

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