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Early Howard-Boone County, Missouri - Bittick, etc Entries

Jonathan Bittick, Edmund Bittick & Thomas Holliday in Howard and Boone Counties, Missouri c1818-1825

State Historical Society of Missouri, Newspaper Collection Index:
Bittick, Edmund
Missouri Gazette, Nov 27, 1818, p3 col 5: Mentioned in financial statement of Howard Co.

Howard Co, Missouri

Circuit Court Records

Book 2

1819 - November Session, p61:

It appearing to the Court that Edmund Bittick of this county is still infirm and incapable of pursuing any occupation to support himself Ordered that thirty dollars be allowed to Thomas Holliday to be by him applied to the relief of said Edmund Bittick and to be accounted for to this Court. [courtesy of Dottie Miller, 30 Mar 2005. FHL #0963431]  

Jonathan Betticks & Polly Holida were married on 23 December 1819 in Howard Co, Missouri. Vol 1, p82.

Missouri Marriage Records on-line

Howard Co, Missouri, Vol. 1, p82:

J. Bellick [Bettick]


P. Holliday

Missouri Territory Howard County -

I do hereby Certify that on the 23rd day of December

1819 I solemnized Matrimony between Jonathan

Betticks and Polly Holida both of the county

aforesaid. Given under my hand July 11, 1820

                                                                              Tyre Harris J.C.?

Recorded the 17th July 1820.                                    Gray Bynum? clk  

1821 Boone County, Missouri, Tax List: A Complete Transcription

David P. Sapp, Columbia, Missouri; Copyright 2004

FHL: 977.828 R49s      

Boone County’s 1821 Tax Assessment [says in part:]

      The history of tax collection in what is now Boone county dates essentially from when Howard county was formed from the northwest part of Missouri territory in 1816. Prior to 1816, very few people lived within the present limits of Boone county but the population began growing at a boom rate starting just about the time of the designation of the original Howard county. From 1816 through 1820, residents within what is now Boone county paid taxes according to the law at that time as part of Howard county.

      Boone county was formed out of Howard county by an act of the Missouri Territorial Legislature effective November 16, 1820. Missouri counties were required to collect taxes due the state but they were also authorized to collect taxes that would go into the county treasury. At the Boone County court meeting February 19, 1821, Michael Woods was appointed assessor for the county for the year 1821. At the July 14, 1821, county court meeting the tax levy for 1821 was set (at 50% of the state tax) and the clerk was ordered to make three copies of the corrected assessment lists. Thus we know that the actual tax assessment for 1821 represents taxable real and personal property in the county during the first six months of 1821. There may have been a more precisely defined cutoff date for this list (such as January 1 as is done now) but I have not been able to document the date.

      Two lists were made of taxes due in Boone county in 1821. The first (and largest) included the names and taxes for all residents of the county. Non-residents who owned land here but resided elsewhere were included on a separate list. The latter list included only land (acreage and town lots) and not any other categories of personal property. Both lists have been transcribed below and they should be searched separately.

The original document

      This wonderful document has been little known or used by Boone county historians or genealogists because it is stored away at the Missouri Historical Society without copies being available elsewhere. (The Missouri Historical Society also has a copy of the 1825, 1827, and 1829-1831 tax lists for Boone county as well as the 1817 and 1819 Howard county tax lists, all of which would be of interest to those researching early Boone county.)

      The original document is a paper-covered ledger book that measures 8" x 12¼”. All entries are clear but some of the letters or combinations are difficult to read with certainty because of the script used. The left and right pages together comprise one page of entries. The pages are lined off in neat rows and columns.

      One of the three copies ordered by the county court was for the county collector, Overton Harris. It is this copy that has been preserved and from which this transcription is taken. The first page of the book includes the following notation:

      A copy of Assessor’s General alphabetical lists of Taxable property in Boone county Mo for the year 1821

                                                                              Boon Cty

                                                                              O. Harris   Sheriff & Collector

      Received auditors office the 2nd Augst 1821 and charged the Collector accordingly.

      The 1821 tax rate for the state was set at ¼ of 1% of the valuation, plus $1.00 for an unmarried man.

      The “alphabetization” of both lists was by first letter of the last name only. Thus all names beginning with each letter were grouped together but they were not further alphabetized. Since sequence in the tax list has no significance, I have reordered the entries to place them in strict alphabetical sequence to make searching easier. I would, however, still caution the user to look at all variants as spellings are known to be inconsistent with later spellings in some cases.

      Taxes in the original were calculated to the ¼ of a cent. I have rounded all of the tax amounts to the nearest cent.

      The user will notice that there are inconsistencies in some of the numerical values. For example, about 12% of the entries have an error in either one or the valuations or the aggregate amount listed. About the same frequency of errors can be found by comparing a calculation of the tax owed with the amount listed. Some of these errors were introduced by me in the transcript but many of them are in error in the “original” list, which, we must remember was itself a copy of the original assessment list.

      Four hundred thirteen (413) slaves over three years of age were counted and valued at around $250 each. The total population in the county at this time was around 4,000, so the slave population represented about 10% of the total.

      Ninety-four unmarried men between 21 and 50 paid a poll tax of $1.00. They represented 17% of the total resident tax payers.

      The total state taxes assessed that year amounted to about $987 on the 535 “resident” tax payers. This meant the average state tax bill was bout $1.84 with another $0.92 due to the county. The total was equivalent to about a quarter of a beef, or 20% of the average dwelling, or the purchase price of about two acres of land.


Biddicks, Edmund: 1 unmarried man 21-50 years old.

Amount of Taxes: $1.00


Bidicks, Jonathan: 80 acres, Valuation $80

Cattle 3+ years old: 1, Valuation $10

Aggregate Amount: $90

Amount of Taxes: $0.23


Holidah?, Thos.: 160 acres, Valuation: $160

1 Dwelling, Valuation: $18

Horses > 3 years, Valuation: $30

Cattle 3+ years: 2, Valuation: $16

Aggregate Amount: $224

Amount of Taxes: $0.56

Abstract of Record Book A 1821-1823

County Clerk, Boone County, Missouri

Abstracting by Elizabeth L. Kennedy

The Genealogical Society of Central Missouri, Columbia, Missouri; Copyright 1981

FHL: 977.829 P28k

Book page 6: (page 26)

In Vacation May 28th 1821

      Letters of administration on estate of George Green granted Peter Bass, Lawrence Bass and Anderson Woods securities.

(page 27)

      Tyre Martin, Mosias Jones and Peter Ellis appointed appraisers of Green estate.

      Peter Bass issued license to retail merchandise. (June 1, 1821)

      Oliver Parker issued license for same. (June 9, 1821)

      Sheriff directed to cause publick notice at six of most publick places that county will hold special court session on 14th July for purpose of hearing all appeals of assessor. (June 23, 1821)

(page 28)

      Warren Woodson produced commission from Gov. McNair appointing him clerk of county court: took oath, penalty bond of $15,000; Michael Woods and Nicholas S Kavanaugh securities.

Book page 7: (page 29)

Special Session, at town of Smithton*, Saturday, July 14th [1821]

Present: Peter Wright, Anderson Woods, Lazarus Wilcox

      Edmund Beddix appeals assessment.

      Tax levy for 1821 set at rate of 50%

(page 30 and 31)

      Full bond and surety for Overton Harris as Collector of taxes, bond of $1000.; Michael Woods and Anderson Woods his securities.

(page 32)

      Clerk ordered to make 3 copies of corrected assessment lists, one for auditor of Publick accounts, one for Collector, and one to remain in Clerk’s office.

      Adjourned court in course.

*Note: Smithton was located approximately .2 miles from Columbia - Mary Bittick Gallano


Book page 53: (page 311)

Tuesday, November 18 1823

Present: William Lientz and Lawrence Bass

... (page 314)

      On petition of William Ryan, court appoints Aquilla Barnes, Thomas Haladay?, Benjamin Mothershead, Augustus Thrall and John Barnes to review the old St. Charles road between George Saxton’s and William Calihan’s.

      A petition for a road from the old St. Charles to intersect the Chariton road was laid over.

(page 317)

      Adjourned until 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Boone County, Missouri Estate Files

Compiled by Carolyn M. Bartels, 7295 Houston St., Shawnee Mission, KS 66227 pub 1991

FHL: 977.829 P26  v. 1 [book pages are not numbered]

1. Estate of George Wilcox

(The first entry is headed from Howard county; it involves a transfer of papers to the Boone county court. Dated 9 July 1822; signed by Armstead Grundy)

George Wilcox’s will was in Howard county, in it he appointed Lazarus Wilcox as his executor... (another letter in the files from Gray Bynum, dated 23 December 1819, attesting to the validity of the letters of executorship)

21 January 1820... estate was appraised by John Copeland, John Reed and William Barnes.

Among the purchasers at the sale were: ... Jonathan Bittix ... this sold on 22 January 1820.

[copy of list of items sold is very hard to read: one _____ Jonathan Bittix 1..63?]

Missouri Pioneers of Boone County compiled by InfoTech Publishing

FHL: 977.829  V29m


      Originally part of Howard County, Boone County was formed in 1820. The courthouse is located in Columbia, MO.

      Because of available river transportation, the original pioneer settlements in Missouri were concentrated along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, forming a sidewise “T”, crossing the state. Counties along Mississippi River were some of the first settled and as the move westward continued, counties along the Missouri River were quickly settled.

      Being centrally located along the Missouri River, Boone County is a county rich in genealogical history.

      This volume contains material extracted from the “Missouri Pioneers” and “Missouri Miscellany” series of books. The surname index contains over 1,600 names of Boone County Pioneers from the first fifty years.

Book page 1 - Boone County - Original Land Patents

no Biddick or Bittick or anything close, no Holiday or Haliday.

Book page 9: Boone County - 1821 Tax List

Biddicks, Edmund

Bidicks, Jonathan

Other books of interest to check:

Boone Co Missouri Plat Book: FHL 977.829  R2 [not on shelf]

Boone Co Missouri Family Maps: FHL 977.829  R22b [not on shelf]

Atlas of Boone Co Missouri: FHL Film 973006 item 4 [not checked] Deed Books  very faint

[Mary was unable to check these books on her last trip to Salt Lake City.  If anyone has checked these books for Bittick entries, please let us know.]

Boone County Missouri Combined Land and Property, 1821 and 1825:

Jonathan Biddick

Edmund Biddick *

(this person paid a poll tax only and was probably young and single though a very old man might pay the same small tax) [courtesy of Janie Bittick, 30 Mar 2005]

Need 1817 & 1819 Howard Co, Missouri tax info

Need 1825 Boone Co, Missouri tax info!


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