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Sarah Jane (Whitworth) Bittick Probate

                                                           Sarah [Whitworth] Bittick

                                                        Estate of Sarah Bittick, Dec’d

                                      Probate File No. 1965, Book T, pages 115 and 116

                                                        LaGrange, Fayette Co, Texas


[page 115]

No. 1965         In the Estate of Sarah Bittick, deceased

Applic for         The State of Texas }  To the Hon. W. S. Robson, Judge of the County

Letters of          County of Fayette }  Court of Fayette County , Texas , sitting for probate

Admin.             Business. Your petitioner, M. R. Walker, a resident citizen of Fayette

                        County, Texas respectfully represents that Mrs. Sarah Bittick who also

                        Resided in the above county & State died in the said county of

                        Fayette on or about the — day of Dec. 1894 without leaving a will

                        that the deceased left a small estate consisting of land & personal property

                        of the probable value of $1000.00 situated in above said county and

                        that at the time of her death deceased was indebted to the said

                        M. F. Walker petitioner in the sum of [$] 854. & 94/100 Dollars and the

                        said amount is past due & unpaid. The estate of the deceased has

                        not been administered on and a necessity of administration exhist (sic).

                        Petitioner prays that citation issue citing all persons interested in

                        said estate to appear at the next term of the county court to be

                        held in the town of LaGrange , commencing on the 3 Monday

                        in April 1895 the same being the 15th day of said month. And

                        that by an order of the court petitioner as a creditor be appointed

                        administrator of said estate, that he is over 21 years old and not

                        in any way disqualified and if your honor feels that it is for the

                        best interest of the estate that some other suitable person be ap-

                        pointed administrator instead of petitioner and will ever pray & c.

                                                            J. T. Lane , Atty. for M. F. Walker, petitioner

                        Filed Feb. 21st 1895      R. Klatt, County Clerk Fayette Co, Tex.

                                                            By A. Mann, Deputy


Notice              The State of Texas }  To the Sheriff or any Constable of Fayette County

Post                 County of Fayette }  Greeting:  Whereas M. F. Walker has filed

                        in my office his Application to the County Court of Fayette County

                        Texas , for Letters of Administration of the Estate of Sarah Bit-

                        -tick deceased, which will be heard at the next regular term of

                        our said County, commencing and to be held on the 15th day

                        of April 18, 1895 . This therefore to command you to post up

                        three copies of this notice for 6 days at three of the most

                        public places in said County, one of which must be at the

[page 116]       Court-house door, and no tow of which shall be in the same town or

                        city citing all persons interested in said Estate of Sarah Bittick, de-

                        ceased, to be and appear before the County Court of said County at

                        the Court-house thereof, in the city of LaGrange , on the 15th day of

                        April A.D. 1895, then and there to contest said Application if they

                        wish to do so, and show cause if any they can, why said Applic-

                        ation should not be granted. Herein fail not, but make due re-

                        turn, certifying how you have executed the same. Given under my

                        hand and Seal of this Court, at office in the city of LaGrange ,

                        this the 26th day of February A.D. 1895.

                                                {L.S.}  R. Klatt, Clerk County

                                                            Court F. C.

                        Issued Feb. 26, 1895    R. Klatt, C.C.C. Fayette Co, Tex


                        Came in hand on the 5 day of March 1895 and executed on the 5th

                        day of March 1895 by posting up three copies of this Notice in

                        three public places in Fayette County , Texas . One of which was post-

                        ed at the Court-House door and not two in the same City or Town.

                                                            A. Lousin, Sheriff F.C. T. by O. K. Zapp, Deputy

                        Filed Mar. 8, 1895 .      R. Klatt, County Clerk Fayette County , Tex.


                        I hereby certify the above and foregoing to be true and correct copies

                        of the Original Appln. for Letters of Admin. & Notice Post in the Estate

                        Sarah Bittick, Deceased, No. 1965. Recorded this the 28th day

                        of June A.D. 1895 at 5˝ o’clock P.M.

                                                            R. Klatt, C.C.C.F.C., Texas

                                                            By A. S. Mann, Deputy



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