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Oliver Cromwell Will Transcription

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August 8, 1887 House Springs, Jefferson County, Missouri.  Final settlement May 9, 1893.

Item 1:  Will

        Inn the name of god Amen

    I Olliver Cromwell Being

of sound and disposing mind

do make Known this as my last

will and testament.  I give and

Bequeath to my Beloved Wife

all of my household and kitchen

furniture also one third of my

personal property actually  I also

give one half of my farm to 

my wife during her natural life

to be managed as she directs

The other half to Be rented or

farmed for the Benefit of my chil

dren at present Living with her

I give and Bequath to my dau

ghter Winifred who married to

Aleck Bittick the sum of

one hundred dollars as her share

                        of my estate



Item 2:  Receipt signed by Winifred Bittick

               Cistern October 31st 1890.

Received of Sarah Cromwell and

Oliver Cromwell Jr. Executors of the

Estate of Oliver Cromwell deceased

the sum of One hundred dollars

being the legacy bequeathed to me under[?]

and by the will of my father Oliver

Cromwell deceased.

                                      Winifred Bittick

                                       W. A. Bittick

Witness    E. Simpson

[Note:  The money was probably sent to Cistern, Texas, Winifred and Willis signed for it, returning the receipt to the executors.]

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