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Frank/Francis Marion Bittick & Martha Frances 'Fanny' Hampton Marriage


Francis Marion Bittick & Martha Frances Hampton married 8 September 1869 Hempstead Co, Arkansas

Page: 385
Francies Bitticks
M. F. Hampton

State of Arkansas   }
Hempstead County } This is to certify that I Alexander Avery
Ordained Minister of the M. E. Church South did
Sollemnize the rites of Matrimony between Francies Marion
Bitticks age 21 years, and Martha Frances Hampton age 20
Years on the 8 day of September 1869 in the County of Hempstead
State of Arkansas, and that my credentials are recorded in the 
Clerks office in Ouchita [Ouachita] County, Book B, Page the 6 dated
May the 19, 1843                      A. Avery
                                 Filed for Record 22 Sept 1869
                         And Recorded 6 day of October A. D. 1869
                                 John C. Pa__ Clerk
                                 By G. H. Martin DC

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