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W. M. Wheeler Petition for Refusal of Administration

Copy courtesy of Ronda J. Snider

Note:  this is the only item in his probate file at Douglas County Courthouse, Ava, Missouri

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Petition for Refusal of Administration

For Insufficiency of Property




Drewsylla Wheeler being duly sworn on her oath, says that she is the widow of W. M. Wheeler deceased, late of the County of Douglas who died on or about the 5th day of February 1895, and that the estate of said deceased does not exceed the sum of 129 Dollars in value consisting of:

FIRST. A Family Bible and other books of the value of 1.00 Dollars.

SECOND. Household, kitchen and table furniture, including beds, bedsteads and bedding of the value of 30.00 Dollars

THIRD. Provisions of the value of 20.00 Dollars.

FOURTH, other personal property, consisting of ten head hogs, one cow, and one horse Eight stand of bees amounting in the aggregate to the sum of 78.00 Dollars.

        That the family of said decedent consisted of the widow and that in addition to provisions on hand and provided at the time of death of said decedent, there will be needed for the subsistence of said family, for twelve months, the sum of 25.00 Dollars, in lieu of provisions not so on hand.

        Said affiant further states that the deceased had no property or effects of any kind whatsoever, at the time of his death except the property above mentioned, as she has been able to ascertain.

        Whereas She prays the Court to Order that no Letters of Administration be issued on said estate, unless on application of creditors or other parties interested, the existence of other or further property be shown.

Drewsylla x Wheeler

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18 day of February 1895

Simon Spurlock

Probate Clerk

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