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    Possible Children of John Bittick and Hannah McCourtney

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During the mid-1800s, there are several Bitticks, whose parents are not known, living in Jefferson Co, Missouri.  While their parents cannot be proven with the information available today, there are possibilities for their parents.  These "unattached" Bitticks are:

William R. Bittick and Thomas Simon? Bittick are possible sons of Simeon Bittick, born 1802, and Catherine Null.  We believe the others in this list are possible children of John Bittick and Hannah McCourtney.  

According to the census, John Bittick and Hannah McCourtney had ten children living with them by 1830.  Unless some were other relatives, they had six sons and four daughters at this time.  There doesn't seem to be a 1840 enumeration for John & Hannah [see census enumerations below], but in the 1850 census, four daughters are listed.  John & Hannah had at least 13 children, but only James, Margaret, Salinda, Maranda and Sarah can be positively identified.  James names his parents in Jefferson County biographies.  Margaret, Salinda, Maranda and Sarah are listed with their parents in the 1850 census.  Other possible children of John and Hannah are listed in the table below.  While the parents of Mary, Willis Henry, Perry, William, Francis, Simeon Sylvester, and Eliza Jane [in the table below] are not known, there are factors connecting them with each other and with the known children of John and Hannah.   

Alternate information:


James, Margaret, Salinda, Maranda and Sarah are known children of John & Hannah

James 1811

Mary c1810-13

Daughter c1810-15

Willis Henry 1817

Perry c1822 [c1820-23]

William c1825-31

Francis c1829 [c1827-32]

Margaret c1824-32

Simeon Sylvester c1829-32

Daughter c1825-30

Salinda c1835

Maranda c1837

Sarah c1840 Eliza Jane c1839
m 1835 Eliza Medley m 1832 Wm Everett   m c1840 Lucinda Jane Smith m 1846 Malinda Peppers m 1859 Jane Stephens m 1848 Sarah Davis m 1844 John Rowe m 1852 Elizabeth Stephens      m 1854 Charles Maupin   m 1857 Wm Clark Davis
Wm/Willis Marion 1836 Nancy c1835   Jane Annis c1840 Mary E. c1849 James Thomas 1859 Perry 1860 m 1853 David C. Neely Infant     m? 1862 John Ogle   Hannah Adeline c1858
John Sylvester c1839 Willis c1837   William Perry c1843 Hannah J. 1854 Mary Jane 1861 Sarah Emma c1863 Mary Jane c1855 Francis Stephens 1854         Rosa Margaret 1862
Wm Henry Harrison c1841 Matilda c1840   Hiram Julius 1846 Miranda Emiline 1855 John F. 1861 Virginia Jennie c1869 Marinda c1857 John 1855         Marion Sylvester 1863
  John P. c1844   Oliver Delore 1848 Francis c1858 Perry O. 1866   Sarah Elisa c1859 Thomas Michael 1859         Ethel Viola 1866
  m 1848 James Woodland   Thomas W. 1850 Willis c1860 Albert W. c1870   Amanda c1865 Mary Ellen 1861         James Ardens c1867
  James c1850   Willis Alexander 1853 Laura Elizabeth c1867 Infant b/d before 1871     Hannah J. 1862         Richard c1869
  m 1855 Thomas Moore   Solomon Sylvester 1855 Stephen Samuel c1872 Infant b/d before 1871     Charles Sylvester 1866         Louis G. 1871
  Eliza J. c1856   Frederick A. 1861   Infant b/d before 1871               William 'Co' L. c1872
      m c1880 Sarah Jane Whitworth                   Charles Edward 1876
      William 'Willie' Monroe 1880                   Laura E. c1876
                          Silas Emory 1880

Census Records for John Bittick and Hannah McCourtney

1830 Merrimac Township, Jefferson Co, Missouri, p126, line 2:
John Biddicks - 2220001/110201
2m -5 c1825-30 = Francis c1829
           c1825-30 = Simeon c1825-30
2m 5-10 c1820-25 = Perry c1822
                c1820-25 = William c1825-30
2m 10-15 c1815-20 = Willis Henry b1817
                  c1815-20 = James b1811
1m 40-50 c1780-90 = John b1781 
1f -5 c1825-30 = unknown
1f 5-10 c1820-25 = Margaret
2f 15-20 c1810-15 = unknown
               c1810-15 = Mary c1810-13
1f 30-40 c1790-1800 = Hannah McCourtney c1794
[10 children born before 1830 = 6 sons and 4 daughters unless some of them are his siblings or relatives.]

1840 Jefferson Co, Missouri, p98, line 6:
John Bidix - 0211/none - odd no females?
2m 5-10 c1830-35 =
1m 10-15 c1825-30 =
1m 15-20 c1820-25 =
[this canít be John Bittick b1781 - unless the enumerator didn't complete this entry]
Note: William Everett - line 5 [married Mary Polly Bittick]
John Bidix - line 6
Catherine Bidix - line 24 [widow of Simeon Bittick, brother of John Bittick]

1850 District 42, Jefferson Co, Missouri 16 September 1850, p446b:
#603/603 John Bittick 55 m w carpenter Mo
Hannah 45 f w Mo
Salinda 15 f w Mo [c1835]
Marinda 12 f w Mo [c1838]
Sarah 10 f w Mo [c1840]
Margaret 18 f w Mo [c1832]

1860 Merrimac Township, Jefferson Co, Missouri 03 July 1860, sheet 68, p616:
#542/542 John Bittick 79 m farmer $-/300 NC
Hannah 61 f Ky
Maranda Maupin 23 f seamstress Mo [c1837]

Other Census Records

1850 District No. 42, Jefferson Co, Missouri 30 August 1850, p431b:
#380/380 Perry Bittick 27 m w farmer Mo - can't read/write
Melinda 21 f w Mo
Mary E 4/12 f w Mo
Michael Dailey 20 m w laborer Unknown
Also on the same census page:
#377/377 Francis Bittick 21 Mo
Sarah 18 Mo
Are Perry and Francis siblings? 

1880 Monroe Township, Lincoln Co, Missouri 5 June 1880, ed92, p297b:
#6/6 Bitticks Simeon S. m w 49 md farmer Mo SC SC
Elizabeth C. w f 44 wife md keeps house Pa Eng Eng
Frank S. w m 27 son single labor Mo Pa Eng
Mary E. w f 18 dau single at home Mo Pa Eng
Hana J. w f 16 dau single at home Mo Pa Eng
Charles S. w m 13 son single Mo Pa Eng
Thomas W. w m 28 nephew single labor Mo Mo Mo
[Note: Thomas W. is the son of Willis Henry and Lucinda Jane Smith. If he's Simeon's nephew - then Willis and Simeon must be brothers.]


Family Names:
Francis = Perry, William [John F.- Francis?], Simeon
John = James, Mary, William, Simeon
Perry = Willis Henry, William, Francis, Mary [John P.- Perry?]
Sylvester = James, Willis Henry, Simeon, Eliza Jane
Willis = James, Willis Henry, Perry
Marion = James, Eliza Jane


Bittick's using the name of Sylvester--all known, or likely, descendents of John & Hannah

        Simeon Sylvester Line
Simeon Sylvester        26 Mar 1832 Mo          likely son of John & Hannah
Charles Sylvester       16 Sep 1866 Lincoln Co Mo       son of Simeon Sylvester b1832
Charles Sylvester Jr    01 Mar 1898 Lincoln Co Mo    son of Chas Sylvester b1866; grandson of Simeon Sylvester
Charles Sylvester III   05 Jul 1933 Ia                  son of Chas Sylvester Jr b1898
Oscar Sylvester 01 Jan 1886 Lincoln Co Mo       son of Thomas Michael, son of Simeon Sylvester b1832

        John Sylvester Line
John Sylvester  c1839 Jeff Co Mo                son of James Bittick; grandson of John & Hannah
John Sylvester Jr       14 Dec 1875 Jeff Co Mo  son of John Sylvester c1839
Charles Sylvester       27 Jun 1906 Jeff Co Mo  son of John Sylvester Jr b1875

        Willis Henry Line
Solomon Sylvester       15 Aug 1855 Jeff Co Mo  son of Willis Henry & Lucinda Jane Smith
Solomon Sylvester Jr    15 Oct 1893 Frank Co Mo   son of Solomon Sylvester b1855

        Eliza Jane Bittick b1838 md William Clark Davis
Marion 'Sylvester' Davis        01 May 1863 Jeff Co Mo  son of Eliza J Bittick likely daughter of John & Hannah


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