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John Bizzick/Bissick

There are a few references to a John Bizzick or Bissick in the Maryland Archives which probably refer to the same person.   





1658 John Bizzick Transported To Maryland; from Land Office Q (Patents), p19
1669-1673 John Bissick Court Records & Land Records "St Johns"; Land Office (Patents) 12, p265, 367, 542, 543

According to indexes and records in the Maryland Archives, it appears that John Bissick came to Maryland in 1658 and obtained land in 1668 and 1670, but this is not confirmed.  The reference above to "St Johns" is the 100 acres of land he owned and sold to John Davis in 1673 [see below].  No other records for John Bizzick/Bissick were found on the Maryland Archives web site.

Here's what I found on John Bissick. It looks to me like he came in 1658 and made land purchases or got patents in 1668 & 1670 but I can't confirm that. The reference to ' St John ' is the land he owned and sold in the below document. Perhaps it was the name of his plantation but 100 acres isn't a very big plantation.<G> I can't locate anything on the earlier records. The name Bizzick must be the same guy - s and z in old handwriting could be the same or at least sound the same. Nothing comes up for Bissick or Bizzick other than what is below when I do a search of the MD Archives. Maybe he went back to England or died? I downloaded this off their site - so the spelling is from them not me. --Mary Bittick Gallano


Archives of Maryland, Volume 0060

Proceedings of the County Courts of Charles County 1666-1674

[spellings as they appear on the Maryland Archives web site]


Charles County Court Proceedings, 1671-1674

Volume 60, page 391

2nd Tuesday in August 1672

John Bissick demands a writt agt Henry Gonner; warrt to the Sheriffe ret. Ut Sup.

John Bissick demands a writt agt Henry Bonner; warrt to the

              Sheriffe ret. ut Sup

  Charles County Court Proceedings, 1671-1674

Volume 60, page 440

2nd Tuesday in Jan [Jun?] 1672

Clement Thompson demands a writt agt John Bissick: warrt to the Sh ret ut Supra.

 Charles County Court Proceedings, 1671—1674.457

Volume 60, page 457

June 1673

John Bissick Acknowledgeth this inseweing Conveyance of land unt John Davis

This Indenture made the day of June Annoq Domini 1673 Between John Bissick of Charles County in the Province of Maryaland of the one part and John Davis of the same County on the other part, Wittnesseth tht the sd John Bissick as well for and in Consideration of the Full & just summe of two Twoe thousand Five hundred poundes of tobacco in caske, in hand payd by the sd John Davis the receipt whereof the John Bissick doth hereby Acknowledge, and thereof & of every part & parcell thereof doth hereby absolutely, & clearely Exonerate Acquitt, & for ever dischardge, the said John Davis his


Liber E   heirs Executrs Administrrs & Assignes, by thesse pressents hath given granted bargained, Aliened Sold Enfeoffed & confirmed, & by thesse pressents doth give, grant, bargain Alien sell Enfeofe & Confirme, unto him the sd John Davis his heyres & Assignes For Ever, One hundred Acres of lande, Called St Johns, lying and being in Charles County before mentioned between the two beaver dammes. wthin two miles of Zacheya Wade, and on the north side of Potomock River, binding upon the branche running out of the damm and binding upon a white Oake Standing close to the Roade, Contayning and now layd out for a hundred Acres more or lesse, wth all the Rights and benefits thereunto belonging, wth all houses Edifices buildings, orchardes, yardes, gardens, landes tenementes Feedings pastures woodes underwoodes and appurtenances whatsoever belongeing and alsoe All Patents deedes Evidences & writeinges touching or Concerning the same, To have & to hold the said parcell and tract of land & all & singuler the bargained premisses unto him the sd John Davis his heirs and Assignes for Ever, To the onely proper use & benefitt of him the sd John Davis his heyrs & Assignes for ever, and the sd John Bissick for himselfe his heyres Executrs & Administratours doth hereby covenant & grant, to & with the John Davis his heyres & Assignes, tht he the sd John Bissick his heyrs Executrs & Administratours, the said parcell of land & all other the bargained premisses, unto him the said John Davis his heyres & Assignes agst All Persons wtsoever shall and will warrant and for Ever defende by thesse Pressentes, the rentes and services hereafter to become dewe & pay-able, unto the Lord Proprietary alwayes Excepted, & foreprized,

[fol. 108]   and Further tht the Said John Bissick His heyre and Assignes shall and will from time to time, And Att all tymes hereafter dureing the space of fower yeares att the reasonable request & att the proper chardge and cost of him the sd John Davis his heyre and Assignes in the law make doe Execute and suffer or cause to be made done Executed or suffered, all & Every such further and other Act or Acts thinge or thinges deivice or devises Assurance or Assurances whatsoever requizite in the Premisses, for the better Assureinge or more sure makeinge of the 8d bargained premisses, unto him the said John Davis his heyres and Assignes for Ever, be it by Inrolement of thesse pressentes, fine Feoffemente or otherwayes or by any such lawfull wayes or meanes, As by him the sd John Davis, his heyres and Assignes, or his or their Councell Learned in the law, shall be reasonably Devised advised or required In Witness whereoffe the parties to thesse Indentures have Interchangeably sett their handes and Seales the day & year above written

Signed Sealed & Delivered     John Bissick (locus

In the Presence of us                                     Sigilli)

Robert Warrell

John Twigges

Henery Bedford


Memorandum That full and Peaceable possession in Livery & Seizeng    Liber E

of the landes & tenementes wthin mentioned wth the appurtenances was given & delivered by the wthin named John Bissick To the wthin named John Davis, according to the for and Effect of the wthin Deed the 10th day of June Annoq 1673 in the Fresence of us whose name are underwritten,

Robert Warrell

John Twigges


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