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Margaret Biddix (b. 1854) Bastardy Bond 1874

Know all men by these presents that we

Marion Hallifield and R. P. Hallifield

Are held and firmly bound unto the State of NC

in the Same of one hundred and twenty dollars

to whitch paymente well and truley to be made we

Binde our Selves our heirs, executer, and

Administrators Jointly and Severely firmly by

Presants Signed and Sealed this 22 Aprile 1874

the Condition of the above obligation is Such

that the above bonded Marion Hallifield

Mantaines [?] a male childe whitch child is a Bastard

And bornd of the body of Mrgret Biddix

Then the above is void otherwise remaines in

Full farse [force] and affect                   A. M. Hallifield {seal}

A. H. M.C. fall J. P.                             R. P. Hallifield {seal}



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