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William Henry Harrison Bittick--Gratiot Prison Report in Daily Missouri Republican Newspaper 29 Nov 1862

[note: William Henry Harrison Bittick was captured August 15, 1862, died November 26, 1862 according to Gratiot Street Prison records.]
REPORT.--Received--Moses Hudspeth, of Ralls coun-
ty, captured November 12th, 1862.  (The following
were captured in Monroe county, October, 30th:)
John Davis, Jacob F. Miller, John Williams, Isaac
Greening, Richard Trussell, James E. Forbis, Aza-
riah T. Doty, Ephraim L. Scarcey, Simon B. Cop-
page, Thomas E. Haines, James Williams, Charles
H. Gamble, James W. South, George Harvey, Thos.
H. B. Woodson, Stephen Woodson, Hiram T. Wood-
son, Samuel H. Painter, George R. Rhodes, Raphael
C. Pearsall, Robert C. Leake, Francis N. Freeman,
John Heather.
     Discharged--Phineas A. Smith, of Saline county,
Missouri; James M. Edmonston, Confederate Sur-
geon; W. W. Sheekles, of Knox county, Missouri--
all of Porter's band.
     Died--Wm. H. Bittick, of St. Louis.

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