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Notes for Cyrus Samuel Bittick

Cynes S. Bittick and Emmitine E. Goodman [Goodrum] were married on 30 October 1856 in Monroe Co, Georgia. Book B, p89.

I certify the Cynes S. Bittick and Emmetine E. Goodman were duly joined in matrimony by me this 30 day of October 1856. Absalom Ogletree, MG. Recorded Cabaniss, Ordinary. [Monroe Co, Georgia, Marriage Book B, p89.]
[Absalom Ogletree is the bride's grandfather. courtesy of Dorothy Miller, Rollie J. Bittick]

Cyrus and Ophelia E. McLendon were married on 29 November 1866 in Georgia
1850 19th District, Williamson Co, Tennessee, 3 September 1850, p199b:
#108 Billich Samuel 60 m w farmer $14,388 NC
E. 57 f w NC [Elizabeth]
Syrus 23 m w farmer Tn
Cordelia 15 f w Tn

1860 Eastern Subdivision, Nolensville PO, Williamson Co, Tennessee, 14 November 1860, p196a:
#210/202 C.S. Bittick 33 m w farmer $9,000/16,000 Tn [Cyrus Samuel]
E.E. 21 f w Ga [Emmaline E. Goodrum]
J.G. 2 m w Tn [John Goodrum Bittick]
M.E. 2/12 f w Tn [Mary Elizabeth Bittick]
E. 64 f w NC [Elizabeth Frazier Goodrum Bittick]
J. 35 m w farmer $6,000/14,000 Tn [Josephus Bittick]

1860 Slave Schedule: East Subdivision, Williamson Co, Tennessee 10 July 1860, p529b:
C S Bittick = 17 slaves, all listed as Black
1f 49; 1f 35, 2m 35; 1m 24; 1f 21; 1f 16; 1f 14; 2m 12; 1f 10; 1f 8; 2f 5; 2m 4; 1m 3

1870 17th District, Nolensville PO, Williamson Co, Tennessee, 31 August 1870, p279a&b:
#175/190 Bittick Cyrus S. 44 m w farm $16,000/1,900 Tn - citizen
Ophelia 26 f w keeping house Ga [McLendon]
John 12 m w Tn [son of Emmaline Goodrum]
Elisabeth 10 f w Tn [dau of Emmaline Goodrum]
Samuel 7 m w Tn [son of Emmaline Goodrum]
Emmett 2 m w Tn [son of Ophelia McLendon, Joseph Emmett]
William D. 39 m w trader $25,000/- Tn [William Darius]
p279b: Martha 36 f w $-/400 Tn [Martha Still, wife of William D.]
Samuel 15 m Black domestic serv Tn
Edward 12 m Black domestic serv Tn
Land Records:
Williamson Co, Tennessee
Book 50 C, p471
Bittick, Cyrus S., Williamson County, 1849 14 and 30 Acres, M District 9 # 20597; occupant grant.
Bequeath from father: 176 acres (value $1700); 3 Negroes( value $2200) 1866 October 3
W.D. Bittick to C. S. Bittick, 197 acres, Williamson Co Tennessee
[Tennessee Land Grants Vol 1; Barbara Bryan and James Sistler, Nashville Tennessee, 1988] [courtesy of Dorothy Miller]

There are also 4 1/2 pages of Notes Due, 1 1/2 pages of Accounts Due (with several family members among them), 11 pages of sales of property, and 6 pages of the original inventory.
[In possession of Rollie J. Bittick and Dorothy L. Miller]

Tennessee State Militia, 17th Civil District of Williamson County, 1 April 1859:
Bittick, D. S. age 32.
[see Other Documents: Military Records, Cyrus Samuel Bittick]
C. S. Bittick paid $100 for a gray horse at Nashville, Tennessee, by C. S. A. on 18 Jan 1862; Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65 (also called Citizens File)
[see Other Documents: Military Records, Cyrus Samuel Bittick]
C. S. Bittick paid $81.97 for wheat at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, by C. S. A. on 7 Nov 1862; Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65 (also called Citizens File)
Tennessee State Archives On-Line:
Tennessee Historical Society Office Files, 1790-1985: [correspondence]
Davidson, H.L. To C.S. Bittick, 1868, re: debt owned Mr. Bittick, 7-4
Will of Cyrus Samuel Bittick
Courtesy of Rollie Joe "Pete" Bittick, Jr.:

C. S. Bittick deceased Will Sept Term 1871. I C. S. Bittick do make and publish this
my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all other wills by me made heretofore. Item
1st I nominate James T. Shannon and Jo I Green my executors. Item 2 I will all my just
debts be paid first. Item 3 I will my wife have the lawful dower to be layed off by
Commissioners and in so doing care must be taken not to injure the other lands to the
detriment of my children. Item 4th I will to my son John G. my horse George to be
charged to him at one hundred and twenty five dollars. Item 5th I will my executors sell
and make title to the following lands, 1st the place known as the Waggoner place about
one hundred and six acres. 2nd the place or all land I have on the east side of
Nollensville Turnpike about eighteen acres. 3rd If in collecting my notes any land that I
may have sold heretofore be thrown back to my estate, then and in that case I wish the
same to be sold by my Executors to the best advantage. Item 6th With my personal
property that will be sold and the notes that will be collected together with what I will be
sold, will be sufficient to pay my debts and square up my affairs. the remainder of my
lands and any monies in the hands of my Executors I will the same to be divided
between my children and my wife according to the laws of Tennessee, and (in) the
personal property my wife is to receive her share. the lands among my children. My
wife receiving a Dower. Aug 25 1871. C. S. Bittick Witness Jo Bittick C. W. Williams.

State of Tennessee Williamson county September Term 1871. The last Will and
Testament of C. S. Bittick deceased late of this County is produced in Court for probate,
and the execution thereof duly proven: thus Jo Bittick an(d) C. W. Williams subscribing
witnesses thereto appear in open Court and being first duly sworn depose and say that
they became such at the request and in the presence of the Testator that he was of
sound and a_____ mind and memory at the making and publication of said last will and
Testament and under no undue influence. It is ordered by the Court that said will be
recorded, And thereupon James T. Shannon and Jo Bittick (scratehed out) I Green
Executors named in said last will and testament appear in open Court and are duly
qualified as Executors of said will and enter into Bond in the penalty of Twenty Eight
Thousand dollars. conactioned ? as the Law directs, with Thomas Buchanan Wm R
Shannon W M Celack E. E Green and J A Murray as their securities. A true copy attest.
Thos A Pickard Clerk.
[courtesy of Dottie Miller, email, 14 Jul 2005]

A list of the inventory follows the will in the records. In the sale of personal property some Bittick relatives made purchases. Cyrus seems to have acted as a banker for the community. There are about 10 pages of notes and accounts due the estate including relatives. [Dorothy Miller]

County Court of Williamson Co, Tennessee
Lawsuits 1821 - 1972, Books 2-8
p215 Ophelia Bittick - pl
vs. Jo J. Green, Exr., et Al - def
Aug 1871 Petition of Dower
C. S. Bittick died 28 Aug 1871. He left a Will.
Jo J. Green & James T. Shannon were named Exrs.
C. S. Bittick left a widow, Ophelia Bittick.
He left the following children: John, Elizabeth, Samuel, Emmet & Rollie Bittick. The children are minors.
C. S. Bittick left a house & lot in Nolensville & land in the vicinity of Nolensville containing 622 acres.
C. S. directed in his Will for 120 acres to be sold to pay the debts. The land is bounded by the lands of Mary Nolen, Willliam M. Clark, the estate of Thomas J. Seals & others.
[County Court of Williamson Co, Tennessee: Lawsuits 1821-1972, Books 2-8; Louis G. Lynch, 1974. courtesy of Dorothy Miller, 8 July 2005, email]

Nashville Christian Advocate, Vol. 31, #37, September 16, 1871:
Tribute of Respect for C.S. Bittick by Nolensville Lodge, #91, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, August 29, 1871.

Buried: Old Mt. Olivet Cemetery, 17th District, Nolensville, Williamson Co, Tennessee


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