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John R. Bittick [b. 1770-1775] War of 1812 Military Records Transcription

John R.'s Military Records Included in his wife, Cynthia's Widow's Pension Application

Item 1 = Item 6 in Cynthia's Widow's Pension Application
           7 [in pencil]
Bittick, John R
Capt. Cowan's Co.
Mounted Rangers,
Tennessee Militia.
(War of 1812)
Private / Private
Card Numbers.
1.  38467443
2.          7544
Number of personal papers herein: 0
Book Mark: [blank]
See also: [blank]

Item 2 = Item 7 in Cynthia's Widow's Pension Application
[19 March 1814]
[two "cards" on same paper]
B  /  Capt. Cowan's Company, Mounted Rangers.  /  Tenn. Militia
John R. Bittick
Pvt: {Capt. James Cowan's Company of
       { Mounted Infantry.
       (War of 1812.)
Appears on
Company Pay Roll
for Nov. 11, 1813 to Mar 19, 1814.
Roll dated Mar 19, 1814.
Commencement of service or of this settlement,} Nov. 11, 1813.
Expiration of service or of this settlement, } Mar 19, 1814.
Term of service charged, 4 months, 9 days.
Pay per month, 8 dollars, [blank] cents.
Allowance of pay for horses from 11th November,
1813, to 19th March, 1814, at 40 cents per day,
129 days, 5160
Allowance for forage and rations at 25 cts. per day, } 3225 cents.
Amount of pay, 118 dollars 17 cents.
Remarks: [blank]
            O. T. Tayler
[2 August 1814]
B  /  Capt. Cowan's Company, Mounted Rangers.  /  Tenn. Militia
John R. Bittick
Appears with the rank of Pvt on a
Muster Roll
of a Company of Mounted Infantry under com-
mand of Capt. James Cowan, on the frontier of
Franklin County in the State of Tennessee,
(War of 1812,)
for Nov. 11, 1813, when mustered into
service, to Mar 19, 1814, when discharged.
Roll dated Aug 2, 1814.
Date of appointment or enlistment, } Nov. 11, 1813.
To what time engaged or enlisted, } Mar 19, 1814.
Present or absent, Present
     Note: --Each non-commissioned officer, musi-
cian and private furnished himself with arms,
ammunition, provisions and forage during the
term in service as mustered in this roll, and has
not received from the United States any part of
either, in kind or money in lieu thereof.
Remarks and alterations since last muster:
_ substitute for
Moses Holiler   +
            O. T. Tayler

Item 3 = Item 8 in Cynthia's Widow's Pension Application
[19 March 1814]
I do hereby Certify That John R. Bittick has servd [served]
in my Company of Rangers From the 11th November
1813 To the 19th March 1814 - Having conducted
Himself in a faithful and Soldier like Manner
& is hereby Honorably discharged
                                                James Cowan Captn
Paid [written across the discharge paper]


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