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Francis and Mary (Stanfield) Bittick Bible Record

Francis & Mary Bittick Record-Image

Francis and Mary Bittick Record

Francis Bittick was born on the
__th Day of the 9th Month in the year of our Lord 1759

Mary Bittick was born on the
26th Day of the 6th Month in the year of our Lord 1761 (or 1764)

Francis Bittick and Mary Bittick was married the
15th Day of February in the year of our Lord 1780

John Bittick born 13 September ad 1781
Philipina Bittick born 20 October ad 1783
Samuel Bittick born 26 January ad 1785
Thomas Bittick born 9th December ad 1788
Hannah Bittick born 9th April ad 1790
Eleaner Bittick born __ August ad 1792
Elizabeth Bittick born 15 May ad 1795
Solomon Bittick born 29 January ad 1797
William Bittick born 20 October ad 1799
Simeon Bittick born 7 February ad 1802
Nancy Bittick born 6 March ad 1804
Mary Bittick born 9 September ad 1806
Francis B. Lasster born _7 May ad 18__ (or 17 May 1814)
Francis Hildebrand born 29 December AD ... 1809
Abraham Hildebrand born 6 May AD ... 1811
William Hildebrand born 16 October AD ... 1813
Mary Hildebrand born 23 April AD ... 1816
Lucinda Hildebrand born 16 March AD ... 1817
Meranda Hildebrand born 17 October AD ... 1818

Hilderbrand Record

Hannah Helterbrand Born 9 April A.D. .... [1790 nee Bittick]
Francis Helterbrand Born 29 December A.D. .... [1809]
Abraham Helterbrand Born 6 May A.D. .... [1811]
William Helterbrand Born 16 October A.D. .... [1813]
Mary Helterbrand Born 23 April A.D. 1816
Lucinda Helterbrand Born 16 March A.D. 1817
Meranda Helterbrand Born 17 October A.D. 1818
Phillip Helterbrand Born 10 March A.D. 1822
Caleb Helterbrand Born 3 July A.D. 1824
Belinda Helterbrand Born 13 December A.D. 1825
Peter Helterbrand Born 20 May A.D. 1828
Ann Eliza Helterbrand Born 6 May A.D. 1830
... R. Helterbrand Born 14 August A.D. 1831
... Helterbrand Died on the 4 Day of January 1834

Both the Francis and Mary Bittick Record and the Hilderbrand Record were owned by Betty Wease Clark.


Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano:

    This record was first supplied to Ralph Bittick, my Great Uncle, in a letter from Myrtle Gunderson dated April 24, 1964 . It says, in part:

            "It may interest you to know about three years ago a fellow Genealogist offered me the original copy of their     Family    Bible Record. Why I accepted it then - I didn't know - why - - and I do now - Family Group Sheet 18 contains the 2nd copy of that Bible Record, which I wonder still exists since the first copy was made some 30 or 35 years ago in Arkansas . I have several such copies of bible Records of my own progenitors the latter made many years ago."

    Family Group Sheet 18 is for Francis Bittick and Mrs. Mary Bittick - listed in the above record. The source of Mrs. Gunderson's record was listed as Mrs. Elsie Wease Roland of Paragould, Arkansas, and was sent to Mrs. Anna M. Sartori in April 1964.

    Mrs. Anna M. Sartori published "Among My Pioneer Ancestors" in 1942, then a Second Edition in 1950. The book contains information on the Sullens, Hildebrand, Williams, Stow, Bromelsick and Longworth families of Missouri. On page 74, it states in part:

            "Mr. J.E. Wease, 402 W. Hyland St, Paragould, Arkansas. His mother was Anna E. Hildebrand, and it was he who supplied us with the record of births on her and also her brothers and sisters. He also has some very old records on the Bittick family, who are related to the Wease family through marriage."

    John Edgar Wease is the son of John Wease and Anna Eliza Hildebrand. Mr. John Edgar 'J.E.' Wease is the father of Mrs. Elsie Wease Roland. Mrs. Roland is the aunt of Betty Wease Clark who supplied this copy of the record.  When Mrs. Roland died in Paragould, Arkansas on July 13, 1990 - Mrs. Clark inherited Mrs. Roland's genealogy files. Mrs. Clark is the daughter of Archibald E. Wease, brother of Elsie Wease Roland, and Anna Harriet Haverstick. One relationship through marriage is from the Haverstick family line.  Record owned by Betty Wease Clark of DeSoto, Missouri.

    At this time, the person who wrote this bible record is unknown. But, I believe as does Mrs. Betty Wease Clark, it was written by Anna Eliza Hildebrand Wease. Hannah must have dictated the information to her daughter, Anna Eliza Hilderbrand - both records are in Anna's handwriting.  She is the daughter of David Hildebrand, and it was believed her mother was Hannah McCourtney. John Bittick, in the above record, also married a Hannah McCourtney.

The Hannah who married David Hildebrand has previously been identified as a McCourtney, but there is considerable  evidence that she was Hannah Bittick listed in the Francis and Mary Bittick record above.  

    I referred back to Myrtle's dates because some are so difficult to read. I believe Mrs. Sartori copied the original record, and Myrtle copied Mrs. Sartori's copy. In 1964, when Mrytle copied this - there is a notation on the 'El___ber' name - "fold in paper". This name has been identified as Eleanor, and I am in contact with her descendants. I have asked Betty to send me a better copy if possible, or to have the record photographed before it becomes impossible to read due to age and fading ink. 

    The following document proves that the Hannah McCourtney, who was a daughter of James and Sarah McCourtney, was married to John Bittick - not to David Hildebrand.

Hannah McCourtney Bittick, L-137 St Louis
1819 June 16
Know all men by these presnts, that we
being the heir and legal representatives of the said JAMES McCOURTNEY deceased,
for an in consideration of the sum of four hundred and twenty dollars to us in hand paid by JOHN BALL at and before the seating and delivery of these presents (the receipt where of we do hereby acknowledge), have bargained, granted and sold and do hereby grant bargain and sell unto the sais JOHN BALL a certain tract or parcel of land containing five hundred arpent or four hundred and twenty five 35/100 acres lying on Crove Cour Creek Bonhomme Settlement in the County of St Louis and Territory of Missouri being a settlement right in the name of the said JAMES McCOURTNEY born did as follows, that is to say beginning at Conways Corner on Whitney, thence by a line running south fifty seven west eighty two chains, thence north thirty three wests nine chairs twenty five links to a point in the line between sections 15 and 42 in Township 45 North and range four East of the fifth principal Meridian thrity fourt chains ninety six links east of the Corner and fifty chains eighty links to the corner on Fitzwater, thence North fifty seven East eighty two chains to a corner on Long, thence South thirty three East fifty two chains to the beginning. To have and to hold the said tract of land together with all and singerlar the rights, members, here dituments, and assertanances thereto incident or appertaining unto the said JOHN BALL, his heirs and assigns forever and we do hereby bind ourselves and each and every one of our heirs, execurtors and administrators to warrant and forever defend all and singular the aid premsis unto the said JOHN BALL against our selves and our heirs and against every other person lawfully claiming the same or any part there of. In witness whereof, we have here unto set our respective hands and seals sixtenth day of June one thousand eight hundred and nineteen. [16 June 1819]
Signed & Sealed: John Shuffield - (his mark)
Mary Shuffield - (her mark)
William King - (his mark)
Pheby King - (her mark)
John Bitick - (his mark)
Hannah Bitick - (her mark)
Sarah McCourtney - (her mark)
Willis Hensley - (his mark)
Susanah Hensley
Sarah Cammer
John Basages

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