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Delinquent Tax List, Clark County, Arkansas Court Records, April 1853

Francis Bittick [b. 1809] is listed as having left the county.


Clark County , Arkansas , Court Records, roll B1-28 1834-1858, April term 1853, p.385.

On this day came William C. Randle Sheriff and Exofficio Collector

of Taxes in & for the County of Clark and presented and filed his

delinquent List for this year 1853 in the words and figures following towit:

Delinquent list of persons assessed and charged with

the amount of State and County Tax to each of ___ _____

names _______ for the year 1853 all of which I am

unable to collect, to wit:

                                                                        State Tax;         County





5  Bittick Francis          left the County              $262               $6.25


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