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Obituary of Mary Ann Samford, wife of George Crittenden Bittick

Obituary newspaper clipping

Newspaper unknown, but possibly from "Champion, " in Center, Shelby County, Texas


        Down in the quiet country churchyard where the tall green pine waves its lonely head; while the sun was sinking in the western horizon, we met October 16, 1908 to bury one of the old mothers in Isreal. Grandma Bittick (nee Mary Ann Samford) was born in Alabama September 5, 1826, moved with her parents to Texas in 1838. She professed religion and joined the M. E. church South, at the old "Sand Hill" camping ground, at the early age of thirteen. She was married to G. C. Bittick in 1848 and went to the frontier counties of Texas in the perilous days of the red man, consequently could relate many dangerous experiences they had encountered with the Indians. Many were the nights she spent in that faraway home expecting to be killed by the Indians at any moment.

        Her husband was killed by accident in Uvalde county, Texas, and she was left with six small children to raise; she moved back to Shelby county, fought the hard battles of life with honest toil, and lived a beautiful devoted Christian life until God called her home. Though her dear old body has fallen away, her sweet Christian influence will live on and be as a green tree by rivers of water in the hearts of her children to whom she was perfectly devoted.

        Grandma had been confined to her room for two years at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Hayes, where she was watched over and cared for by this good family, and especially by her grand-daughter, Mattie, whom God will reward for her faithfulness to this dear old saint through the suffering of her last days on earth.

        Grandma was a loving mother and good neighbor; her friends were numerous; her enemies few. Into our blinded eyes the tears of mute regret will often come but over her grave the holy angels will keep guard with no stain or shadow to mar her beautiful life.

"They who died in Christ are blest,

Ours be then no thought of grieving,

Sweetly with their God they rest;

All their toils and troubles leaving,

So be ours the faith that saveth

Hope that every trial braveth

Love that to the end endureth,

And through Christ the crown secureth.

                                                A FRIEND

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