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Elkanah Joseph Bittick Bible--Transcription

Copyright Page:  Copyright 1877

Title Page

Marriage Record




Elkana J. Bittick & Isabella Forbes or Forbis

Were solemnly united by me in the 

Holy bond of Matrimony

at the residence of W. A. Samford on the 24th

day of January in the year of our Lord

One Thousand Eight Hundred and 72

conformably to the Ordinance of God, and the

Laws of the State.

In Presence of Signed
W. A. Samford Sarah Samford
E. F__lts Asa B. Holt




Frances P. Bittick was born Dec 7th 1874
George C. Bittick was born Oct 19th 1876
Alice G. Bittick was born Sep. 10th 1878
Mary Ann Bittick was born Oct. 13th A. D. 1880
Marian Donegan Bittick was born July 19, 1882
Ella Bittick and Della Bittick
was born Dec. 29 A. D. 1885
Alice Johnston June 22, 1895
Willie E. Johnson Dec 8, 1896
Callie Johnson June 29, 1898
Sam B. Johnson Dec 15, 1900





Elkana J. Bittick was born June the 15

                                                    A. D. 1854

Isabell Bittick was born Feb. the 15

                                                    A. D. 1853 or 1858 ??

P I Holt departed this life Jan 28, 1888

G. C. Bittick Jr departed this life Sept 15, 1864

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