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Arkansas: images of marriage records 1837-1957 at Family Search:;p=allCollections

Arizona cemeteries and tombstone photos--Arizona Gravestones:

Cafe' Mam --

Census: instructions given to enumerators --

Civil War Military Records: Images of Civil War Military Records held by the National Archives are available at Footnote (requires membership)

Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System --

County/Town Database at Rootsweb:

Death Records: a list of on-line searchable death indexes and records--

Definitions of Some Words Used In Early Documents (1700s & 1800s)--

Dictionary--various genealogical, census, archaic medical & legal terms, illnesses & occupations, etc.--Genealogy Inc.--

Dictionary--various genealogical, archaic medical, & legal terms, archaic occupations, etc. --Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society:

Dictionary--Antiquus Morbus:  A Glossary of Archaic Medical Terms, Diseases and Causes of Death

Economic History Services Website ( ), you can ask for a historic conversion for dollars or pounds to current dollars.

The Frisco (Saint Louis-San Fransico Railway) Employee Cards: Images of employee cards, dating from 1940 forward, include the employee's name, address, birth date, race, gender, parents' names, location of assignment and job title--

The Frisco Digital Collection at the Springfield-Greene County (Missouri) Library web site [] also includes employee magazines, postcards and other information about the railroad--

History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage counties, Missouri (1889, Goodspeed Publishing); University of Missouri Digital Library:

Illinois State Archives:

Information about Quaker Marriages:

Jefferson County (Missouri) Historical Society has new & corrected cemetery & newspaper transcriptions:

Jefferson County, Missouri newspaper extracts: Charlotte's Pearls are now archived permanently

Jefferson County, Missouri Newspaper extracts from Charlotte's Pearls & Kay's Korner:

Maps:  Genealogy Atlas--Historic Maps of North America--Atlases 1795-1856 online:

Maps:  My County Maps--Links to animated state maps showing county formation:

Maps--What You Need to Know About Geography:

Maptech--free on-line topographical maps with search engine:

1895 U. S. Atlas:

Maps--United States Digital Map Library:

Maries Co, Missouri, Marriages:  The Miller County Museum web site has 2 files of Maries County marriages (under "LIbrary" at the top of their home page):

1930 Platt Books for Missouri Counties; University of Missouri Digital Library:

Missouri Death Certificates: Missouri State Archives now holds Missouri death certificates from 1910-approximately 1954.  The on-line index is complete, and they are adding images of the death certificates.

Missouri State Archives, Registre d'Arpentage:

"The Registre d’Arpentage is French for “register of land surveying.” Created between 1798 and 1806 by surveyor Antoine Pierre Soulard (1766-1825), the plats, or maps, found within the register are often called the Soulard Surveys. The purpose of the Registre was to certify and locate grants made by the French and Spanish governments."   710 surveys in the collection.

Missouri History Books; University of Missouri Digital Library:

Missouri Ozarks--links to information about counties, old towns & post offices, historic maps:

Naming traditions:  Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society:

Names--Behind the Name:  The Etymology and History of First Names:  interesting site with the origins & meanings of names from various countries

National World War II Memorial--World War II Registry of Remembrances combines four databases that can be searched for names of those whose service and sacrifice helped win the Second World War:

Newspaper links:

Newspaper links: Small Town Papers--250 small town newspapers, scanned archives from 1865 to current edition:

Newspapers on-line:

Library of Congress:

New York Public Library Digital Gallery:  

Nicknames:  A Listing Of Some 18th and 19th Century American Nicknames, Connecticut State Library--

Old House Gardens--Heirloom Bulbs:

Place names:  United States Geological Survey Geographic Names Information Server:

Post Offices in Missouri, past & present-- by county: 


Sources2 of some original documents, including 1810 Federal Census Illinois Territory, 1818 Illinois Territorial Census, War of 1812 Bounty Land Records--

Southeastern Genealogy Online--county formation maps; county census maps; addresses for county courthouses & historical societies; state history timeline-




North Carolina--



Tennesseans in the Civil War, Confederate Infantry Units history found at

Tennessee: Images of death certificates 1908-1959 at

Texas: images of death certificates 1890-1976 at Family Search:

Topaz Mill, Douglas County, Missouri:

"UNITED STATES. ANIMATED ATLAS: GROWTH OF A NATION  Flash-animated depiction of the territorial expansion of the USA. Animated Atlas portrays large chapters of history quickly by animating maps and geographic features. Growth of a Nation is a free, 10-minute movie which depicts the geographic history of the United States from the beginning of the nation to 50 states. Geographic elements are interactive, as is the timeline. 60 seconds to load with a 56K modem. For school and home use." [from Missing Links, Vol. 8, No. 4, 27 January 2003]

Virginia Tax Lists: 1790, 1800 --

Vital Records Information (U.S. and Foreign Records)--

World War II rationing, information, images of ration books & coupons, Farmers: Soldiers without uniforms, etc.--

Halloween Cavern of Clipart:

Free Clipart:

Free Clipart--

Free Clipart --

Free Clipart -- J's Magic Galleries --



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