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Milton Taylor Bittick Family

copy showing more detail

Douglas County, Missouri


Milton Taylor Bittick Family:

Back Row, left to right:

Jefferson Samuel "Jeff" Bittick, born March 15, 1890, Douglas Co, Missouri; died July 07, 1965, Drumwright, Creek Co, Oklahoma; married Sadie Francis Evans, December 12, 1912, Westville, Adair Co, Oklahoma

James Thomas "Jim" Bittick, born November 14, 1883, Douglas Co, Missouri; died October 21, 1974, Parma, Idaho?; married Ethel E. Luallen, December 18, 1904, Douglas Co, Missouri

Front Row, left to right:

Milton Taylor Bittick, born April 28, 1848, probably in Osage Co, Missouri; died November 14, 1916, Douglas Co, Missouri; married Nancy Elizabeth Sims, January 09, 1876, probably in Douglas Co, Missouri

Simual Stanfield "Sim" Bittick [standing in front on Jim], born January 19, 1896, Douglas Co, Missouri; died March 19, 1962, Mansfield, Wright Co, Missouri; married Mary Caroline Loomis, November 11, 1923, Douglas Co, Missouri

Nancy Elizabeth (Sims) Bittick, born March 16, 1857, probably in Christian Co, Missouri; died December 09, 1940, Douglas Co, Missouri

William Henry "Will" Bittick, born August 05, 1892, Douglas Co, Missouri; died August 17, 1970, Caldwell, Idaho; married Leona Ester "Ona" Sloan, January 22, 1914, Douglas Co, Missouri

Children not in photo:

Martha Rosabell Bittick, born April 06, 1877, Douglas Co, Missouri; died December 22, 1947; married Thomas McClanahan/d, August 25, 1895, Douglas Co, Missouri

Caroline Bittick, born January 08, 1880, Douglas Co, Missouri; died December 16, 1952, Wilder, Idaho; married Joseph Alexander Haddock, November 10, 1901, Douglas Co, Missouri

John Bittick, born January 08, 1882, died January 11, 1882, Douglas Co, Missouri, buried in Bittick Cemetery, Douglas Co, Missouri

Mary Bittick, born April 13, 1885, died August 27, 1891, Douglas Co, Missouri, buried in Bittick Cemetery, Douglas Co, Missouri

Photograph was probably taken after Caroline was married in November 1901 and before Jim was married in December 1904.

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