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Willis Henry Bittick-Order of Publication, 1866


In the Circuit Court of Jefferson county,

Missouri , May term, A.D. 1866. In va-

cation, January 8th, A.D. 1866 .

Willis H. Bittick, plaintiff, against

Francis Ramey and Michael Ramey, de-

fendants. Petition for partition.

   Now at this day comes said plaintiff, by

his attorney, and files his petition, verified

by affidavit as the law directs, stating

among other things that Francis Ramey is a

non-resident of the State of Missouri .

Whereupon it is ordered by the undersigned

Clerk of said Court, that said Francis Ra-

mey be notified of the commencement of this

action, the object and general nature of

which is to obtain an order or judgement of

partition and division of the following de-

scribed tracts or parcels of land, situate and

lying in Jefferson county, Missouri , to-wit:

Two hundred and sixteen acres and 70-100th

of an acre of land, situate in sections 32 and

33, in township 43, range 4 east, and more par-

ticularly described as follows: Commencing

at a point where the east line running north

and south of United States survey No. 3059,

confirmed to Jacques C. Clamorgan or his le-

gal representatives, intersects the section

line dividing sections 33 and 28, township

43, range 4 east; thence south 20ļ west 13

70-100 chains to the northeast corner of the

land of Thos. Byrns , thence south 63 west, 61?

50-100ths chains to Headís creek, thence

down - Headís creek to Big river;

thence down Big river with the meanders

thereof, across the section line running north

and south between sections 32 and 33, to

where said river recrosses this section line;

thence north along the last men-

tioned section line to a point which

lies in the same direction with the

section line between sections 28

and 33; thence eastward across said river

along the last mentioned section line to the

point of beginning; and for a sale thereof if

partition and division thereof cannot be

made without great prejudice to the owners

thereof and that unless he be and appear

before the Circuit Court of said county on

the first day of the next term thereof, to be

begun and held at the court house in Hills-

boro on the second Monday in May next,

and on or before the sixth day of said term

plead to or answer the petition of said plain-

tiff, the same will be taken as confessed

against him. And it is further ordered that

a copy hereof be published in the Jefferson

County Leader, a newspaper printed and

published in this State, for four weeks suc-

cessively, the last insertion to be at least

four weeks before the next term of said court.

   A true copy of the order. In testimony

[SEAL]  whereof I have hereunto set my hand,

and affixed the seal of the said court.

At office, this 5th day of March, A.

D. 1866.            SAMíL A. REPPY

                          Clerk Circuit Court




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