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January 5, 2007

Additional information and corrections for John 'Benjamin' Allison, Margaret 'Rebecca' Biddix and descendants

January 7, 2007

Additional information for Marvell 'Boney' N. B. B. M. R. Edney & Matilda Biddix

January 12, 2007

Photo:  Marvel 'Boney' N. B. B. M. R. Edney & Matilda (Biddix) Edney

January 16, 2007

Death Certificates for:

Artemece/Artemace (Harness) Bittick

Dudley Harris Bittick and wife, Katherine/Catherine 'Kate' (Martin) Bittick

Frederick 'Fred' Bittick

January 18, 2007

Motel information for the Bittick Reunion

January 20, 2007

Death Certificate for Lucy Cathrin (Thompson) Bittick

January 21, 2007

Death Certificates for:

Sarah (Davis) Bittick

Susan Jane (Waltrip or Smith) Bittick

William 'Willis' Marion Bittick

February 5, 2007

New information & corrections for Marcus 'Babe' Lafayette Bittick & Mary Elizabeth Turner

February 7, 2007

Additional information about the Bittick Reunion

Tombstone photos for:

Lula Emma Biddix

Susan Safronia Biddix

Margaret Rebecca (Biddix) Allison

February 10, 2007

Additional information for James Young Allison

Naming traditions:  Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society:

February 18, 2007

We've made numerous changes to the Francis-Missouri Bittick database, including additional information &/or corrections for:

John/Jean Baptiste Charleville & Aspasie Placet and descendants

Thomas Bittick & Felicite Charleville and descendants

Artemece/Artemace Harness & William "Willis' Marion Bittick

Hiram Julius Bittick & Bertha Alice Bias

Frank/Francis Bittick & Sarah Davis

Nancy Ellen (Pruitt) Hawkins

Joseph Henley Hawkins &

James H. Hawkins & Elizabeth "Eliza" Ann Stafford

Mary Ann Adams Hildebrand

Elmer F. Brown

John Henry Crull

Edward 'Charles' Davis & May Ida Vineyard

Benjamin Franklin Roach & Olivia 'Ollie' Hannah Bowen

Zachariah Segel Sims

Thomas Dudley Smalley

John Stouse & Missouri Ann Stow

Albert Wease & Martha Belle Haverstick

Mary M. Kelley & James Nash Hildebrand

John Gardner Nash

William 'Willie' Monroe Bittick

February 26, 2007

Photo of Garland Whitworth [updates coming soon]

February 27, 2007

Willis Henry Bittick-Order of Publication, 1866 

Willis Henry Bittick Probate

Sarah Jane (Whitworth) Bittick Probate

William 'Willie' Monroe Bittick Guardianship

Willis Henry Bittick & Sarah Jane (Whitworth) Wright Quit-Claim Deed

February 28, 2007

Willis Henry Bittick Probate File: Estate Inventory, Estate

Additional information for Zachariah Sims & Mary "Polly" Milburn  [1865 Kansas state census]

March 8, 2007

New information for:

Solomon Sylvester Bittick

Martha Adeline (Lee) Bittick

Oliver Delore Bittick

Willis Henry Bittick

Willis Alexander Bittick

James Bittick [b. 1811]

William 'Willis' Marion Bittick

Jefferson County, Missouri newspaper extracts: Charlotte's Pearls are now archived permanently

Search Jefferson County, Missouri Newspaper extracts from Charlotte's Pearls & Kay's Korner:

March 9, 2007

Proposed increase in fees for reproductions of documents from National Archives:

Solomon Sylvester Bittick

March 23, 2007

Solomon Sylvester Bittick

March 27, 2007

Marriage Bond & License for James Qwinn Melson & Rosanna Balleu/Ballew

March 29, 2007

Solomon Sylvester Bittick

March 30, 2007

Tombstone photo for James A. Biddix

April 4, 2007

Additional information for:

Hiram Price Huntsman

Alexander Stinson Rogers

James Thomas Bittick, born about 1854

Thomas H. Bittick

Francis C. W. Bittick

Thomas Stanfield Bittick

Laura Ann Winston Wallace

Susanah/Susannah Wallace Rogers

John S. Crain & Josephine W. Siler

Allen Burgess

Charles W. Charleville

John Bittick 1781

William 'Willis' Marion Bittick

Thompson H. Whitworth & wives Mary 'Polly' Parker & Elizabeth Nobel & family

Edmund Bittick

Jonathan Bittick

Willis Henry Bittick & Sarah Jane Whitworth

William 'Willie' Monroe Bittick

William Ramey & wives Melinda Bergen/Burgan & Jane 'Annis' Bittick 

William Perry Bittick

Thomas W. Bittick

Willis Alexander Bittick

Frederick A. Bittick

Solomon Sylvester Bittick

Oliver Cromwell & wives Almeda Cockrill & Sarah Boren

April 8, 2007

New information on Matilda McKinney & Allen B. 'Alney' McFalls

May 1, 2007

Date for 2008 Bittick Reunion

May 8, 2007

Maries Co, Missouri, Marriages:  The Miller County Museum web site has 2 files of Maries County marriages (under "LIbrary" at the top of their home page):

May 16, 2007

Missouri State Archives has added death certificate images for 1945-1949; they now have 1910-1932 & 1945-1956 images on-line:

John F. Bittick death certificate

Dora Dean (VaGiesen/VaGlesen) Bittick death certificate

Margaret 'Maggie' Jean/Jane (Blankenship) Bittick death certificate

May 19, 2007

Mary Bitticks--Unknown Bittick or Bitticks family in 1910 Oak Bluff Township, Clay Co, Arkansas census; Marry Bitticks (born about 1864, maiden name unknown) with children John (abt 1890), Annie (abt 1894) & Willie (abt 1900), all born in Tennessee

May 27, 2007

A. W. Bittick, William Bittick, Bittick-Cox in Newburg & Rolla, Phelps Co, Missouri 1888-1897

May 29, 2007

New information: Daisy Minnie May (Bittick) Fields

June 4, 2007

For more information on the Fulkerson families: American Fulkerson Homepage, Robert Fulkerson:

June 17, 2007

Bittick Cemetery, Douglas Co, Missouri photos

Stephen M. Crain tombstone photos

Lilly V. Crain tombstone photo

Mauda/Maudy M. Crain tombstone photo

Alten Jones tombstone photo

James H. Ridenour tombstone photo

Ina Ann McNee tombstone photo

Infant son of E. & M. J. Lane tombstone photo

Sarah, Daughter of E. & M. J. Lane tombstone photo

September 1, 2007

Dudleyville Cemetery tombstone photos on web site

Does any one know the Nancy Biddix issued a land patent  May 1, 1860, Izard Co, Arkansas?

September 5, 2007

Tombstone photos for Albert 'AC' Crittendon Bittick (b. 1859) & Jennie Mae (Selleck) Bittick [on]

September 10, 2007

Tombstone photo for Henry Nolan Bittick [on]

Small Town Papers--250 small town newspapers, scanned archives from 1865 to current edition:

Civil War Prisoners, St. Louis, St. Louis Co, Missouri:  John Sylvester Bittick, Marion Francis Bittick (b. abt. 1829), Thomas Bittick (married Martha V. Pepper), William Henry Harrison Bittick, William R. Bittick

September 18, 2007

Invitation to ceremony honoring Joseph B. L. Bittick's service as a Texas Ranger 160 years ago and information about his service as a Ranger

New Information for Benjamin Winson McKinney

New information and corrections for Henry Nolan Bittick

September 20, 2007

New information & corrections for:

John Cole, Sarah McCourtney & family

 General Harrison Jones & Sarah Elizabeth Cole

John Lewis Jones & Martha Ann Cole

Christopher Shoultz/s, Artimesa Smith & descendants

William R. Bittick, Elizabeth Ann Shoultz/s & descendants

Marion Francis Bittick (b. 1836) & Mary Jane Shoultz/s

Simeon Bittick (b. 1802), Catherine [--?--] & family

Missouri Death Certificate Info:

Margaret Francis (McKay) Lee

Sarah Jane (Feltwell) Hawkins

Ruth (Reno) Koonce

Martin Widdington Syler

Mary Jane (Bittick) Syler

Thomas Jackson 'Jack' Huntsman

Cordia Lee (Salyers) Huntsman

Cornelia (Bittick) Charleville

October 3, 2007

New information on Eva Martha Bittick & Axel Moses Ehlers and descendants

Martha Eva Bittick Ehlers Correspondence: From 1970-1972, Belle Bittick Clark (Mrs. Reuben Marshall Clark) corresponded with the "heir-finding" company, Henry R. Ferris & Company, regarding the search for collateral heirs of Martha Eva (or Eva Martha) Bittick Ehlers. 

October 12, 2007

New information for Calvin McCoy Harrison

October 26, 2007

Tombstone photos for:

Henry Nolan Bittick

Albert 'AC' Crittendon Bittick & Jennie Mae (Selleck) Bittick

Joseph Butler Langley Bittick: information regarding his posthumous recognition as a Texas Ranger and placement of a Texas Ranger Cross at his grave, photos of his grave markers

October 27, 2007

General photo of Dudleyville Cemetery, Pinal Co, Arizona

November 10, 2007

Missouri Death Certificate information for:

Sarah Susannah/Susan (Wallace) Sims

Mary A. (Stafford) Hawkins

November 18, 2007

Missouri Death Certificate information for:

Mary Ann "Polly" (Wood) Wallace Smith

Willis John L. Bittick and [image of death certificate]

November 30, 2007

Texas Death Certificate for:

Jasper Newton Bittick (b. 1843)

Samuel Guinn Bittick (b. 1847)


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