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February 3, 2009

Mystery family: Biddicks Gray, in 1790 Surry Co, North Carolina census

February 4, 2009

John Bittick/Biddick/Biddix North Carolina census enumerations 1790-1830

February 5, 2009

2009 Bittick Reunion

February 16, 2009

Corrected motel phone number for reunion

February 26, 2009

Mystery: Mary Bittick married Mr. W. or M. Prvitt [Pruitt?] 03 March 1867, Jefferson Co, Missouri 

Mystery: Unknown Bittick in Boonville, Missouri in 1824 or before [mentioned in newspaper]

New information for Stephen Jefferson Stanley & Mary Ann Cheairs

New information for John F. Bittick, born 1861, Estate Settlement

New information for Inez Jennie Hubbard & James Thomas Bittick, born 1859

New information for Edmund Bittick

John Bittick (b. 1781) 1816 newspaper reference

Mary Ellen (Bittick) Brown death certificate information

Mary Ellen Bittick & Elmer F. Brown marriage record

February 27, 2009

Mary/Polly Bittick, born 1810-1813, marriages to William Everett, James Woodland, Thomas Moore

March 3, 2009

Table of Bittick Texas Certificates

Albert Alonzo Bittick Death Certificate 

Diana Alice (Finley) Bittick Death Certificate

Arnetta 'Belle' (Burleson) Bittick Death Certificate

Dixon Wiley Bittick Death Certificate

Eliza Ann (Brown) Death Certificate

Halton Alexander Bittick Death Certificate

March 6, 2009

Mystery:  Ellen Bittick & Garland Whitworth, parents of Hannah M. Wade, born Jefferson Co, died St. Louis, Missouri

March 13, 2009

Calvin McCoy Harrison & Mary Elizabeth Bittick Marriage Record [Arkansas Database]

Simeon ‘ Stanley ’/Stanfield Bittick & Parmelia/Permelia Hawkins marriage record

Charles Greene Bittick death certificate [Tennessee database]

Additional information for: 

Mary/Polly Bittick, born 1810-1813, William Everett, James Woodland, Thomas Moore & family

Stephen Samuel Bittick

Francis 'Frank' Bittick, Sarah Davis & family

Simeon Sylvester Bittick, Elizabeth Sarah Stephens & family

William Clark Davis, Eliza Jane Bittick & family

Charles Greene Bittick & Bessie F. Ison [Tennessee database]

March 24, 2009

Joseph Calaway Hicks & Hannah Jane Sims marriage record

Mystery:  Richard ‘Dick’ Bittick living in Gillette and Sheridan , Wyoming 1910 - 1926

Hiram Julius Bittick & Susan Frances Pruitt/Prewitt marriage record

James Bittick & Eliza Medley marriage record

Marion Francis Bittick & Mary Jane Shoultz/s marriage record

Elisha Rogers & Susannah Wallace marriage record

Thomas W. Bittick & Hannah J. Bittick marriage record

March 25, 2009

Malen H. Spyres & Hannah Jane Bittick marriage date correction & marriage record

Oliver Delore Bittick & Ara Belle Lee marriage record

March 31, 2009

James Thomas Bittick, b. 1859, & Inez Jennie Hubbard marriage date & marriage record

John Joseph Stampfli & Bertha Alice Bias Bittick marriage date correction & marriage record

William Waller & Louisa Bittick marriage record

Walker Burton Rodman, Jr. & Maleta A. Bittick marriage record

Mystery: Unknown Bittick married Matilda S. [--?--]

Mystery: Unknown Bittick married Sue K. Hammel & daughter Jeanne Elizabeth Bittick

Mystery: Unknown Bittick:  Mr. Bittick born about 1890 & Mrs. Bittick 1930 Fort Worth City, Tarrant Co, Texas census

Jonathan Bittick & Polly Holida/Holliday marriage record

Total revision of Jonathan-Texas Bittick database [still in progress]

April 5, 2009

William Henry Crittington Bittick tombstone photo

Martha 'Dollie' (Enloe) Bittick tombstone photo

Jonathan Mathew Bittick tombstone photo

April 8, 2009

Tombstone photos:

Henry Valentine 'Tine' Bittick

Susan Jane (Smith/Waltrip) Bittick

Thersea Margret (Burk) Bittick

Elizabeth Agnes (Quigley) Bittick

Photo: Henry Valentine 'Tine' Bittick & Gertrude Lucille Williams

Photos: Margaret 'Rebecca' (Biddix) Allison & Dicie (Allison) Raffield

April 9, 2009

Photo: Margaret Rebecca (Biddix) Allison & Annie Lee (Allison) Keene

October 23, 2009

New information for:

Edmund Bittick

Jonathan Bittick & Polly Holliday

Jonathan Bittick, Polly Holliday & Jinsy Butler

October 28, 2009

References to Edmund Bittick, Jonathan Bittick, Polly Holliday & Thomas Holliday in Howard & Boone Counties, Missouri c1818-1825


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