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Laura Ann Bittick Smith Civil War Widow's Pension, Transcription

                                            WIDOW’S APPLICATION FOR PENSION

 Item 1

State of Arkansas, }

County of   Hempstead   }


      I,   Laura A. Smith   do solemnly swear that I

am the widow of   C. K. Smith   who

served as a soldier in the army (or sailor in the navy) of the Confederate States, being a mem-

ber of   Company (K)   12th Regiment of Ark. Infantry 

from the State of   Arkansas   or a member of the crew of a ship

called   ~ ~ ~ ~   ; that he was honorably discharged (paroled or released)

from such service on or about the   first   day of   June   1865

and did not desert the same; that I am now, and for the past twelve months been, a bona

fide resident of this State; that I do not own property, real or personal, or both, or money or

choses in action, in excess of the value of $400.00 (exclusive of household goods and wearing

apparel), nor have I conveyed title to any property to enable me to draw a pension, and that I

am not in receipt of any income, annuity, pension or wages for any services, the emoluments of

an office, in excess of $150.00 per year; that my said husband died   on the 

  2 ant day of April 1902 at his home 

  in Hempstead County State of Arkansas 

                               (Here state whether he died in the service or after close of war.)

And that I have not since remarried, so help me God.

[page cut off]


Item 2

State of Arkansas, } SS.

County of Hempstead }


      We, the undersigned, sitting as a Pension Board for Hempstead County,

do certify that we have examined the application of the within named

Laura A Smith, for pension, under Act of the General Assembly of

the State of Arkansas, as approved March 11, 1901, and the proof in support of same, and find

that said applicant is __[blank]___ the widow of a Confederate soldier, is __[blank]___ in indigent

circumstances, and that her claim is ___[blank]__ just, and that she should __[blank]___ be allowed

$50.00 pension.

                                                                        W. P. Stewart [Seal]

                                                                        F. T. Wright [Seal]

                                                                        R. H. Prince [Seal]


        Laura A. Smith 


        Smith C. K. 

        De Ann   P.O.

        Hempstead   County

      Examined and   Appd 

      and $  50   allowed and Auditor

      authorized to draw warrant for same

      Filed July 5th 1902

      C. H. Goodbelt Claim

      By E. R. R. ???


      This   11   day of   Aug   1902

      J W ??? Sec’y of State

      F. E. Marion? Auditor


Item 3


                     To Supplement Pension Application On File In The Auditor’s Office

It is necessary that this Questionnaire be properly filled out, sworn to, and filed in the Auditors of-

fice in order that your name may remain on the Confederate Pension Roll. Under authority of a ruling

of the State Pension Board and Advisory Board, appointed by the Governor, at a meeting of said Boards

on the 7th day of January, 1932.


      1.   What is your full name?   Laura Ann Smith 

      2.   Your present address?   Fouke Miller Co Ark 

      3.   When and where were you born? On the   20   day of   April  , 1861

            County of   Hepstead [sic] Co   State of   Arkansas 

      4.   To whom, when and where were you married to the Veteran whose war record you are now draw-

            ing your Confederate Pension? (To be answered by widows only.) To

              C. K. Smith   On the   5   day of   Aug  , year 1874

            of   1874  , County of   Hepstead [sic]  , State of   Ark - 

      5.   With whom do you make your home?   My daushter [sic] Gertie Vann 

            Address   Fouke Ark 

      6.   What relation are they to you?   My daughter 

      7.   Have you lived continuously in Arkansas for the past five years?   Yes 

      8.   Do you own any property, or interest in any property?   None 

            If so, give value of same   None 

      9.   Do you have any income other than Arkansas Confederate Pensions?   No 

            If so, how much per month?   None 

      10.  How much of your pension each month is spent for your benefit? $   All 


      State of Arkansas }

County of   Miller   } SS.  Certificate of Confederate Pensioner 

      I,   Laura Ann Smith  , a resident of the County and State afore-

said, do solemnly swear that I fully and clearly understand the questions above set forth and that I have

truthfully and to the best of my knowledge and ability given the answers set opposite each question.

Witness Name                                                             her

J. E. Jenith                                                          Laura X Ann Smith 

                                                                                   mark     Confederate Pensioner

Subscribed and sworn to before me this   13   day of   Feb  , 1932

My com Expires                                                  A. S. Elam 

Jan 9th 1933                                                      Miller Co Ark (County Clerk, or Notary Public

Any false statement made in this Questionnaire will be considered as fraud, and the party making such false statement is subject to prosecution.

[scans courtesy of Johnnie Smith Griffin, email, 08 May 2008]

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