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Time Line For Bittick and Similar Surnames






1546 John Bythick Birth St Ken, Cornwall, England IGI
1598, Apr 24 John Bitticke Christening Bodmin, Cornwall, England IGI
1601, Jan 24 Thomas Biddick Misc. Newcastle On-Tyne, Northumberland, England (wife: Agnes)  
1605, Jan 5 Cicely Bittick Christening Bodmin, Cornwall, England (father: Walter)  
1605, Mar 24 Katheren Biddick Christening Newcastle On-Tyne, Northumberland, England (father: Thomas)  
1607, Oct 18 George Bideck(t) Christening Newcastle On-Tyne, Northumberland, England (father: George/Thomas  
1609, Jul 15 Robert Bitticke Christening Bodmin, Cornwall, England (father: Walter)  
1638, Feb 14 John Bissicke Christening Enfield, London, England IGI
1643, Feb 26 Honor Bitteeck Christening Bodmin, Cornwall, England (father: Robert)  
1645, June 8 John Bidick Christening Bodmin, Cornwall, England IGI
1648 John Bassill Christening Enfield, London, England IGI
1658 John Bizzick Transported To Maryland; from Land Office Q (Patents), p19 MDA
1659, Dec 18 John Bissick Christening Southwark, London, England IGI
1667, Apr 21 John Bissick Christening Sutton, Lincoln, England IGI
1667, Sept 12 William Bissicke Marriage Cambridge, Cambridge, England (to Eliz Whittfield)  
1669- 1673 John Bissick Court Records & Land Records "St Johns"; Land Office (Patents) 12, p265, 367, 542, 543 MDA, Maryland Indexes
1685, Jan 25 John Bissick Christening Newcastle On-Tyne, Northumberland, England IGI
1697, May 23 John Bethek Marriage Eccleshall, Stafford, England IGI
1713, Dec 22 William Bizack Marriage Newcastle On-Tyne, Northumberland, England (to Isabelle Patterson)  
1714, Nov 25 Thomas Bettys Deed Pasquotank, Province of Carolina [The Province of Carolina from 1663 - 1729 was a North American English colony. In 1729 the new Province of Carolina was then divided into the Provinces of North and South Carolina . The Province extended from Virginia into Florida.] abstract
1716, Apr 7 Samuel Beddock Deed Kilkenny City, Ireland (with Anthony Blunt)  
1718 Simon Bidaix Emigrant Louisiana FF/LA
1729, Jan 2 William Bizick Marriage Northam, Devon, England (to Joanna Gording)  
1732, Aug 10 Francis Bettice Deed Tar River, Edgecombe Co, North Carolina (from John Green)  
1734, Jan 13 Francis Betters Deed Tar River, Edgecombe Co, North Carolina (to Chas. Evans)  
1736, May 7 Francis Bettes Witness Bertie Co, North Carolina (will of John Bobbit)  
1736, Aug 18 Francis Bettis Witness Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe, North Carolina (Crawford)  
1741, Dec 10 Hannah Beddich/Biddick Marriage to Samuel Jackson;  Third Book Wilton, at New Haven Second Church, Fairfield Co, Connecticut (Source possibly History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, for the Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter of the DAR, written by Donald Lines Jacobus, published 1930s).  This name may be Bedient and not a variant spelling of Bittick/Biddix.; IGI
1742, Feb 15 Francis Bittis Deed Edgecombe Co, North Carolina (from Swearingen)  
1742, May 1 Francis Bittis Deed Tar River, Edgecombe Co, North Carolina (to Alex Randall)  
1743, June John Bissick Ship Captain Queen Anns Co, Maryland (from England) KingsP
1744, Mar John Bissick Ship Captain Kent Co, Maryland (from England) KingsP
1746 Francis Betei Executor (Wife) Craven Co, North Carolina (Estate of Pilson) County Records
1749, Mar 25 Francis Bettis Land Patent Beaver Dam Swamp, Edgecombe Co, North Carolina County Records, Book 11
1749, Aug 14 Gideon Bettys Witness Edgecombe Co, North Carolina (William Revers) Deeds
1750 James Bettice/Battye Bonded Passenger S. Lent to America  
abt 1750 John Bittick/Biddix Birth He was a Revolutionary War soldier.  Who were his parents? Where was he born?  
abt 1751 Francis Bettic Land Grant Granville District, Edgecombe Co, North Carolina  
1755 Francis Bettis Tax List Cumberland Co, North Carolina (2 white polls) County Records
1756, Sept John Bitack Transported resident of Inverness-shire, England, housebreaker transported to American colonies or West Indies; (source was Aberdeen Journal, Aberdeen, 1748-) Scots Col.; p. 20



FF/LA = First Families of Louisiana

IGI = International Genealogical Index; Family History Library

KingsP = P. W. Coldham, The King's Passengers to Maryland and Virginia

MDA = Maryland Archives

Scots Col. = David Dobson, The Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783. Baltimore, Maryland,      Genalogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1989

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