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Jonathan Bittick Estate Inventory Transcription

Item 1:  Inventory

The following is a full, fair and

complete inventory and appraisement

of all the community property of

Jinsy Bittick and Jonathan Bittick

dec'd Said Jonathan resided & died in this



641 acres of land headright [*see below] of John Caruthers

            and valued at                            $2500

120 acres of land headright of Elisha

Pruitts    and Situated in Burnett

            County Texas and valued at         $50     [Deed Book E, page 552, Burnet County]

1 yoke of oxen valued at                           $35

13 head of cattle valued at                       $52

23 head of Sheep    “      “                         $23

3 head of horses      “      “                       $100 [?]

2 old buggy         valued “                          $35

1 old wagon             “      “                          $10

40 bushels of wheat valued at                  $40

200 bushels of corn valued at                  $80


We the undersigned have valued the above property

pointed out to us by Jinsy Bittick and the valuation

affixed to said property is the true value of the same

to the best of our knowledge and belief


Sworn to subscribed                                         James J. Marcus

to before me this 1st March                               G. J. Ashabranner

1870                J. B. Napier                              W. H. Ashabranner

                                    J.  P. W. C. [Justice of the Peace, Williamson County]

Item 2: Widow’s statement

At the time of the death of the said

Jonathan he had twenty dollars on hand and

that amount was paid to Dr. Royston [see below] for medi

cal aid in his last sickness and I paid Jas. Mont

gomery the sum of three and 80/100 dollars for articles

to bury said Jonathan with and I have collected

from Capt. M. N. Grant the sum of two hundred

and nine dollars on a note due said Jonathan

since his death and there is due said estate a

note of forty five dollars, dated _____ and due

_______ executed by John & Mary T. Madds

and the above above (sic) and foregoing is a full fair

and complete inventory and list of the property

and claims of myself and the said Jonathan decd

and that it is all community property having

[been acquired since our marriage and that I]

am the surviving widow of said Jonathan

and had been married to him about 44 years

and he died on or about the 23rd of Sep 1869 & said

Jonathan has no separate property to my knowledge.               

Jinsy Bittick


Sworn to & Subscribed before me this the

____ day of  Feb [?]  AD 1872[?]        J. B. Napier

                                                            J. P. W. C.

Courtesy of Dorothy L. Miller

The Chisolm Trail, Vol 1, No. 2 Oct 1983  "Round Rock Medical Doctors - 1838 - 1983."  The list includes Dr. T. W. Royston - 1886. From 1870 census, Williamson County (as transcribed in The
Chisolm Trail,  Vol 5, #2, Fall 1985, p. 82):  Dwelling 700, Royston, Tom   age 36  male  white Physician  $600/300  born VA;  Matilda 35 f w Keeping House  VA.

*From the Archives and Records Division, Texas General Land Office:  
First Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived before March 2, 1836.  Heads of families were eligible for one league and one labor while single men were eligible for 1/3 league.

Second Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived between March 2, 1836 and October 1, 1837.  Heads of families were eligible for 1280 acres while single men were eligible for 640 acres.

Third Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived between October 1, 1837 and January 1, 1840.  Heads of families were eligible for 640 acres while single men were eligible for 320 acres.

Fourth Class Headright:  Issued to those who arrived between January 1, 1840 and January 1, 1842.  The amounts issued were the same as for a third class headright with the added requirement that ten acres be cultivated. 

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