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Francis Marion Rodgers & Julia 'Tula' E. Bittick Marriage

Francis Marion Rodgers & Julia 'Tula' E. Bittick married 6 January 1889 Hempstead Co, Arkansas

Groom's name: Francis M Rodgers
Groom's age in years: 22
Groom's residence: Hempstead Co, Arkansas
Bride's name: Tula E Bittick
Bride's age in years: 16
Bride's residence: Hempstead Co, Arkansas
Marriage date: 06 Jan 1889
Marriage license date: 02 Jan 1889, license is granted upon the written consent of the young lady’s father
Bond: Francis M. Rodgers & R. W. Wicker, 2 Jan 1889
Marriage place: Hempstead Co, Arkansas, by Jas A Gorham
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