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Surnames in Each Database

John Database -- John Bittick/Biddix, born about 1748, and Hannah Blunt/Blount, their descendants and other "North Carolina Bitticks/Biddixs"

Francis Database -- Francis Bittick, born 1759, and Mary Stanfield and their descendants; also includes Willis Henry 1817 and other "Missouri Bitticks."

Arkansas Database -- Samuel Bittick, born between 1755-1771, and Nancy Williams, and Robert Bittick, born about 1788, and wives, Sarah Henthorn and Cynthia A., their descendants and other "Arkansas Bitticks"

Tennessee Database--John R. Bittick, born about 1781, an unknown wife and Cynthia Rakestraw; and Samuel F. Bittick, born 1790, and Elizabeth Frasier Goodrum, their descendants and other "Tennessee Bitticks" 

Jonathan Database--Jonathan Bittick, born 1796, and Jinsy Butler and their descendants and other "Texas Bitticks"


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