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William R. Bittick Military Records Transcription


Indexed as William R. Bittick, William Bittick, William Biddick, William R. Biddick

 Item 1
Bittick, William
Co. [blank], Boone's Regiment,
Missouri Mounted Infantry.
Card Numbers.
1.  47055059
2.          5431
3.      063016
Number of medical cards herein: 0
Number of personal papers herein: 0

Item 2
1 Nov to 16 Nov 1862
B /    /
Wm Bittick
Guer Boones Regt
Appears on a
Roll of Prisoners of War
received and discharged at Gratiot Street Military
Prison, St. Louis, Mo., from Nov 1 to 16,
Roll dated St. Louis, Dec 13, 1862.
Where captured: Jefferson Co. Mo.
When captured: Nov 10, 1862
Received: Nov 10, 186[blank]
Discharged: [blank]
Remarks: [blank]
Number of roll:
143; sheet 1
            L. E. Fehl

Item 3
16 Nov to 30 Nov 1862
B  /     /
Wm Bittick
Guer Boones Regt
Appears on a
Roll of Prisoners of War
received and discharged at Gratiot Street Military
Prison, St. Louis, Mo., from November 16 to
30, 1862
Roll dated St. Louis, Dec. 13, 1862
Where captured: Jefferson Co Mo.
When captured: Nov 10, 1862
Received: Nov 10, 1862
Discharged: Nov 18, 186[blank]
Remarks: Myrtle St. Prison.
Number of roll:
144; sheet 1
            L. E. Fehl

Item 4
8 Dec 1862?
[probably on back of bittick_william_r_page3_item6]
Case No. 206
Procedings of Board of Officers, convened under Special Order No. 32[?]
Head Quarters St. Louis District of Mo. Oct. 30, 1862
Wm R Bittick
of Jefferson County, Mo
charged with being in arms
as a Partisan Ranger
under Boone.
Recommendation of Board
That he be released be held until
March 1st 1863
then released upon
oath and Bond of

Item 5
8 Dec 1862
CASE     }
No. 206. }
            Proceedings of a Board of officers, in the nature of a Military Commission, to examine into the cause of arrest of all persons now confined in the military prisons of St. Louis, and the charges upon which they are now held, convened under Special Order No. 32, Head Quarters St. Louis District of Mo., and dated St. Louis, Oct. 30th, 1862, as follows:
                                    HEAD QUARTERS, ST. LOUIS DISTRICT OF MISSOURI.
                                                St. Louis, October 30th, 1862.
Special Orders, }
No. 32.              }
            A Board of Officers, to examine into the causes of arrest of all persons now confined in the military prisons of St. Louis, and the charges upon which they are now held, will convene on Monday the 3rd proximo, in this city, at 9 o'clock, A. M.
                                    DETAIL FOR THE BOARD.
Col. HENRY ALMSTEAD,  Second Mo. Art.
Lieut. Col. JOHN F. TYLER, First M. S. M. Inf.
Major GEORGE E. LEIGHTON, Twelfth Cavalry, M. S. M.
            The junior member will record the proceedings.  The Board will be guided by the letter of instruction to me from MAJOR GENERAL CURTIS, commanding the Department, of the date of Oct. 29, 1862--a copy of which will be laid before them. 
            A special report will be made by the Board of each case, and forwarded to this office as soon as the examination and record of it is complete.
            By order of Brigadier General Davidson:
                                                            JAMES A. GREASON,
                                                                        A. A. A. General.
                                                            Head Quarters, St. Louis District of Missouri
                                                                        St. Louis, November 6, 1862
Special Orders,
            No. 38.
                        Lieut. Col. Enoch Steen, U. S. A., will relieve Col. Henry Almstead, 2d Mo. Artillery, as President of the Military Board and Commission instituted by Special Orders, No. 32, from these Head Quarters.
            By Order of Brigadier General Davidson:                      R. M. Elliot,
                                                                                                            Lieut. and A. A. D. C.
Special Order,                                      Head Quarters, St. Louis District of Missouri,
 No. 41.                                                           St. Louis, Nov. 9th, 1862.
            Lieut. Col Enoch Steen, U. S. Army, is hereby relieved from duty as a member of the Military Commission now in session in this city.  Lieut. Col. ________ 4th Inf., Mo. Vols., is hereby detailed on duty as a member of the Military Commission now in session in this city.
            By Order of Brigadier General Davidson,                      Jas. A. Greason,
                                                                                                            Acting A. A. Gen'l.
And the Board having been duly organized, now on this 8th
day of December, 1862, was arraigned before the Board,
Wm R. Bittick Jefferson Co Mo
Charged with being in arms against the
United States as a Partisan Ranger under
and the prisoner pleads guilty to the charge, and the Court proceeds

Item 6
8 Dec 1862
to examination, and they find him guilty as charged
            This finding is based on evidence before the Board, as follows: a personal
examination of the prisoner before the
board and papers on file in the office
of the Pro Mar Genl of the Dept
            And the Board do recommend that the said Wm R Bittick
be held untill (sic) March 1st 1863 then
released upon oath and bond of $1000
___ H___dhausen
Lt. Col 4th Mo Vols
J _ Tyler - Lt. Col. 1st M. S. M.
            Maj 12th M _ _
                        & Recorder of the Board

Item 7
[on back of following page]
William Bittick
Have been before
the Board

Item 8
State of Mo            }
County of St Louis }
                                    I am 31 years old.
Reside in Merrimac Township
County of Jefferson.  Joined Boone
about 5th of Sept 1862.--was with
him not quite two months.  Boone
gave me a gun which I left
when I came back.  I surren-
dered to Capt Yeager of the E. M. M.
on the 10th Novr.  I have never
borne arms before. I have never
taken the oath.  I am willing to
take the oath & enroll.
Sworn to _e                 William X Bittick
  __ ______                             mark
            _ P.

Item 9
Office of the Provost Marshal General,
Department of the Missouri.
St. Louis, Mo [blank] 1862
William Biddick
                        Jefferson Co Mo.
            Arrested Nov 10, 1862
            Being in the rebel service under
Col Boone.
            (nothing more sent)

Item 10a
10 Jan 1863
                        St. Louis Mo Jany 10th 1863
Col F A Dick
                        I desire to state to you
facts in regard to William Biddick, Jacob _[?]
Schults. George W Schults and George Stoker--
who have been tried and found guilty of being
in arms against the Goverment (sic) and are
now in Myrtle Street Prison--in order
if possible to obtain their release on
some terms
                        William Biddick has
heretofore been a good honest industrious
man.  He was employed for a long time
as a laborer on my Husbands farm.  He
has a large family entirely dependent upon
him for support--He has three small children
His[The?] Wife is now about to be confined--His
family is in a helpless _____ condition
and Suffering for want of his care
                        The Schults
are men with large families _ poor men
and have always heretofore been honest and
industrious--Their families are entirely
destitude (sic)

Item 10b
George Stoker is a young man and the
only support of an infirm widowed Mother
with several helpless children
                        I am convinced
these all were frightened and persuaded
away and I feel quite certain if released
hereafter they will conduct themselves as
loyal citizens--They came back all voluntary
with the exception of George Schults and when
arrested were on their way to Franklin to
deliver themselves up to the U S authorites (sic)
at the house of Thomas Whitworth an undoubted[?]
Union man and who is willing to come
and testify to this
                        The families of these
men plead earnestly for clemency and I
trust you will exercise it if considered
with public duty and espicially (sic) does the
case of Wm Biddick seems to justify his release
These men are willing to take the proscribed
oath enroll in the Militia and I think are
honest and Sincere in their promise to
remain loyal citizens
                        They are simple


Item 10c

minded men and easily led away but I
feel no doubt from my personal knoledge (sic)
of their previous lives that they will remain true to
their promise
                        Can you not find it consistent
with public duty to release these men or at
least Biddick who is a Brother in law of the
Schults and can have some care of their
                        E A Smith
1860 Merrimac Township, High Ridge PO, Jefferson Co, Missouri 28 June 1860, p606:
#461/428 Geo. A. Smith 45 m Physician $9,000/3,100 Portugal
*Elizabeth A. Smith 30 f Pa
Margaret 21 f La?
Alonzo 3 m Mo
*I believe this is E. A. Smith/Mrs. Elizabeth Smith in the above letter. --MBG
E. A. Smith/Mrs. Smith also wrote a letter to Col Dick for Thomas Simon? Bittick.  George Stoker was Thomas Simon? Bittick's brother-in-law.


Item 11
16? Jan 1863
                                    Lt Lewis
                                    Friday. Jany 16[10?]. 1863
Mrs Elizabeth Smith of Jefferson County asks the favor of
an interview having some statements to make
To Col. F. A. Dick
Provost Marshal Genl

Item 12
19 Jan 1863?
Lt[?] Harve --____ ___
has ____ abt there ____
& I dispared[?] ___ __ ___
except Stooker--His
Case the _ He would
represent specially
            19 Jan

Item 13
20 Jan 1863
biddick_william_r_page 2
Examination of
Wm R Biddick
of Jefferson County,
Taken the 20 day of
Jany 1863.
Confined at Myrtle St
Street Prison.
Taken by W W Harve[?]
                        __ __


Item 14a
20 Jan 1863
Statement of William R. Biddick a Prisoner at the
Myrtle St Prison, St. Louis, made the 20 day of
Jany 1863.
            My age is 31 years.
            I live in Jefferson County, Missouri.
            I was born in Jefferson County.
            I was captured in Jefferson County
on or about the 11 day of Nov 1862
            I went and gave my self up
            to the militia
            The cause of my capture was that I had been
            out about two months with
            the rebel leader Boone
            I was in arms against the United States, and was a [rank] private
in Capt Cannon's[?] Company Boone's Regiment
            I was               sworn into the Rebel service about the 6th
            day of Sept 1862 by Col Boone
in Jefferson County, Missouri, for three years or
the war.
            When captured, I was first taken to Sulphur Springs and remained
there one day and was not
examined there......and was sent to Gratiot
Prison about the [blank] day of Nov 1862 & after
8 days was transferred to
Myrtle Street.
            I never took the oath of allegiance to the United States,
                                                            Wm R X Biddick
Subscribed by the Prisoner, the day }
first named, in my presence.            }
Wm W Harve
__apt ___

Item 14b
The Prisoner makes additional statements as follows, in answer to questions:
1.  How many times have you been in arms during the rebellion?
2.  What commanders have you served under?
                        Col Boone
3.  What battles or skirmishes have you been in?
4.  Did you have arms, or were you out on picket, or what part did you take in the action?
                        No --  none
5.  Have you ever furnished arms, or ammunition, horse, provisions, or any kind of supplies to any rebels? State when, where and how often.
                        Never, except as above
6.  Was there any rebel camp near you, that you did not give notice of to the U. S. troops?
                        None, except Boone's
7.  Have you ever been with any one taking or pressing horses, arms or other property?
8.  Are you enrolled in the E. M. M. --loyal or disloyal?    No: I
                        went with Boone to escape
                        the enrolment.
9.  Are you a southern sympathizer?
10.  Do you sincerely desire to have the southern people put down in this war, and the authority of the U. S. Government over them restored?

Item 14c
11.  How many slaves have you?
12.  Have you a wife--how many children.
                        wife & three children
13.  What is your occupation?  Farmer
__. Who persuaded you to join Boone
Ans. James Kidd & Jesse Kidd.
14.  What relatives have you in the rebellion?  Two brothers-
            in-law went with Boone
            & are now in Myrtle St Prison
15.  Have you ever been in any Rebel camp?  If so, whose--when--where--and how long?  What did you do?  Did you leave it, or were you captured in it?
            Never except in
What impression does the prisoner make--truthful or not truthful--candid or not candid--mild--firm--severe or ill looking--vigorous--healthy--weak or sick.
            I recommend in consideration of the
state of his family and the
representations of his neigh-
bor Mrs Smith that he
be released on oath and
bond of $1000

Item 15
after 3 Feb 1863
William R. Biddick
Feby 2nd 63
Release - oath
a $1000 _____
Class 5 ( _ )
Released Febr 3d 63
O & B $1000 & to enroll
To be ____[banished?]   [this section X'ed out]
on oath & bond
of $1000
Jany 20
Pr of War
Capt. D.
Jan 2th, Nov 18   [this section X'ed out]
O & B? D.
E_ Jany 20 63

Item 16
1 Feb to 15 Feb 1863
B  /     /
William Bittick
Guer. Boons Regt
Appears on a
Roll of Prisoners of War
received and discharged at Myrtle Street Prison,
St. Louis, Mo., from Feb 1 to 15, 1863.
Roll dated: not dated
Where captured: Jefferson Co. Mo.
When captured: Nov 10, 1862
Received: Nov 18, 186[blank]
Discharged: Feb 3, 186[blank]
Remarks: Oath & Bond
Number of roll:
            L. E. Fehl


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