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James Gwinn Melson & Rosanna Balleu/Ballew Marriage Bond

Marriage License

Mississippi Territory     }  Know all men by these presents that we James Melson

Of the United States & }  and Michael Turnaw are held and firmly bound

County of Jefferson       }  unto Robert Williams Governor of the Territory aforesaid

and his successors in office in the _____ sum of two hundred dollars

to be paid to the aforesaid Governor or his successor in office for the use of

the Territory aforesaid, and for the true payment of which we and each

of us do bind ourselves our and each of our heirs, executors and adminis

trators, jointly and severally firmly by these presents, Sealed with our

seals and dated this 31th day of May 1808,

            The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there has

this day been application made to the registry of the of the Orphan’s Court

for the County aforesaid for a licence authoriseing [authorizing] the solemniza

tion of the rites of matrimony between the above bound James

Melson and Rosanna Macfall, Now if there be no lawfull

Cause to obstruch the marriage for which said License is required

then the above obligation to be paid otherwise to be and remain in

full force and effect in Law                 { James Melson

Signed sealed and delivered in             { Michael Turnau

presence of


[Note: It is not known why Rosanna is listed as Macfall]

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