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James Gwinn Melson & Rosanna Balleu/Ballew Marriage License

Marriage Bond

Mississippi Territory     }   To any Judges, Justices of the peace, ministers

Of the United States & }   of the Gospel lawfully authorized to solemnize

County of Jefferson       }   the rites of matrimony 

                                    You are hereby authorised to solemnize the rites of matrimo

                                    ney between James Melson and Rosanna Macfall

                                    of the County aforesaid and for so doing[?] this shall

                                    be a sufficient Licence

                                                                        Given under my hand there

                                    being no seal of office this 31th day of May

                                    1808 and in the 32nd year of American independence

                                                                                    Joshua Downs R____[Rogers?]

[Note: It is not known why Rosanna is listed as Macfall.]

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