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Bittick Cemetery, Douglas County, Missouri

Cemetery sign donated by Alvin & Betty Bittick, Charles A. & Versal (Bittick) Rogers and families.

The Thomas H. Bittick family moved from Maries County, Missouri to what is now Douglas County sometime between 1864 and 1870.  His father, John R. Bittick, and the rest of Thomas' siblings moved from Maries County to Dallas County between 1860 and 1870, then to Douglas County probably before 1876 but definitely by 1880.  The cemetery, located near the North Fork River in Clinton Township, eastern Douglas County, Missouri, was established prior to 1878 on land formerly owned by Bittick family members.

< = double headstone

W. M. Wheller [Wheeler] B. 1818 D. 189[_?] -- [Drucilla (b.1825) Bittick's husband]

*Dan G_ffy or Dan Griffy [see note below]

Andrew J. Estes

<M. Taylor Bittick 1848-1916 [Milton Taylor Bittick]

<Nancy E. Bittick 1858-1940 [Nancy Elizabeth Sims]

Mary Bittick 1885-1891 [daughter of Milton Taylor Bittick]

John Bittick Inf 1882 [son of Milton Taylor Bittick]

**Stephen M., son of J. S. & M. L. Crain Born Aug 1, 1877 Died Apr 23, 1879 [see note below]

**Lilly V. daughter of J. S. & M. L. Crain Born Nov 21, 1881 Died Dec 2, 1881 [see note below]

**Mauda M. daughter of J. S. & M. L. Crain Born Oct 15, 1887 Died Sept 14, 1888 [see note below]

Orlena E. M. Infant Daughter of J. A. & R. J. Bittick Born & Died Sept 15, 1887 [daughter of John Al Bittick]

WEB [probably Walter E. Bittick footstone]

LCB [probably Lucy C. Bittick footstone]

Permelia F. Biddix [Bittick] Born May 20, 1861 Died July 22, 1902 [wife of James H. Bittick]

James H. Bittick Born Sept 21, 1851 Married to Melia F. Hawkins July 11, 1876 Died Sept 28, 1890 Aged 39 YR & 7 DS [son of Milton Taylor Bittick]

Sarah E. J. Hawkins born June 15, 1863 [no date of death] [sister of Permelia F. Hawkins Bittick?]

Orlena E. M. Daughter of T. H. & L. C. Bittick Born Jan 13, 1878 Died Dec 29, 1878 [daughter of Thomas H. Bittick]

Walter E. Bittick Born June 4, 1861 Died June 29, 1891[Walter Eugene Bittick son of Thomas H. Bittick]

Thomas H. Bittick Born May 5, 1840 Died Oct 18, 1916 [son of John R. Bittick]

Lucy C. wife of T. H. Bittick  Dec 15, 1842 - May 7, 1923 

John S. Wallace Born Jan 17, 1870 Died Mar 9, 1895 [son of James A. Wallace]

Syntha Bittick wife of John R. Feb 1_ ____ - Apr 27, 1900 [Cyntha/Syntha Wallace Bittick]

<Cyntha Bittick wife of John R. Born Feb 10, 1823 Died Apr 26, 1900

<John R. Bittick Born Oct 7, 1813 Died Feb 16, 1904

Alten Jones

James H. Ridenour 1857-1891 Father of J. Dorson

Ina Ann wife of Wm McKee Born Nov 4, 1870 Died Feb 14, 1897

Sarah, Daughter of E. & M. J. Lane Born June 4, 1889 Died Nov. 16, 1890

Infant son of E. & M. J. Lane Born & Died Nov. 28, 1890

Unmarked graves:

                                Frank Bittick's 3 graves [possibly family of Francis C. W. Bittick]

                                Carter graves

                                Luallen infant

                                Unknown baby

                                5 Unknown graves


From cemetery surveys by:

1.  Mary C. (Loomis) Bittick, Henry Arville Sloan, Richard L. Wood, et. al. 1968

2.  Shari Brame & Ronda Snider, 1989 [tombstones only]; photos 2003 & 2004

*Dan Griffy per Gone But Not Forgotten: Cemetery Survey of the Eastern District, Douglas County, MO. Compiled by Brenda Sutherland Coffman, David Coffman and Laine Sutherland. 1995

**J. S. & M. L. Crain are John S. Crain b. Nov. 1857, son of Eliza A. Milne & Stephen Crain, & Louisa Martha (or Martha Louisa) Beesley/Beasley b. January 13, 1859, daughter of Joseph C. Beesley/Beasley & Elizabeth Fenix/Phenix

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