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John Bittick/Biddix Revolutionary War Pension File

CAUTION!  There is confusion regarding the children of John & Hannah.  We hope to add further information as it becomes available.

Item 1



N. I.[?]

Bitticks, John



Item 2 

No. 14163                               1


State of North Carolina }  Before a Justice of the Court

Yancy County                 }  of Record for the County of Yancy

On this the 25th day of May in the year of AD one

thousand eight hundred and fifty, personally appeared

before me one of the Justices of the Court of Record in

and for the County aforesaid, Hanah Bittick a resid

ant[?] of Grassy[?] Creek in the County of Yancy, aged

ninety six years, who being first duly sworn according

to Law, doth on her oath make the following declar

ation in order to obtain the benefit of the provision

made by the act of Congress, passed July the 7th in the year

1832[1830?] untitled[entitled?] an Act granting half pay and pensions[?]

to certain widows, that she is the widow of John Bittick

who was a first sergant in the Continental Dragoons who

came into service under a regulation of the army, permit

ting all, who would a equip themselves with a good horse etc[?]

to enter the Dragoons Corps for the Service of the United States

or the thirteen confedderated[?] Colonies.  He belonged to Captain

Greenwood ís Company of (The declaiment[?] her[e?] is not positive

whether the Captains name was Greenwood or not but

Swears to the best of her recollection that the Captains name

was William Greenwood, but Captain Greenwood being

wounded and disabled from performing his duty, she

does not recollect the Captains name who taken the

command, but thinks it was William Duncan)

volunteered Dragoons, belonging to Colonel William

Onealís Regiment of mounted volunteers.  She thinks

he entered the Service about the 15th or middle of April

in the year 1778 and served two toures[? or terms?] the first one

year and the other nine months, and had but a few

weeks rest between the two periods of Service, both

periods of Service being rendered under the above men

tioned officers, Captain Greenwood, and Colonel Oneal

and in both cases was a first Sergent (a volunteer) and

 Item 3

belonged to the Dragoon Corps; and finally left the service

she believes some time in the month of December in

the year AD 1780, though she cannot swear in posi

tive terms as to this.  His place of residence at the

time when he entered the army was near Hillsbor

ough Orange County and State of North Carolina

He was in gaged[?] in the battle of Hillsborough or the

battle fought near that place, and several others

of a smaller character which if they had names

atall, she does not now remember them.  He was

marched from Orange County through the County

lying between that place and Guilford Court house

but is not certain whether or not he was engaged or

fought in the battle of Guilford Court house.  He

was marched then to Winsborough[? or swinsborough?]] as she thinks from

thence does not know how he returned home or

though what vicinities he passed.  She also deposith

on oath that she has no Documentary evidence

of the service of her deceased husband.

    She further declares that she was married to the said

John Bitticks in the month of December she thinks

about the last (or 30 day) in the year AD one thous

and seventeen hundred and eighty in Orange County

under the old english Rule of publication being ma

de at the parish church door, and that her husband,

the aforementioned John Bitticks did not percure[?] a

license from any authority, and for the reason that it

was not the custom at that day and time, in that

County or settlement; that her husband the aforesaid John

Bitticks died on the ninth day of January in the

year AD on thousand eighteen hundred and thirty

seven; that she was married to him about the time

he left the service, but the marriage took place previ

ous to the first of January seventeen hundred and ninety

 Item 4


four, viz[?] at the time[or town?] heretofore mentioned.


                        Hanah X Bitticks her mark


Sworn to and subscribed on the 23d day of May

in the year AD 1850 before me David Byrd a Jus

tice of the court of record in and for the county of

Yancy and State aforesaid

                                    David Byrd     Justice


I Hanah Bitticks do solemnly swear that the record

of the birth of mine and John Bitticks children which

accompanys this declaration is in the hand writting

of my husband John Bitticks, and has been in

my possession ever since the death of my husband

                                    Hanah X Bitticks her mark


I David Byrd a Justice for the county aforesaid do

declare that Hanah Bitticks the wife of John Bitticks

who was a revolutionary soldier is a woman of good

character and to believed when upon oath

                                                David Byrd Justice


I Jesse Bitticks son of John and Hanah

Bitticks do swear and depose on my oath before

Almighty God that the record of the birth of their

children is[?] in the hand-writing of John Bitticks

and was in his possession till the year AD 1837

when he died, since then has been in the possession

of Hanah Bitticks the wife of John Bitticks, and now

the widow; as she has lived with me ever since the

death of said John Bitticks

                                    Jesse Bitticks

 Item 5


I Nancy _______[Riddle?] do say and depose on my

oath that the afore mentioned record of the birth of

the thirteen children begotten and born between John

and Hanah Bittick and which now accompanys

this declaration made and sworn to by the said

Hanah Bittick is in the hand writing of the

before mentioned John Bittick, and that it was

in his possession until the year AD 1837 when the

said John Bittick died on the 9th day of January

and year before mentioned-that since then it has

been in the possession of said Hanah Bittick and

to which she has sworn to be true and _________

                        Nancy X Riddle her mark


I David Byrd a Justice in and for

the afore mentioned county have duly sworn the

persons whose names are heretofore attached and ___

ive [believe?] that they have stated the truth to the best of

their knowledge, I further state in my official

capacity that Hanah Bittick the author of the

above declaration is from physical disability

entirely unable to attend at the place of hold-

ing the courts of this county; I further state that

I have been acquainted with John and Hanah

Bittick for a number of years and always ____[hold?]

that the said John was a revolutionary soldier

and that he was the husband of the said Hanah


                        David Byrd   Justice

Item 6

home remedy recipe

Item 7

Burke County




John Bittick


Item 8


County ____

John Bittick

_____ ____


august __

___ Bittick[?]

_________ ______

Item 9

_______ was Born the

__ Day of january AD[?]


_______ was Born the

27[?] Day of _____

______ ____

Item 10, Part 1

home remedy recipe

Sarah Bittick [written upside down at bottom of page]

Item 10, Part 2

Sarah Bittick was Born the

25 Day of October in the year



Mary Bittick was Born the 10 Day

of December in the year 1783

and Decesed the 26 of Oct 1798[?]


John Bittick was Born on 1_[?12 or 14?]] Day[?]

of May in the year 17__[? 1784 or 1785?]


________ ___ Elizabeth was 

Born the 5 Day of December 1786


Jane[?] Bittick was Born the 23[?] Day

of February in the year 1788


Francis[?] Bittick was Born the 28[?] Day

of February[?] in the year 1790

Item 11, Part 1

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Item 11, Part 2

Wellmet Bittick was Born the 7[?] Day

of April in the year   1791


Jonathan Bittick was Born 26[?] Day

of October in the year 1792


Ann[?] Bittick was Born the 28 Day

of October in the year 179_ [1794? or 1795?]


[part of page missing]

Rachel Bittick was Born the 1_[?] Day

of February in the year 1798


Jesse[?] Bittick was Born the 2_[25?] Day

of January in the year 180_[2?]



Item 12

_____ Bittick was

Born the 26 of June


Nancy _____ Scott was Born

the 31[or 30?] Day of October 1821

_____ and _____ Bittick

____ _____ ______

_____ ______ Bittick

was Born the 20 of

March 1825

James _ Scott was Born

the 21[?] of May 1825

Item 13

Nancy Liser Scott

was Born the 31[?] Day of

November 1821

James Paton Scott

was Born the 21 of May


Item 13, Part 2

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Item 14

A Count of the

Children Born to

John and Nancy Bittick

[part of page missing?]

Alfred _ Finley

Alfred _ Finley

Alfred _ Finley


Believers in Baptism......


Thomas Caloway ____ [at bottom of page upside down]

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