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John & Margaret (Bittick) Rowe Divorce Record

Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri Court Record

page dated Monday, 5 Dec 1853


Margaret Rowe }

        = N =          }

John Rowe        } And now at this day comes said plaintiff by her attorney and the

said defendant though duly served with process being three times solemnly

called comes not; neither hath he answered the petition of said plaintiff, who

is appearing to the court here; that said plaintiff and defendant were united

in marriage some time in the year 1844; that since the marriage aforesaid said

defendant has been guilty of adultery; that Plaintiff has resided in the state

one whole year next preceding the filing of her petition; that the acts com

plained of were committed in this state and that plaintiff is the injured

and innocent party.  Therefore it is ordered, adjudged and decreed by this

court that the bonds of matrimony heretofore subsisting between the plaintiff

Margaret Rowe and the defendant John Rowe be forever dissolved.

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