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Willis Henry Bittick Estate

                                                    Estate of W. H. Bittick, Deceased

                                                          Probate Record No. 1441

                                                           Book P, pages 156 - 160

                                                        LaGrange, Fayette Co,Texas


[page 156]

No. 1441         Estate of W. H. Bittick, Deceased

Petition to

Sell Land           State of Texas } County Court of Fayette County

                        County of Fayette } Setting for Probate purposes

                        April Term A.D. 1888. To the Hon A. Haidusek

                        Judge of the County Court of Fayette County , Texas

                        your Petitioner Mrs. Sarah Bitticks Adminstr-

                        -atrix of the Estate of W. H. Bitticks, Deceased;

                        Respectfully represents that she has incurred

                        the following indebtedness as per bill _____Exhibit

                        A hereto attached and made a part of the petition

                        in supporting and caring for the minor William

                        Monroe Bittick. And that there is in her hands

                        no money or funds which is now due or to bec-

                        -ome due to pay off said indebtedness and that

                        same is past due & unpaid. And that it is further

                        represented that in order to School & Support

                        Said Wm. M. Bitticks it is necessary to raise

                        money by Selling off some of the property of said

                        Estate. Would respectfully represent that there

                        is belonging to said Estate a small tract or,

                        parcel of land Situated in the State of Missouri

                        and described as follows; Being the East half of

                        the South East quarter of Section No. 18 Township

                        forty two range three East Jefferson County

                        containing fifty acres of the probable value of

                        five hundred dollars. Said land is not yealding (sic)

                        to the state any income and is constantly dep-

                        -reciating in value by reason of decay in the

                        improvements. Wherefore petitioner pray that

                        you grant her an order to sell Said land for cash

                        and apply so much of the proceeds as are nece

                        -ssary to the payment of the indebtedness of the

                        estate and the balance to the support & education

[page 157]       of said minor Wm. M. Bittick and will ever pray

                                                Sarah Bittick Administratrix

                                                of Est of W. A. [H] Bittick

                                                per her Atty J. T. Lane


                                                “Exhibit A”

Exhibit              Statement of the property & indebtedness of

A                     the Estate of W.  H. Bitticks, made by Sarah

                        Bittick executrix of said Estate.


                                                “Schedule of Property”

                        196 Acres of land in Fayette County }

                        Texas , Valued at}                                                           $1000.00

                        2 Horses Valued at                                                                   60.00

                        3 Cows Valued at                                                                     25.00

                        80 Acres of Land in Jefferson County Mo                      500.00

                                                ~  Indebtedness  ~

                        To M. Cockrill one promissory note}

                        dated Jan 4th 1885 . due one day after date}                   120.50

                                                Credited                               $7.00

                                                A/C                                                                     3.70

                                                Int                                                                          .75


                        To James Marburger 1 Promissary Note}

                        note dated Jan 17th 1885 due one day after date}         144.65

                                                Int                                                                      46.80

                                                Credited                             $43.00


                        To J. A. Young one promissary note                                  350.00



                        State of Texas }  Before me J. T. Lane Notary Public

                        County of Fayette }  for Fayette County On this day

                        personally appeared Sarah Bitticks known to

                        me and on Oath says that the above Statement is

                        within her knowledge correct & a true account

                        or exhibit of the Estate of W. H. Bitticks, deceased

                        And that there is no other property of which she

                        has any other knowledge - Sarah Bittick


                        Sworn to an Subscribed before me this April 6th

                        1888.               {L.S.} J. T. Lane N.P.F.C. Tex


[page 158]       Filed March 14d 1888.  Joseph Ehlinger, C.C.C.F.C.


No. 1441         Estate of}  1st Amended Petition

Amended         W. H. Bittick decd} And now comes the adminstra-

Petition for        -trix of the above Estate presented and obtained and

Sale of Land     amends her application to sell land filed herein

                        on the 14th day of March 1888, and for cause of am-

                        -endment says; that the tract of land which Petit-

                        -ioner seeks to sell and which is fully described

                        in applicants original Application instead of

                        containing 50 Acres as Stated in said application

                        Contains 80 Acres more or less. Wherefore she

                        prays for an order to sell said 80 acres for

                        the reasons given in said Original application

                        & here repeats the prayer of her original application.

                                                J. T. Lane , Attorney

                        Filed April 19th 1888 .  Joseph Ehlinger C.C.C.F.C.


No. 1441         The State of Texas } To the Sheriff or any Constable

Notice Post      of Fayette County : Greeting: - You are hereby com-

                        -manded to cause to be posted (for 30 days exclus-

                        -eve of the day of posting, in three of the most public

                        places in your County one of which shall be at

                        the Court House door, and no two in the same

                        city or town, copies of the following Notice;

                        State of Texas }  In the County Court

                        County of Fayette }  April Term A.D. 1888

                        To all whom these Presents may come - Greeting: -

                        Know ye that Mrs. Sarah A. Bittick, of the

                        Estate of W. H. Bittick, deceased, having on the 14th

                        day of March A.D. 1888, filed in the County Court

                        of Fayette County , Texas , her application to Sell

                        the following described Land belonging to Said

                        Estate lying being and Situate in the State of

                        Missouri and described as follows: Being the

                        East half of the S.E. quarter of Section No. 18 Towns-

                        -hip 42 range 3 East jefferson County , Containing

                        50 acres of the probable value of $500.00 for the

                        purpose of raising means for the Support

                        maintainance and education of William Monroe

                        Bittick the legatee of said Estate. Now Therefore

                        These are to notify all persons interested in

[page 159]       Said Estate to be and personally appear at the

                        next regular term of the Honorable County Court

                        to be held in thereof at the Court House in the

                        City of LaGrange on the Third Monday in April

                        A.D. 1888. Same being the 16th day of said Month,

                        and then and there to show cause why such Sale

                        Should not be made, Should they choose to do So.

                        Given under my hand and Seal of Office this

                        14th day of April A.D. 1888.  Joseph Ehlinger

                                                {L.S.} Clerk, County Court, Fayette Co, Tex


Petition             Came to hand 14 day of March 1888 and execu-

                        -ted 14th day of March 1888 by posting copies

                        of the within Notice in three public places in

                        Said County one of which was at the Court

                        House door and at  - - - and no two in same

                        city or town.     B. L. Rapp?, Sheriff

                                                S. K. Kennedy, Deputy

                        Filed April 16th 1888 .  Joseph Ehlinger, C.C.C.F.C. Tex


No. 1441         Estate of}  In County Court of Fayette County

Report of          W. H. Bittick} To the Honorable A. Haidusek

Sale of Land     Judge of the County Court of Fayette County , Texas .

                        Said Sarah Bittick, Administratrix of the

                        Estate of W. H. Bittick, deceased. Respectfully

                        submits the following report of Sale , and

                        Shows to the Court. That heretofore to wit:

                        on the 19th day of April A.D. 1888 this honor-

                        -able Court upon Application duly filed gra-

                        -nted an order of Sale of this Estate, ordering

                        Said Administratrix to sell the following

                        described real Estate belonging to said

                        Estate, towit. Being the east half of the

                        South East quarter of Section No. 18 township

                        No. 42 range three east Jefferson County

                        State of Missouri , containing about eighty

                        acres of land. That in obedience to said

                        order of sale, She has sold the said land

                        to M. Cockrill of Fayette County at private

                        Sale for the Sum of Four Hundred Dollars

                        in cash upon execution and delivery of

                        proper deed of conveyance. That Said Sale

[page 160]       was made on the 5th day of October A.D. 1888 in

                        the town of Flatonia , Fayette County , Texas . Said

                        Administratrix further represents that said

                        Sale was fairly made and in conformity with

                        law, and hereby request that this honorable Court

                        do approve the said and grant an order to

                        Said administratrix, to make conveyance to pur-

                        chases in conformity therewith & c.

                                                Sarah X Bittick Administratrix

                                                of Estate of W. H. Bittick

                        Sworn to and Subscribed before me this the 29th

                        day of October 1888.  Witness my hand Seal of

                        Office               J. T. Lane , Notary Public for

                                                {L.S.} Fayette County , Texas

                        Filed October 29th 1888 .   Joseph Ehlinger C.C.C.F.Co.

                                                By Joseph Cottain? [Cottone?], Deputy

                        I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and

                        correct copy of the Original Petition to Sell Land

                        Amended Petition, Notice Post & Report of Sale of

                        Land in the Estate of W. H. Bittick, Deceased.

                        Recorded this 9th day of January A.D. 1889.

                                                Joseph Ehlinger C.C.C.F. Co, Tex.

                        By Joseph Cottain? [Cottone?], Deputy


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