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Cyrus Samuel Bittick (b. 1826) Confederate Citizens File--Payment for Horse-Transcription

Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65

Item 1
No. 12
Vou. No. 20    A bat. A.  L[?]   Qr. 180
C. S. Biddick
One Gray horse
Dollars:  100.00
Paid 8 of January 1862
Record Division
Rebel Archives
War Department.
Item 2
No. 12
The Confederate States,
                                                To C. S. Bittick Dr.
Date of purchase                                                 Dollars/Cts.
January 8th                      One Gray Horse              100/00
     I certify that the above account is correct and just, and that the articles will be accounted for on my property return for the quarter ending on the 31 day of March 1862.
                                                                             Y. S. Patton ast Quartermaster.
     Received at Nashville the 18th day of January 1862 of Y. S. Patton   ast Quartermaster C. S. Army, the sum of One Hundred Dollars in full of the above account.
(Signed in duplicate.)                                   C. S. Bittick


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