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Willis Henry Bittick Probate

                                                                Willis Henry Bittick

                                                             Estate of W. H. Bittick

                                          Probate File No. 1441, Book L, Page 535-539

                                                        LaGrange, Fayette Co, Texas


[page 535]

No. 1441         Estate of W. H. Bittick decd

Petition             The State of Texas }  County Court in matter of Pro-

                        County of Fayette }  -bate March term A.D. 1883

To the Honb J. C. Stiehl, Judge, etc

Your petitioner Sarah Bittick

a resident citizen of said State and

County, respectfully represents that

her husband W. H. Bitick died a resident

of said Sate and county on or before

the 2d day of January AD 1883 leaving

a lawful Will by which your petitioner

is appointed executor.

Petitioner further alleges that she is not

legally disqualified from accepting said appointment

Therefore petitioner prays for notice

of this application and upon expiration

thereof, that said Will which is herewith

filed, be probated, for Letters Testaimen-

ary and for all such orders as may

be necessary in the premises.

            Teichmuller & Dunn Attys for petitioner


Endorsed          Filed Febry 12t 1883

                                                Joseph Ehlinger CCC

                                                By O. L. Praetorius, Deputy


No. 1441

Notice Post      The State of Texas }  To the Sheriff or

                        County of Fayette }  any Lawful Constable

                                                of Fayette County - Greeting:

Whereas Mrs. Sarah Bittick has filed

in my office her petition, praying

to have the Last Will and Testament

[page 536]       of W. A. [H.] Bittick dec’d probated and for Letters

testamentary, this is therefore to command you

to post up three copies of this notice, for 10

days, at three of the most public places in said

county, one of which must be at the court

house door, and no two of which shall be in

the same town or city, citing all persons

interested in said Estate to be and appear

before the County Court of said county

at the court house there of, in the town of

LaGrange on the 19 of March AD. 1883,

then and there to contest said petition

if they wish to do so. Herein fail not, but

make due return, certifying how you

have executed the same.

Given under my hand and seal of this

Court, at office in the town of LaGrange ,

this the 12 day of Febry 1883.

                                                {L.S.}  Joseph Ehlinger

                                                Clerk County Court F.C.

                                                By O. L. Praetorius Deputy


Endorsed          Issued Feb 12 - 1883.

                                                Joseph Ehlinger CCC

                                                By O. L. Praetorius Dpty


Come to hand Febry 12th 1883 under

-excuted same day by posting three

copies of this notice in three public

places in the county no two of which

were in the same city and town.

                                                Jno. T. Rankin Shff

                                                By Wm. M. Lewis Dpty

Filed Febry 13. - 1883

                                                Joseph Ehlinger CCC

                                                by O. L. Praetorius Deputy


No. 1441         The State of Texas }  County Court in

Affidavit           County of Fayette }  matters of Probate

March term A.D. 1883. In the Estate

of W. H. Bittick, decd.

This day personally appeared in open

Court M. C. Redding, who being duly

[page 537]       sworn says that the instrument of writing

submitted to him dated the 30th day of December

A.D. 1882 was signed by W. H. Bittick, whose

signature appears thereto and who declar-

ed said instrument to have been made and

executed by him as his Last Will and Testament

to affiant B. W. Bristow and W. S. Chunn,

who at the request of said testator in his

presence and the presence of each other

have also thereto signed their names as

subscribing and attesting witnesses

Affiant further states that at the time

of the execution of said instrument on

said 30th day of December A.D. 1882

the said testator W. H. Bittick was over

the age of 21 years and of sound mind,

and that each of said subscribing witnesses

were also over the age of fourteen years,

and affiant further states that the said

W. H. Bittick has since on or about the

2d day of Jany? A.D. 1883 departed this life

                                                M. C. Redding

Sworn to and subscribed before me

This the 20th day of March A.D. 1883.

                                                Joseph Ehlinger


Endorsed          Filed March 20th 1883

                                                Joseph Ehlinger



No. 1441         The State of Texas }  I W. H. Bittick

Last Will           County of Fayette }  of the County of

Fayette and State of Texas , knowing

the certainty of death and the uncer-

tainty of life and being of sound mind

do make and declare this my last Will

& Testament, revoking all others here-

tofore made by me. 1st I give and be-

queath to my Son W. A. Bittick one


2d  I give and bequeath to my son Hiram

[page 538]       J. Bittick one dollar

3d  I give and bequeath to my Son O. D.

Bittick one dollar

4th  I give and bequeath of my Son Solomon

Bittick one dollar

5th  I give and bequeath to my Son Thomas

Bittick one dollar.

6th  I give and bequeath to my son Fred

Bittick one dollar

7th  I give and bequeath to my daughter

Anna Whitworth widow of Gar-

land Whitworth one dollar

8th  I give and bequeath to my son William

Monroe Bittick all my real & personal

estate that I may have or own at the

time of my death I hereby appoint my

beloved wife Sarah Bittick my Exec-

utrix of this my last will & testament

& it is my request that she may not be

subject or allowed to give bond in car-

rying out the provisions of this - instru-

ment Witness my hand this 30th day

of December A.D. 1882.

                        W. H. Bittick


B. W. Bristow

W. S. Chunn

M. C. Redding

Endorsed          Filed Febry 12 - 1882

                                                Joseph Ehlinger C.C.C.

                                                By O. L. Praetorius Dpty


No. 1441         I do solemnly swear that the writing

Oath                 which has been offered for probate is

the last will of W. H. Bittick deceased

so far as I know or believe, and that

I will well and truly perform all the

duties of executrix of said will

of the estate of said W. H. Bittick



                                      Sarah  X  Bittick



[page 539]       Sworn to and subscribed to before me this

                        the 20th day of March A.D. 1883.

                                                {L.S.}  Joseph Ehlinger

                                                Clerk County Court

                                                Fayette County Texas

Endorsed          Filed March 20th 1883

                                                Joseph Ehlinger


I here by certify the foregoing to be a true

and correct copy of the Petition, Notice Post,

Affidavit, Last Will and Oath in the

Estate of W. H. Bittick decd.

Recorded May 17th 1883

                                                Attest: Joseph Ehlinger

                                                C.C.C. Fayette Co.




Attorney’s:  Hans Teichmuller and B. F. Dunn, lawyers

Witnesses: M. C. Redding

William S. Chunn

B. W. Bristow

Deputy: O. L. Praetorious?



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