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Francis Bittick Land Claim-1808

From the Missouri State Archives; copy courtesy of Dwight Bittick:

To the Recorder of Land Claims for the Territory of Louisiana Francis Bittick claims thirteen hundred and fifty arpents of Land French Imperial measure situated on plat [or flat?] creek, in the District of St. Louis Territory aforesaid nearly one mile north of the Merrimack River & about twenty eight mile nearly South west of St. Louis which I claim under & by [nature or intur] of the Laws of congress[?] & by [nature or intae or entae] of my having actually inhabited and cultivated thereon, on and prior to the twentieth day of December 1803 by and with the permission of the proper Spanish officer. June 27th 1808 Francis Bittick

[The United States officially took possession of the Louisiana Territory on December 20, 1803.]

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