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Cynthia Bittick, Widow of John R. Bittick, Widow's Pension Claim War of 1812 Transcription

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FHL Film #840438
War of 1812.
W.O. 7036
W.C. 32632
Bounty Land: 42253-160-56
Soldier: Bitticks, John R.
Widow: Bitticks, Cynthia
Service: Pvt., Capt. James Cowan’s Co., Tenn. Mil.
Enlisted: Nov. 11, 1813
Discharged: Mch. 19, 1814
Remarks: Certificate of Discharge on file
Residence of Soldier:
Residence of Widow: 1855, Giles Co., Tenn. [Bounty Land]
1871, Giles Co., (P.O. Pulaski) Tenn. [Widow’s Pension]
Maiden name of Widow: Soldier previously mar. - ?
Cynthia Rakestraw
Marriage of Soldier and Widow: Dec. 25, 1814, Williamson Co., Tenn.
Death of Soldier: Jan. 8, 1838, Giles Co., Tenn.
Death of Widow: About 1894


Item 1
[8 September 1871]
            ACT OF FEBRUARY 14, 1871.
State of Tennessee }
Giles County             } ss:
            On this 8th day of September, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy one, personally appeared before me, Hans H Aymett Clerk of the County Court of record, in and for the County and State aforesaid Cynthia Bitticks aged 74 years, a resident of 13th Civil District, County of Giles and State of Tennessee; who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of John R. Bitticks, who served the full period of sixty days in the military services of the United States in the war of 1812, and who was the identical John R. Bitticks who enrolled in Captain Maury's Company, [blank] Regiment, [blank] Brigade [blank] Division at Fayettville [Fayetteville], in the State of Tennessee, on the [blank] day of January, 1814, and was honorably discharged at Fayettville [Fayetteville], on the last day of April, 1815; that
her recollection is imperfect owing to bodily infirmity & old age but she has endeavered (sic) to give the truth -- As to date of marriage She states that she & said John R. intermarried (sic) in the winter after his return from said service.  She states that under the acts of Septr. 1860 & March 1865.  She recieved (sic) bounty land for said services but cannot give numbers thereof.  At that time she also filed proof of said marriage & distinct statement of services & other facts when the same were more fresh.  Now she is confined to bed by reason of age & bodily infirmities. She states further that when in health she could sign her name, but now cannot & makes her mark.  Her Family Bible with record of marriage was destroyed during the late war & she has nothing now to rely upon but memory.  She states however that she was married during the war & about the time herein stated that she was married under the name of Cynthia Rakestraw to said John R. Bitticks on the 25th day of December, 18__[blank], by James Henry Justice of Peace at Williamson County in the State of Tennessee there being no legal barrier to such marriage; that her said husband died at 13th Civil District of sd [said] County on the 8th day of January, 1837; and that she has not re-married since his death; that at no time during the late rebellion against the authority of the United States did she or her said husband adhere to the cause of the enemies of the Government, giving them aid or comfort, or exercise the functions of any office whatever under any authority or pretended authority in hostility to the United States; that she will support the Constitution of  the United States; that she is not in receipt of a pension under any previous act; that she makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provisions of the act approved February 14, 1871; and hereby constitutes and appoints with full power of substitution and revocation, NATHAN ADAMS, Pulaski, Tennessee, her true and lawful Attorney, to prosecute her claim and obtain the pension certificate that may be issued; that her Post Office is Pulaski County of Giles, and State of Tennessee; and that her domicil (sic) or place of abode is sd [said] 13th Civil District Giles County.
                                                Cynthia  X  Bitticks
            James Carvell
            Micheal C. Wilsford

Item 2
[8 September 1871 - 31 October 1871]
_____ [illegible]
OCT 31, 1871
Pension Office [?]
WAR OF 1812.
Act of February 14, 1871
Mrs Cynthia Bitticks
Widow of
John R, Bittick
Capt. Maury's Co.
of Williamson Co. Tenne,
Nathan Adams
            Pulaski, Tenne.
            Also personally appeared James Carvelle and Michael C Wilsford, both residing at 13th Civil District
in the County of Giles, and State of Tennessee, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who, being by me duly sworn, say:  That they were present and saw Cynthia Bitticks the claimant make her mark to the foregoing declaration; and they have every reason to believe, from the apperance (sic) of said claimant and their acquaintance with her, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be; that her husband, the soldier named in her declaration, died at or about the time and place stated therein, their knowledge of his death being derived from the fact that both of them have resided in the District in which said John R. lived most of his life.  that from  that a short distence (sic) from him - Said Carvell & he were intimate & both state that from the time stated as to his Death, he has not been in this District - & is reported dead.  Said Carvell was present & heard his funeral sermon preached.  Both state that they have known his widow the claimant & that she has never married.  They state they have no Doubt of his Death, altho (sic) they did not see him die -- and they know she has remained a widow since his death; that no time during the late rebellion against the authority of the United States did she, or her said husband, adhere to the cause of the enemies of the Government, or give them aid or comfort; and that they have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.
                                                            James Carvell
                                                            Micheal C Wilsford
            Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 8th day of September A. D. 1871:  and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, &c., were fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing:  and that I have no interest, direct indirect, in the prosecution of this claim
                                                            Hans H. Aymett Clerk
                                                            County Court of Giles County

Item 3, part 1
bittick_john_r_cynthia_1812pension_ page8_item3
 [16 May 1871]
State of Tennessee - Giles County:
On this 16th day of May A D 1871 personally appeared
before me Hans H. Aymett Clerk of the County Court of
Giles County aforesaid, William Sanders, aged 88 years
next June, a resident of said County and a man of
probity truth and fully entitled to credit, who being
duly sworn according to law, states that he was inti-
mately acquainted with John R. Bittick & his wife Cynthia
the Claimant, for 48 years & more in the lifetime of said
John R. & dating from this date would go back to a period
of 60 years or more - He came from North Carolina to Williamson
County Tennessee in Company with said Cynthia - Our Families
moving together - She was then single - and we settled in the same
neighborhood a few miles apart - From this date we  Said Bittick &
wife have known each other - For more than ten years after
the first settlement, we lived in said Williamson County -
& then Said John R. & his wife & my family moved to this
County, Giles - & we settled in about a mile of each other and
were in distance & fact neighbors to each other.  During this
last period & up to his death we lived within less than two
miles - I remember onle (sic) the fact of their marriage - We
were livin in sight - & I saw them just after their mar-
riage - the date I cannot state exactly - but I know it -
was during the war and in the winter of the year.  My
recollection of this last fact is based upon this - said John
R. & myself belonged to the same beat & when I was
drafted, I got a substitute & said John acted and
served his time.  Said John R. was then married
affiant further states he knew well the children of said
John R. & Cynthia Bittick.  the family being raised about

Item 3, Part 2
[16 May 1871]
them.  Affiant states their ages with reference to ages
of his own children.  They had nine children--Eglina
was the oldest - Hiram & my son Dow[?], I believe are about
of an age & the latter is near 53 years - then Green,
Absalom, Jerome, Newton, John, Samuel & Elviura and
another the youngest daughter whose name I can't recol-
lect - As before stated affiant is positive that said John
R. & Synthia were married during the war of 1812 &
as he believes about the year 1813 as stated by said Cynthia
in her application for pension - Affiant further states that
he waited on said John R. during his last sickness, saw
him die & helped to bury him - was with him a Day & night
in his last sickness - Affiant further states that said
Cynthia has not married since & still a widow -
that he is not interested direct or indirect in this
            _____              William Sanders
Sworn to & subscribed before me the day & year above written
& contents fully made known to said William affiant
                                    H. H. Aymett Clerk Giles Cty Court
                                    by W. Houston Deputy Clerk
[23 May 1871]
And said Mahlon Stacey aged 74 years a resident
of said Giles County, a man of truth & fully entitled to
credit who being duly sworn according law states that
he was well acquainted with said John R. Bitticks & his
wife said Cynthia from the year 1812 to 1830 - & lived
in said year of 1812-13 - at the time of his marriage & for
some time afterward in said Williamson County Tennessee
about 2 miles distant from them.  Affiant states as a fact
that said John R. Bitticks and said Cynthia the claimant
in said County of Williamson on the 25th day of December 1813 -
intermarried - affiants wife was at the wedding - and he
states further that his recollection is perfectly distinct as
to said fact & the Date of its occurrence - affiant knew
several of his children - His oldest Daughter & Hiram the
oldest son - He cannot state positively as to the ages of
their children but from his knowledge would state that
he thinks the affidavit of William Sanders on this pa_[page?]

Item 3, Part 3
[23 May 1871]
to be correct - Affiant also states that he lived about
three miles apart from them at the time of the death
of said John R. & for several years after his decease
in same neighborhood with his widow said Cynthia -
& has no doubt of the fact of said John's death & that
it was about the time stated by her.  He states that said
Cynthia is still a widow that he has no interest
whatever in this claim.
                                    Mahlon Stacy
Sworn to & subscribed before me on the 23rd Day of
May 1871 and contents fully made known to said
Mahlon Stacey.
                                    H. H. Aymett Clerk
                                    Giles County Court
                                    by W. Houston Deputy Clerk

Item 4, Part 1
[5 April 1855]
[Another paper over part of first line; right edge of paper did not copy]
State of Tennessee Giles County.  __[on] __[this]  __  __[day] of April A D
Eighteen hundred and fifty five personally appeared before me a
Justice of the Peace within and for the County and State aforesaid
Cynthia Bittick aged 55 years a resident of Giles County
the State of Tennessee who being duly sworn according to law Decla[declares]
that she is the widow of John R. Bittick who was a private in t [the]
company commanded by Captain James Cowan in the year
1813-14 against the Creek Indians: that her said husband
was mustered into the service of the United States at Frankli_[Franklin]
State of Tennessee about the 11th day of November A D 1813 for
term of four months and continued in actual service in sa [said]
war for the term of four months and was honorable dischar [discharged]
at -- about the 19th March A D 1814 - She further state [states]
that the above facts are all she can state or obtain in relatio [relation]
to her said husband's service.  She annexces [?] hereto his original
certificate of discharge.
            She further states that she was married to the said John [R.]
Bittick in Williamson County in the State of Tennessee on the 25th da [day]
of December A D 1814 by one James Henry a Justice of the peac [peace]
and that her name before her said marriage was Cynthia
Reckstraw : that her said husband died at the County of Giles _ [and]
said State of Tennessee on the 8th day of January A D 1838 and that _ [she]
is now a widow.  She further states that there is no recor_ [recorded]
evidence of her said marriage, either public or private a_ [and]
cannot produce the same.  She further states that this is
first application for bounty land for said service & that she h_ [had]
never heretofore applied for or received bounty land.  She ma_ [makes]
this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to
which she may be entitled under the act approved 3 March 18__[55]
                                    Sintha Billick [Bittick]

Item 4, Part 2
[5 April 1855]
[right edge of paper folded over when copied-continuation of Page 11]
                                    Sintha Billick [Bittick]
We William Sanders and Washington D Carpenter residents [of]
Giles County in the State of Tennessee upon our oaths Declare that [the]
foregoing declaration was signed and acknowledged by Cynthi_ [Cynthia]
Bittick in our presence and that we believe from the appeara [appearance]
and statements of the applicant that she is the identical pers [person]
she represents herself to be.
                                    William Sanders
                                    Washington D.   X  Carpenter
     The foregoing declaration and affidavit were sworn to a__[and]
subscribed before me on the Day and year above written: and I cert[certify]
that I know the affiants to be credible persons that the claim__[claimant]
is the person she represents herself to be and that I have no
interest in this claim.
                                    Edmund H. McCord J. P. for Giles Cou__[County]
Direct my land warrant to Nathan Adams Pulaski Ten__[Tennessee]
State of Tennessee Giles County:  On this 5th day of April in the ye__[year]
1855 personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace in & for
the County and State aforesaid James Carrel aged 70 year_[years]
William Sanders aged 72 years, both residents of Giles Cou___[County]
Tennessee and men of probity & truth and fully entitled to cre___[credit]
who being duly sworn according to law declare that they were
acquainted with John R. Bittick & Cynthia Bittick his w__[wife]
for more than twenty years in the life time of the said Joh_ [John R.]
Bitticks, that they lived in the same neighborhood and not m___[more]
than five miles apart from said John R. for upwards o_ [of]
twenty years - and the said James Carrel states that he w__[was]
present at the wedding of the said John R. Bittick a__[and]

Item 4, Part 3
[5 April 1855]
[left edge of paper folded when copied]
__nthia [Cynthia] Bittick, at the house of the said John R. in Williamson County
__nnessee [Tennessee] and know they were married - affiant further states that
___ said John R. Bittick and Cynthia Bittick lived together as
__usband [husband] and wife from the time of their marriage aforesaid &
__hich [which] was about the time stated in the foregoing declaration of
__id [said] Cynthia Bittick until the time of the death of the said John R.
_nd [and] that they were regarded as husband and wife throughout the
__fferent [different] neighborhoods in which they lived: that they had a
_arge[large] family of children as many as nine as the fruits of their
_aid [said] marriage.  He further states that he was with the said John
_ [R.] Bittick during his last sickness & knows that he is dead & that
_e [he] died about the time stated in the foregoing declaration of said
Cynthia.  And affiant William Saunders states that the said
_ohn [John] R. Bittick & Cynthia Bittick lived together as husband
_nd [and] wife during all the time of his acquaintance with them for
___ than 30 [20?] years; that they were regarded as such in the neigh
borhoods in which they severally resided: that they had a large
__mily [family] of children as the fruits of their marriage.  Affiant Sanders
__rther [further] states that he was present and saw said John R.
_itticks [Bitticks] die & helped to bury him.  And affiants further
___te [state] that the said Cynthia Bittick whose declaration is on this
__eet [sheet] of paper is the identical person who is the widow of the
__id [said] John R. Bittick & that she is still a widow.  They
_urther [further] state that they are in no wise interested in this
                                                            James   X  Carrel
                                                            William Saunder
__orn [Sworn] to & subscribed before me on the day & year above written
  & I certify that I am not interested in this claim.
                                                Edmund H. McCord J P
                                                For Giles County

Item 4, Part 4
[5 April 1855]
[left edge of paper folded when it was copied-continuation of Page 13]
 & I certify that I am not interested in this claim
                                                Edmund H. McCord J P
                                                For Giles County
State of Tennessee }
Giles County          } sc
                                    I Edward D. Jones Clerk of the County Court of said County
_ereby [hereby] certify that Edmund H. McCord Esquire before whom the foregoing Declaration
_nd [and] affidavit was sworn to and whose genuine signature is affixed to the
__tificate of the same was who he signed said certificate as acting Justice
__[of] the Peace of said County of Giles, duly commissioned and qualified and
_hat [that] full credit should be given to all his official acts.
                                    In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
                                    affixed the seal of said Court at - office in Pulaski
                                    this 5th day of April  A. D. 1855
                                                            E. D. Jones Clerk

Item 5
[after 8 September 1871]
In reply to your request of [blank], received [blank]
for a statement of the military history of John R. Bitticks
a soldier of the War of 1812, you will find below the desired
information as contained in his widow's application for pen-
sion on file in this Bureau.     Wid. Ctf. 3,263.
Dates of Enlistment or Appointment: Nov 11, 1813 to
Length of Service: Mch. 19, 1814
Rank: check mark
Officers Under Whom Service Was Rendered: Captain: James Cowan; Colonel: check mark
State: Tenn.
Battles engaged in, check mark
Residence of soldier at enlistment: Enl. at Fayetteville, Tenn.
Date of application for pension: Sept. 8, 1871.  Her cl. was __[al. -- fold in paper]
Residence at date of application: Giles Co, Tenn.
Age at date of application: 74 yrs.
Remarks:  He mar. in Williamson Co, Tenn, Dec.
25, 1814, Cynthia Rakestraw.  He died Jan 8, 1837
in Williamson Co, Tenn.  Children: Eglina, Hiram,
Green, Absalom, Jerome, Newton, John, Samuel,
Elmira, and another daughter, name not stated.
                        Very respectfully,

Item 6
           7 [in pencil]
Bittick, John R
Capt. Cowan's Co.
Mounted Rangers,
Tennessee Militia.
(War of 1812)
Private / Private
Card Numbers.
1.  38467443
2.          7544
Number of personal papers herein: 0
Book Mark: [blank]
See also: [blank]

Item 7
[19 March 1814]
[two "cards" on same paper]
B  /  Capt. Cowan's Company, Mounted Rangers.  /  Tenn. Militia
John R. Bittick
Pvt: {Capt. James Cowan's Company of
       { Mounted Infantry.
       (War of 1812.)
Appears on
Company Pay Roll
for Nov. 11, 1813 to Mar 19, 1814.
Roll dated Mar 19, 1814.
Commencement of service or of this settlement,} Nov. 11, 1813.
Expiration of service or of this settlement, } Mar 19, 1814.
Term of service charged, 4 months, 9 days.
Pay per month, 8 dollars, [blank] cents.
Allowance of pay for horses from 11th November,
1813, to 19th March, 1814, at 40 cents per day,
129 days, 5160
Allowance for forage and rations at 25 cts. per day, } 3225 cents.
Amount of pay, 118 dollars 17 cents.
Remarks: [blank]
            O. T. Tayler
[2 August 1814]
B  /  Capt. Cowan's Company, Mounted Rangers.  /  Tenn. Militia
John R. Bittick
Appears with the rank of Pvt on a
Muster Roll
of a Company of Mounted Infantry under com-
mand of Capt. James Cowan, on the frontier of
Franklin County in the State of Tennessee,
(War of 1812,)
for Nov. 11, 1813, when mustered into
service, to Mar 19, 1814, when discharged.
Roll dated Aug 2, 1814.
Date of appointment or enlistment, } Nov. 11, 1813.
To what time engaged or enlisted, } Mar 19, 1814.
Present or absent, Present
     Note: --Each non-commissioned officer, musi-
cian and private furnished himself with arms,
ammunition, provisions and forage during the
term in service as mustered in this roll, and has
not received from the United States any part of
either, in kind or money in lieu thereof.
Remarks and alterations since last muster:
_ substitute for
Moses Holiler   +
            O. T. Tayler

Item 8
[19 March 1814]
I do hereby Certify That John R. Bittick has servd [served]
in my Company of Rangers From the 11th November
1813 To the 19th March 1814 - Having conducted
Himself in a faithful and Soldier like Manner
& is hereby Honorably discharged
                                                James Cowan Captn
Paid [written across the discharge paper]

Item 9
[20 June 1872]
139198      Act  3 Mch   /
                              May 21/  55
[Land Bounty Act of March 3, 1855]
Sintha Bittick wid of
Jno R Bittick
Capt. Jas. Cowan
            Tenn. Mil
War  1812.
Not  fully endorsed
160 acres
            Sept 12/56
     Jno R. Bittick served
under Captain James
Cowan Tenn. Militia
from Novr 11, 1813 till
March 19, 1814
            _____ Office
                        April 29, 56
Nathan Adams
[right half of page]
            Ex Hamilton
Nov 11--1813
Mch 19 -- 1814
21558 - 160
Rep June 20   72
Vol B1 - 143

Item 10
[13 July 1872 - 27 May 1914]
No. 3,263
WAR OF 1812.
Cynthia Bitticks
widow of
John R. Bitticks
Rank: [blank]
Company: Capt J. Cowan
Regiment: Tenn Mil
Nashville Agency.
Rate per month -- Eight dollars.
Commencing February 14, 1871.
Certificate dated July 13, 1872
and sent to Pension Agent.
Act 14th February, 1871.
Vol. Tenn. Page 111
J. M. Kavanaugh Clerk.
42253 - 160 - 55
[right half of page]
1914, May 27.  History to
Mrs. W. J. Caldwell.    F. W.

Item 11
[July 1872]
[left half of page]
No. 7036 g
WAR OF 1812.
Cynthia Bitticks
Giles Co. Tenn.
- Widow of -
John R. Bitticks
Capt. Maurys Co. Tenn. Mil
Died Jany 8, 1837
Giles Co. Tenn.
Received Oct. 31, 1871.
Nathan Adams
Pulaski, Tenn.
[right half of page]
March 22, 1872, B. L. D. for S. J. A. M.
July 9/72 Admitted
                        F. L. C.
July 16th Certf O P F C A
1872. Apl 27. Hon. W. C. Whitthome Condr [Condn?] D__
  "      May 22   "       "   "           "             "                       "
Cond. Hon. J. M. Bright M C.
                        Feb 26, 72.
                                    W C D

Item 12
[2 April 1898]
WAR OF 1812
(Pensioner Dropped.)
U.  APR  S.
U. S. Pension Agency,
MAR 31, 1898
Hon. Al. Clay Evans.
                        Commissioner of Pension.
            I hereby report that the name of Cynthia Bitticks wid of
John R. Cap James Cowans Co Tenn Mil, who was a pensioner on the rolls
of this Agency, under Certificate No. 3263, and who was last paid
at $12.00, to 4 November, 1894, has been dropped
because of failure to claim
                        Very respectfully,
                                                J. T. Wilder
                                                            Pension Agent.
            Every name dropped to be thus reported at once.





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