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Marriage of John Goodrum Bittick, Sr. and Virginia Roberta Simmons

On Thursday, the 21st ____., at 3 o’clock,
p. m., at the residence of the bride’s step-
father, Mr. D. E. Willis, near Cabaniss, Mr
John G. Bittick and Miss Jennie B. Sim-
mons, one of our most charming young la-
dies, a favorite with all her acquaintances.
The Rev. Jesse Mays officiated. After the
delicious refreshments, presents and con-
gratulations of friends there, the bride-
groom with his amiable bride and attend-
ants, left to meet the friends and good
things awaiting them at his stepmother’s,
in Forsyth. The attendants were Mr. John
T. Willis and Miss Lula Ponder; Mr Dan-
iel G. Gibson and Miss Fannie Johnston;
Mr. Edgar McCord and Miss Ella Watson.
The reception at Forsyth was attended
by a select company of friends of the bride
and groom, and was highly enjoyed by all.
The evening was unpleasant, but indoors
all was happiness and social pleasure.
Mr. Bittick is the son of Mr. Cyrus Bit-
tick, deceased, of Tennessee, and grandson
of our most worthy citizen, John Goodrum,
deceased, of this county. He is an ener-
getic business young man and promises a
successful life. After a few days the hap
py pair will return to occupy the cottage 
and farm at Cabaniss he has provided for
their future home.

December 19, 1882, Monroe Advertiser, 
Monroe County, Georgia
Courtesy of Lawson Cary Bittick, Jr.


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