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What's New?--2011

January 12, 2011

New tombstone for James A. Biddix correcting spelling

Robert F. Beesley/Beasley Military Records

Francis "Frank" C. W. Bittick Military Records

February 2, 2011

Francis Marion Bittick (b. 1829) Military Records & corrections (place of birth & date of death)

John Sobeski Bittick WWII Registration Card

February 10, 2011

Additional information and corrections for William Clark Davis & Eliza Jane Bittick

Francis 'Frank' Bittick & Sarah Davis marriage record

William C. Davis & Eliza Jane Bittick marriage record

Eliza Jane (Bittick) Davis death certificate

John Rowe & Margaret Bittick marriage record

David Christopher Neely & Margaret (Bittick) Rowe marriage record

Charles C. Maupin & Maranda/Marinda marriage record

Edward Reed & Nancy Bittick marriage record

Francis M. Hildebrand & Sirena Williams marriage record

Thomas Bittick & Felicite Charleville marriage record

Perry Bittick & Malinda Peppers marriage record

Simeon Sylvester Bittick & Elizabeth Sarah Stephens marriage record

Cyrus Samuel Bittick (b. 1826) Confederate Citizens File--Payment for Wheat

Cyrus Samuel Bittick (b. 1826) Confederate Citizens File--Payment for Horse

February 11, 2011

Green Bittick Confederate Citizens File--Payment for Corn Meal

February 13, 2011

John Washington Bittick Military Records

February 15, 2011

Charles Biddix Military Records

Francis A. Biddix Military Records

James A. Biddix Military Records

J. Bidix (James A. Biddix?) Military Records

February 16, 2011

1790 Surry Co, North Carolina Tax List for John Bittick/Biddix

Jerome Bittick Military Records

February 17, 2011

William Thomas Bittick Military Records

William Thomas Bittick date & place of death

March 31, 2011

John Eleck Bittick Military Records

John Holland Bittick Military Records

J. Bittick/Bittock [probably John Eleck Bittick or John Holland Bittick] Military Records

John Eleck Bittick & Mary Legate Marriage Record [update to Tennessee database coming soon]

John Eleck Bittick & Mary Gillam Marriage Record

John Holland Bittick & Harriet Alice Latimer Marriage Record

April 1, 2011

John R. Bittick, Jr. [b. 1832] & Anna Mariah Parsons Marriage Record

Samuel F. Bittick [b. 1835] & Elizabeth Peppers Marriage Record

John R. Bittick, Jr. [b. 1832] Military Records

Samuel F. Bittick [b. 1835] Military Records

July 26, 2011

Photo:  Mary Jane (Bittick) & Martin Widdington Syler

Photo:  Martin Widdington Syler & Mary Jane (Bittick) family: William Ernest Syler, Lester Martin Syler, George Syler, Ollie (Syler) French

Joseph C. Beesley/Beasley & Elizabeth Fenix/Phenix marriage record

Joseph C. Beesley/Beasley & Mary Elizabeth Milne Sullivan Marriage record



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