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Willis Henry Bittick-Estate Inventory

                                                          Estate of W. H. Bittick Decd

                                                           Probate Record No. 1441

                                                                    Book L, page ?

                                                         LaGrange, Fayette Co, Texas


[page ?]

No. 1441            Estate of W. H. Bittick Decd

Inventory &        Inventory & the property of W. H. Bidict Decd

Appraisement      _____ Property 80 acres $700.00

                           House-hold & Kitchen furniture                                    50.00

                           Farming Utensils                                                           42.50

                           Horses                                                                           72.50

                           5 head of Hogs                                                               7.50

                           1 Yoke of Oxen                                                             32.50

                           7 head of Cattle                                                          105.00

                           50 acres of land bought and Paid for

                           with the proceeds of Cattle Sold Since the

                           death of W. H. Bidicts See Deed from M.

                           Cockrill to W. M. Bidicts minor heir

                           W. H. Bidits decd                                                      150.00

                                                                  Total                                $1160.20


                           Before me the undersigned authority this day per-

                           sonally appeared E. L. Overbay and J. R. Allen

                           who after being sworn state that the foregoing is

                           a true and correct Inventory and appraisement

                           of the estate of W. H. Bittick deceased.

                                                                  E. L. Overbay

                                                                  J. R. Allen

                           Sworn to and Subscribed before me this the 14th

                           day of May A.D. 1883.  W. S. Chunn J.P.F.C.


Endorsed            Filed May 28th 1883 Joseph Ehlinger C.C.C.F.C.

                           I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true & correct copy of the In-

                           -ventory & Appiment of the Est of W. H. Bittick Decd Recorded July 31th 1883 .

                                                                  Joseph Ehlinger C.C.C.F.C.

                                                                  By John P. Ehlinger, Deputy

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