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Transcription of John Stanfield [1743] Will & Probate File

transcribed by Ronda J. Snider 3-27-02; [ ] = added by me; [?] = not sure of transcription; bold = names & dates bold = signature

Item 1: John Stanfield will

John Stanfield Will page 1

In the name of GOD amen, being weak of body but of a

sound mind and memory and of a disposing mind and willing

to resign my body to the grave and my soul to god; do make

this my last will and testament as follows, towit, Item,

I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Biddecks one dollar

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Hanah Cain, Rebecka

Cain, Samuel Stanfield, Lydia Rayfield and Phillipina Scott the

price of my [land, line drawn through it] fifty acres of land be the same more or less lying

in Cumberland County & on bear creek, which was the land I

bought of William Cain; and It is my desire & will that the

said William Cain should have the land again provided he

the said William Cain pays after keeping his wifes part

to Rebeckah Cain, Samuel Stanfield, Lydia Rayfield, Philli-

pina Scott & Lydia Rayfield to have double out of the

price of land, which land is to be valued after my Decease, it

further my will and desire that the above tract of land named

should be valued Equal to each, and the said William Cain

is bound to pay each legated that is to say Rebeckah Cain &

others above named which is to have the price of said fifty acres of

John Stanfield Will Page 2

[page 18 of probate book]

land in trade of the same rates the land is valued at, Item I

give & bequeath to my son Thomas Stanfield one Dollar to him

and his heirs, it further my will & desire that the rest &

residue of my Estate both real & penoual [?] after paying

paying my funeral Expences & lawful debts, should

be equally divided between Hanah Cain, Rebeckah

Cain, Samuel Stanfield, Lydia Rayfield & Phillipina

Scott and I do appoint Samuel Stanfield and Abo Scott

my sole Exart. to this my last will & testament

As witness my hand & seal this 17th day of Augt 1815

Shadrick Claywell John Stanfield (seal)

Lemuel Stockton

Francis Petty

---- ---- ---- ----

Cumberland County Court set Clerks Office 17th day

of April 1816 I John E. King the Clerk of the Court

holden in and for the county aforesaid, Do Certify that the

within Will of John Stanfield Deceased was

Exhibited in the Court aforesaid, at the April Term

1816 & fully proved by the oaths of Shadrick Claywell

and Lemuel Stockton two of the subscribing witnesses

thereto & ordered to Record, And that I have recorded

the same together with this certificate in my said Office

in Will book B page 17 Witness my hand the

day & year first written

John E. King

Item 2: John Stanfield [1743] Inventory, page 1

Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of John

Stanfield Decd taken this twelfth day of April 1816

One gun                              $12..00..0

Three bags                          $1..50..0

A Parcel of Books                 3..00..0

Phials                                      0..25..0 [vials]

Ink stand                                  0..12..5

Bed & furniture                       40..00..0


One Bottle                                 0..25..0

Pitch fork                                   1..00..0

Water pail & 1 half bushell       0..50..0

Two pair shoes                         1..50..0

Shaving Box and Ra---[razor?] 1..00..0

A Parcel of Powder                    0..50..0

Pickle tub and barrell                  1..50..0

Tobacco box and shot mold       "..50..0

Chest & pair of specks[?]           3..50..0

Bed stid & chord                           1-------

Cash                                              8..81..5

In notes & account                      91..34..0


Item 2: John Stanfield [1743] Inventory, page 2

Agreeable to on and or of the worshipful the County Court of

Cumberland bearing date at this April Term we the

undersigned being first swore proceeded to appraise the

Estate of Jn Stanfield deceased

                                                William Baker

                                                George Lexton

                                                    James Baker


Cumberland County Sct[?]

I John E. King the Clerk of the Court holden in and

for the County aforesaid, Do Certify that the within Inventory

and appraisment of the Estate of John Stanfield Deceased

was Produced in Court at this May Term 1816 Examined,

approved of and Ordered to Record, & that I have Recor-

ded the same together with this Certificate in my said Of-

fice in Will Book B page 23, witness my hand this

23rd day of May 1816

                                                John E. King

Item 3: John Stanfield [1743] Distribution of Estate, page 1

We: Absalum Scott and Samuel Stanfield Executors of

the Estate of John Stanfield Deceased in the year

1816 Do report to the Worshipful Court of Cumberland

County, the distribution of the Estate of the said dece

dant [decedent?] agreeable to his last will and Testament:

The hole amount of the landid Estate as per valuation $250..00..0

The valuation as per appraisment of personal

Estate & money and debts due is                                     176..78..0

Total sum of the hole of the Estate Recd & penorial     $426..78..0

Paid out of the above Estate as following

To William Cain for funeral & other Expenses                   89..00..0

To Six appraisers & Comissioners one day Each               7..00..0

To The Clerk for fees                                                                5..00..0

" Pa??ing in two graves                                                           6..00..0

" One pair of Stockings                                                            2..00..0

" Joseph Gates for f???iages                                               1..75..0

" Francis Petty debt                                                                2..17..0

" William Jentte[?] for one days halling with a

   waggon                                                                                   2..00..0

" Taxes for the year 1815                                                         0..97..5

" A. Scott & S. Stanfield comission on admin-

istration of                                                                                21..08..0

" Thomas Stanfield & Mary Bidocks two ?[seatacks??] 2..00..0

" William Rayfield two shares of the land                           77..88..74[or04]

" Benjamin Cain his part of the land                                    36.12..74

" William Cain ditto                                                                36..12..74


Item 3: John Stanfield [1743] Distribution of Estate, page 2

                                                                                 amount $289.1[rest didn't copy]

To Samuel Stanfield ditto                                                     36..12[rest didn't copy]

" Absalom Scott ditto 36..12[rest didn't copy]

" A. Scott part of goods divided                                              7..23[rest didn't copy]

" S. Stanfield same------------------------                                    7..23..[rest didn't copy]

To William Cain….same                                                          7..23..[rest didn't copy]

" Benjamin Cain….same                                                         7..23..0

" William Rayfield…same----------------                                    7..23..0

To the last devided to five legatees of $23:52:0                   23..52..0


Divide $23..52..0 into five parts gives each legatee

$4..70..02 cents [---?---?] paid out of the last division

$4..30..0 to William Rayfield leaves a balance

due Each Legatee of $3..83..0 A. Scott &

                                               Samuel Stanfield Executars


Kentucky Cumberland County Court July the 16th

  1.   I Milton King a Deputy Clerk of the Court holden

and for the County aforesaid, Do Certify that the within

Inventory of Distribution of the Estate of John Stanfield Decd

was Exhibited in the Court aforesaid at the July Term 1816

and on the 8th day of the month Examined, approved of and or

dered to be Recorded and that I have recorded the same to-

gether with this certificate in my said Office in Will book B

page 218 Witness my hand the day & year as first written

                                                                            Milton King

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