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John Sylvester Bittick--Gratiot Street Prison Report in Daily Missouri Republican Newspaper 19 August 1862

Note: Gratiot Prison records list John Bittick as captured on August 22, 1862 in Jefferson Co, Missouri.

Daily Missouri Republican, St. Louis, Missouri, August 19, 1862
    GRATIOT PRISON AFFAIRS.--All the United States
soldiers suffering imprisonment for various offenses
were yesterday removed to Schofield Barracks,
where they will be confined, after this.
     J. O. Haynes, former Purser of the rebel gunboat
Beauregard, had his parole revoked, and ordered to
report to Major Flint, commanding at Alton.
     Mrs. Fanny Barron was released.
     Charles McQuary, Frank Guillot, John M. Young,
paroles revoked, in order to report at Alton.
     Christopher Berdict and Benedict Simpson, re-
leased on oath, by order of Col. Farrar.
     Dennis Ryan, released by order of Captain
Leighton; Clarence C. Marsh, released; Bernard Mc-
M______[Mannremy or Mannhlmy?], James Quinlin, released; George W.
Fichtenkam, released.
     A rebel Lieutenant, Jos. M. Ertz, and private
Elisha J. Harris, were arrested yesterday.  They
were recruiting for the Confederate army through
the county.
     Simeon K. Gibson, John Honlon, Jos. A. Alien,
Wm. Ross, Wm. Clyman, Jno. Bittick, Jno. Sheahy,
Wm. Long and John Grimsby, were imprisoned
by order of District Provost Marshal General.

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