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February 10, 2010

2010 Bittick Reunion Information

Location of Montague Cemetery , FM 1725, San Jacinto Co, Texas

Correction to cemetery location for:

Jonathan Mathew Bittick

Martha (Enloe) Bittick

William Henry Crittington Bittick

February 20, 2010

Bittick Family Favorites Cookbook request for recipes

March 10, 2010

Marriage Records:

Frank/Francis Marion Bittick & Martha Frances 'Fanny' Hampton 

John Sobeski Bittick & Margaret Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Reaves

Lotus Sanders Bittick & Lura Allene Bright

William Franklin Bittick & Sylvania Alabama Moreland

Eli Van Buren Davis & Mary A. Lavancy (Yarberry) Bittick

Usco S. Gentry & Lola Augusta Bittick

John William Hyden & Erie Monterey Bittick, Item 1, Item 2

Francis Marion Rodgers & Julia 'Tula' E. Bittick

George Anderson Kirksey & Josephine Bitticks [not yet in Tennessee database, to be updated soon]

March 11, 2010

Andrew Jackson Blevins & Sarah Jane Bittick

March 14, 2010

Jesse Bittick appraises a stray mare & colt, Arkansas Gazette, 19 September 1837

Numerous updates & corrections to the Arkansas Bittick database: descendants of Samuel Bittick & Nancy Williams, descendants of Robert Bittick

Houston 'General' Lafayette Bittick & Lee Ann Rodgers marriage [Tennessee database, to be updated soon]

March 18, 2010

Numerous updates & corrections to Tennessee database: descendants of John R. Bittick and Samuel F. Bittick

May 3, 2010

Ara Belle (Lee) Bittick Tombstone Photo

Oliver Delore 'OD' Bittick Tombstone Photo

May 8, 2010

Ammon Davis v. Francis Bittick 1805-1807

Joseph Keffer v. Francis Bittick 1807

Marriage information for Hiram Julius Bittick & Bertha Bias

State of Missouri v. Hiram J. Bittick 10 Feb 1891

31 May 1903 St. Louis Republic article concerning State of Missouri v. Hiram J. Bittick

Additions and Corrections to:

Hiram Julius Bittick & Susan Frances Pruitt/Prewitt

Hiram Julius Bittick & Bertha Alice L. Bias

July 8, 2010


James Thomas Bittick (b. 1859) & probably his brother, John F. Bittick (b. 1861)

James Thomas Bittick (b. 1859)

October 13, 2010

Jasper Newton Bittick [b. 1843] Civil War Military Records

Total revamp of the Jonathan-Texas Bitticks database--over 200 additional people added, including more information on allied families

October 22, 2010

Henry William Conway Bittick Military Records

October 26, 2010

Christopher Columbus Bittick Military Records

William Franklin Bittick Military Records

November 6, 2010

Excerpts from Lewis McDowell Journal:

1863 Williamson Co, Texas Confederate Census

Grain & salt transactions with J. Bittick 1857-1868

Additional information for:

Jasper Newton Bittick, born 1843

George Crittenden Bittick

Martha Ann (Smith) Bittick

Lewis McDowell & Selina Butler

November 7, 2010

Marion Francis Bittick Military Records

November 8, 2010

Thomas Simon? Bittick Military Records

November 12, 2010

William R. Bittick Military Records

Additional information for:

Jacob M. Schults

George W. Schults

George W. Stoker

November 14, 2010

William Henry Harrison Bittick Military Records

November 18, 2010

Missouri State Archives, Registre d'Arpentage:

"The Registre d’Arpentage is French for “register of land surveying.” Created between 1798 and 1806 by surveyor Antoine Pierre Soulard (1766-1825), the plats, or maps, found within the register are often called the Soulard Surveys. The purpose of the Registre was to certify and locate grants made by the French and Spanish governments."   710 surveys in the collection.

December 1, 2010

William "Willis" Marion Bittick Military Records


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