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Pay Down Store, 1844-1847

[We accessed this web site in April 2001 and linked to it for several years afterward.  The web site has disappeared, but we present the information on the Pay Down Store Ledger here since several families on this web site are mentioned here.]

Juanita Helmig Schuster

The Pay Down Store, 1844-1847

    Well......I don't know where these good people were before they ended up in Mo. but I am sure SOME of them were from KY at one time or another (Wasn't everyone?! ) and enough people have asked for it, I think, so I will go ahead with it. At least it is interesting reading.

Osage County -- The Pay Down Store, 1844-1847

    "Pay Down" was the earliest settlement in what was Osage County at the time these records were made (formerly Gasconade County in 1829 and located in present day Maries County since 1855). Peter WALTER, a step-son of Daniel CRIDER, Senr, acquired land on the Gasconade River in 1829 (Section 3 Twp 40 Range 8) and immediately set about making plans for a mill to grind grain. This was the first known business in the area, and residents for miles around visited "Walter's Mill" since flour and corn meal were dire necessities to pioneer life. The early settler of that day had little money, so when grain was taken to the mill, an extra portion, known as "the toll", would be given to the miller in exchange for his services. Thus the name "Pay Down" was derived from this practice.

    The mill was eventually sold to D. B. WHEERY, and according to the county court minutes of Crawford County in 1836, it was referred to as "Wheery's Mill". A general store was established adjacent to the mill which served the residents of the area with the other simple necessities of life, such as powder, lead, patent medicines, clothing, and sundry items.

    The following list of names has not been taken from legal records, but rather from a ledger that was in use at the Pay Down store, then known as "Wherry's Mill". While the list is not intended to be an accurate enumeration of all the people living in the area at the time, it does tend to give the reader some idea of the early residents of western Gasconade , Osage, and eastern Maries County . As Osage was founded only two years before these names were written into the ledger and seven years before the first census of Osage County was taken, it is felt that perhaps this roster may be the most complete listing of the residents in the neighborhood of that era-- 1844-1847.

    This record was taken from a family history entitled, "Daniel Crider, Senior--Pioneer of Gasconade County , Missouri." by Lester E. Crider & Julian J. Crider, editor & compiler (1976), Through the courtesy of Julian J. Crider of Fort Worth , Texas , owner of the original ledger.

Allerson, John
Allison, Amanda
Ammerman, Isac
Ammerman, John
Ammerman, Joseph
Ammerman, Phillip
Ammerman, Sandfort
Adkins, Parker
Auberry, Reuben
Auberry, Rowland

Bailey, Jeremiah
Barbarick, David
Barbarick, Peter
Baseter, Richard
Beazley, James
Betner, William
Bise, Thomas
Bishop, Marsy
Bittick, John
Backwell, Lewis
Bowman, John
Breeden, John
Burns, Robert

Campbell, Newberry
Carrol, James
Chrisman, Archibald
Collier, Wm. E.
Coppage, George
Cox, Nicholas
Cowan, William
Creamer, Augustus
Crider, Abram
Cunningham, Andres

Eades, William
Elrod, Mils

Fackler, Wm. H.
Faike, William
Fann, George
Farmer, James
Ferrell, James
Ferrell, Susan
Finnley, John
Fittsgeral, Francis M.
Fittsgerral, John
Fittsgerral, Peter
Forester, Thomas
Forester, William

Gaff, Peter
Gaither, Barton
Gaither, Silas
Garaway, Mr.
Geasler, Eli
Glasgow, Oto
Goodall, Mr.
Green, Harrison
Green, Henry
Green, Joseph

Harlene, Nathaniel
Harrison, Tiry
Harrison, William
Highes, Valantine
Hollandsworth, William
Hoops, George
Huffman, Jacob
Hutchinson, R.
Hutchinson, William

Imboden, George

James, Charles
Johnson, James
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, Lydia
Johnson, Thos. I.
Johnson, William
Jones, Elijah
Jones, Russel

Keetley, Thomas
Kincade, James
Kincade, Thomas
Kincade, William
Knoblett, Wm. B.

Lacy, Levi
Lacy, Walter C.
Laph, Peter
Langston, Abram
Lankaster, Mr.
Lewis, Isac
Licklider, H.L.

Martin, Andrew J.
Martin, G.W.
Magowan, Thomas
Mathis, Claborn
Matthews, Alexander
Matthews, Bartlet G.
Matthews, Thomas
Matthews, Uriah
Mayes, Elijah
McCoy, Landon
McCune, William
McKinney, Gustus
Mearse, William
Melne, Robert
McAtee, Andrew
Miles, A.R.
Mills, James E.
Miller, Nelson
Moody, William
Moreland, George
Moreland, Nathan
Moreland, Pleasant
Moreland, Thomas
Mosier, Daniel
Moss, Edward
Myers, Gabriel

Owens, Jessie
Owens, Mrs.

Pack, William
Pankey, Leroy
Pankey, James
Pearce, James
Phrhart, John
Pickering, A.
Pinnell, August
Pilon, Ebret
Price, James

Quisenberry, William

Raggens, Alexander
Reed, Geroge  (correct spelling)
Reed, Henry, Sr.
Reed, John
Reed, John, Jr.
Reed, John A.
Reed, Silvester
Reed, William
Renfrow, Green
Ridenhour, Jacob
Ridenhour, John
Ridenhour, Lewis
Robertson, A.J.
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Voluntine

Satterfield, Reuben
Seages, Solomom
Sellers, David
Serrars, William H.
Shanks, Christian
Shanks, Jacob
Shanks, Nicholas
Shanks, Samuel
Shockley, Thomas
Shockley, Uriah
Shaw, James
Skaggs, Asa
Skaggs, Harvey
Skaggs, Henry
Skaggs, William
Slater, Thomas
Smither, Joel
Spiers, Palmer
Steard, Elisha
Stewart, Lazarus
Stoddan, James M.
Stockton, Joseph
Stockton, John H.
Sullens, Harvey
Sullens, William
Sutton, William

Tennison, William
Terrill, George M.
Terrill, Hamilton
Terrill, Reuben
Thompson, Moses
Thompson, William
Tiller, William
Tucker, Francis
Tucker, John
Tucker, Monroe

Wherry, Mrs. C.
Wallace, William
Walter, John
Watson, Benjamin
Watson, James
Watson, John
Watson, Lydia
West, George
West, Mary
West, William
Winston, John
White, Abel

Young, Jerry R.
Young, Joseph C.

That's all guys.
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