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Stanfield Quaker Notes-Table of Contents

Excerpts from The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930

Courtesy of Mary Bittick Gallano

Part 1:  Abbreviations and Definitions of Quaker Terms

Part 2:  Summary Table of early Stanfield Entries

Part 3: Cane Creek Monthly Meeting, Orange (now Alamance) County, North Carolina

Part 4: Deep Creek Monthly Meeting, Surry, (now Yadkin) County, North Carolina

Part 5: Deep River Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, North Carolina

Part 6:  Lost Creek Monthly Meeting, Jefferson County, Tennessee

Part 7: New Garden Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, North Carolina

Part 8: New Hope Monthly Meeting, Greene County, Tennessee

Part 9:  Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, Pennsylvania

Part 10:  Westfield Monthly Meeting, Surry County, North Carolina

Mary's Excerpts from Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy in Adobe Acrobat Format

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