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William 'Willie' Monroe Bittick Guardianship

William Monroe Bittick

                                    Guardianship of person & estate of Willie Bitticks, minor

                                                Book T, pages 166 and 167, No. 1975

                                                        LaGrange, Fayette Co, Texas


[page 166]

No. 1975         Guardianship of the person & estate of Willie Bitticks, minor

Petition for        Guardianship of Person and Estate}  In County Court

Letters              of No.                                }  Fayette County Texas

                        Willie Bitticks   }  July term 1895

                        To the Hon. W. S. Robson, Judge of said Court: -

                        Your Petitioner G. M. D. Thomasson, a resident citizen

                        of Fayette County , Texas would respectfully represent unto

                        your Honor that Willie Bitticks is a minor over the age

                        of 14 years residing in Fayette County Texas. That his fa-

                        ther and mother are dead and that he has an estate con-

                        sisting of real and personal property of the estimated value

                        of $1600.00 situated in said County and State. That he

                        has no guardian of his person or estate and has requested

                        your petitioner to act as his said guardian as will more

                        fully appear from written request herewith filed. That petitioner

                        is in my way disqualified from accepting said trust.

                        Wherefore premises considered petitioner prays your Honor

                        to grant him letters of guardianship and for such other and

                        further order as may be necessary in the premises and he

                        will every pray. Phelps & Wolters

                                                                  Attorneys for Petitioner


Waiver             Guardianship Person and Estate}  To the Hon. W. S. Robson, Judge

                        of                                       }  of the County Court Fayette

                        Willie Bitticks   }  County Texas

                        Your petitioner Willie Bitticks would respectfully represent un-

                        to your Honor that he is a minor over the age of 14 years.

                        That his father and mother are dead and that he has an

                        estate consisting of real and personal property situated in Fayette

                        County Texas . That he has no guardian of his person or Estate

                        That he resides in said county; and that he is desirous of having

                        G. M. D. Thomasson appointed as guardian of his person and estate.

[page 167]       That said Thomasson has applied to this court for letters of guard-

                        ianship. Wherefore petitioner respectfully asks your Honor to appoint

                        said Thomasson as his guardian and hereby waives issuance and

                        service of notice of said application. Witness my hand this the

                        15th day of May 1895.        Willie Bittick

                        Witness  John Wright.

                        Filed Jun. 11, 1895 .            R. Klatt County Clerk Fayette County , Texas


Post Notice      The State of Texas }  To the Sheriff Or Any Constable of Fayette

                        County of Fayette }  County - - Greeting:

                        Whereas, G. M. D. Thomasson has filed in my office his Appli-

                        cation to the County Court of Fayette County, Texas for Let-

                        ters of Guardianship of the person and Estate of Willie Bit-

                        ticks, a minor over 14 years of age, which will be heard at the

                        regular term of said Court commencing and to be held

                        on the 15th day of July, 1895. This is therefore to command

                        you to post up three copies of this notice, for 10 days at

                        three of the most public places in said County, one of which

                        must be at the Court house door, and no to of which

                        shall be in the same town or city, citing all persons in-

                        terested in said minor to be and appear before the Coun-

                        ty Court of said County at the Courthouse there of, in the

                        city of LaGrange , on the 15th day of July A.D. 1895. then

                        and there to contest said Application if they wish to do

                        so and show cause, if any they can why said Application

                        should not be granted. Herein fail not, but make due

                        return, certifying how you have executed the same.

                        Given under my hand and Seal of this Court at office

                        in the city of LaGrange , this the 14th day of June A.D.

                        1895.               {L.S.}        R. Klatt, Clerk County Court , F.C.

                                                                  By A. S. Mann, Deputy


                        Issued June 11th 1895 .        R. Klatt, C.C.C. F. Co, Tex By A.S. Mann, Deputy

                        Came to hand on the 11th day of June 1895 and was ex-

                        ecuted same day by posting up three copies of this Notice

                        in three public places in Fayette Co. Texas. One of which was

                        posted at the Court House door and no two in the same

                        city or Town. Fees $1.00.   A. Lousin Sheriff F.C.T. by O. K. Zapp Dept

                        Filed June 15, 1895 .           R. Klatt County Clerk Fayette County , Tex


                        I hereby certify the above and foregoing to be true and correct

                        copies of the Original Petition for Letters, Wavier of Citation & Notes

                        Post in the Guardianship of the Person & Estate of Willie Bitticks, minor,

                        No. 1975. Recorded this the 27th day of July A.D. 1895 at 4 o’clock P.M.

                                                R. Klatt, C.C.C. Fayette Co, Tex By Lad V. Vanek, Deputy

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